Name: ______English I Semester Exam Study Guide

Name: ______English I Semester Exam Study Guide

Name: ______English I Semester Exam Study Guide

1. Know the rules for Capitalization

2. Know the rules for punctuation: commas, quotation marks, etc.

Juliet is afraid that the love between Romeo and herself

Juliet tells Romeo that if he loves her, he will

Tybalt sends a letter to Romeo to

Why is the Prince angry with the Capulets and the Montagues?

Lord Capulet suggests that Paris should

Lady Capulet tells Juliet to think about marriage because

What does the nurse tell Juliet at the end of the party?

What does Lord Capulet do first after Juliet tells him that she will marry Paris?

Romeo thinks Juliet is dead because

What character reaches Juliets tomb first?

Why does Friar Laurence leave Juliet alone in the tomb?

Some scholars believe that ______was a blind man who lived in Greece about 700 B.C.

When the beggar first takes Odysseus’s bow, the suitors react with

Discovering that the beggar is Odysseus fills the suitors with

When Penelope tells her servant to move Odysseus’s bed, Odysseus responds with

The common thought is that The Odyssey was written when?

There were only two types of plays in Homers day: Epic and ______.

In the absence of Odysseus, what were the noblemen interested in that went with Penelope’s station in life?

Prince Paris was challenged to judge who was the most beautiful woman in the world. He accepted a bribe from ______.

The Odyssey is a direct result of the events that happened during the ______.

The Lotus is dangerous to Odysseus because it make those who eat it

Odysseus’s insistence that the men go into the Cyclops’s cave is based on

In epic poetry, the poet often begins by asking for assistance in telling the story. This epic convention is known as the ______

Odysseus saves his crew from the sirens song by

By not plugging his own with wax when Odysseus sails past the Sirens, Odysseus

Romeo kills Tybalt because Tybalt fights

What is the Prince’s punishment for Romeo?

Lord Capulet agrees to let Paris marry Juliet because Lord Capulet ______

How does Paris feel about his upcoming wedding to Juliet?

Friar Laurence tells Juliet that his potion will make her

As they approach Charybdis and Scylla, Odysseus keeps the terrified men going by

Odysseus does not warn his men about Scylla because he thinks they would

Odysseus warns his men of all the dangers EXCEPT

His treatment of “the beggar” reveals that Antinous is all of the following EXCEPT

The test Penelope sets for the suitors is a measure of their ______

Telemachus does not at first, believe Odysseus’s claim of who he is, thinking instead that he is actually ______

In the struggle between Odysseus and the suitors, Odysseus refuses to do all of the following EXCEPT

Who first gives food and shelter to Odysseus on Ithaca?

The life and death of the dog Argos shows the theme of ______

Odysseus believes no one but a god could have moved his bed because

What does Athena do during the battle with the suitors?

Understand the characteristics of Papa in Farewell to Manzanar (FTM).

Know the setting of FTM and the events leading up to the story.

Who wrote FTM?

How did the family earn their money in FTM?

Define these words:




























List and define the vocab words from The Odyssey


WABU words

Be familiar with all four areas of a paragraph with their color