Name , Board President

Name , Board President

August 3, 2016

{Name}, Board President

{Name}, Superintendent

{LEA Name}


{City}, CA {Zip Code}

SUBJECT: County Office Review of the {Fiscal Year} Local Control and Accountability Plan and Budget

Dear President {Board President Name) and Superintendent {Superintendent’s Name}:

In accordance with Education Code (EC) section 52070(d), the {County Name} County Office of Education, {XCOE} has reviewed the {District Name} Unified School District’s (District) {Fiscal Year} Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) to determine if (1) the LCAP adheres to the template adopted by the California State Board of Education (SBE) pursuant to EC section 52064; (2) the budget for the applicable fiscal year adopted by the Governing Board (Board) of the District includes expenditures sufficient to implement the specific actions and strategies included in the LCAP adopted by the Board, based on the projections of the costs included in the plan; and (3) the LCAP adheres to the expenditure requirements adopted pursuant to EC section 42238.07 for funds apportioned on the basis of the number and concentration of unduplicated pupils pursuant to EC sections 42238.02 and 42238.03.

Also, in accordance with EC section 42127, {XCOE} has reviewed the District’s {Fiscal Year} adopted budget to determine if the budget (1) complies with the Criteria and Standards adopted by the SBE; (2) will allow the District to meet its financial obligations during the fiscal year; and (3) is consistent with a financial plan that will enable the District to meet its multi-year financial commitments.

I am pleased to notify you that, in accordance with EC sections 52070(d) and 42127(d), I have approved both the {Fiscal Year} LCAP and adopted budget that was submitted for my review.


The review of the required elements in the submitted LCAP, including the budget, was without significant concern. There were minor technical aspects that were resolved in collaboration with District staff. These technical aspects did not change the implementation of the goals, services/actions, or total expenditures described in the submitted LCAP.

As we move into the future, there will undoubtedly continue to be changes to the regulations and template provided by the SBE. I am confident that those challenges will be met, as the process to develop your LCAP and the content of your submitted LCAP was solidly grounded in the intention of the legislation for local control and accountability, with a focus on the achievement of our neediest students.


If theBoard takes any action to settle labor contract negotiations, the District must meet the public disclosure requirements of Government Code section 3547.5 including an analysis of the cost of the settlement and its impact on the operating budget. In addition, the District must meet disclosure requirements of EC section 17150.1 regarding the issuance of non-voter approved debt prior to issuance of such debt.


Based on the descriptions in the LCAP, I want to thank everyone associated with the District including the Board, staff, parents, and interested community members for their commitment to a transparent and inclusive process in developing the LCAP.

I would like to express my appreciation to the District for its cooperation during the LCAP and budget review process. Should you have any questions regarding this letter, the LCAP review process, or the budget review process, please contact {Ed Services Contact Name} at {Phone Number} or {CBO Business Contact Name} at {Phone Number}.


{Superintendent Name}

Superintendent of Schools

Cc:{Anyone applicable}