My Special Number Lesson Plan

My Special Number Lesson Plan

My Special Number Lesson Plan

(adapted from Connected Math Project,

Prime Time, copyright 2006)

6th Grade Math12/5/09

Intern: Laurie Reeder Mentor: Stuart Allen

Objectives: Students will explore many mathematic and real life aspects of their chosen number. Students will have two weeks to compile information and create a project about their special number.

Focusing Question: How many different ways can you describe a special number?

Connection/Rationale: In mathematics we are always working with numbers. In this project you will use concepts that you have learned to describe a special number mathematically as well as looking for everyday situations in which your number is important. We will be discussing how to apply concepts to your special number over the next two weeks.


Materials: Student journals, materials for project are up to student.

Hook: Your special number is a number that has unique meaning to you.

Learning Experiences:

  • Students pick a number between 10 and 100
  • In your journal, record your number at the top of the page.
  • Explain why you chose that number (lucky number, birthday, number of people on a football team, jersey number…)
  • List three or four mathematical facts about your number.
  • Odd or even?
  • Prime or composite?
  • Prime factorization of it
  • What is the number squared? Cubed? Square root?
  • List all factor pairs.
  • At least two multiples.
  • Can it be evenly divided?
  • Greatest Common Factor with another number.
  • Divisor
  • Dimensions
  • 1,2,3,4,Four Digit Order of Operations to create it.
  • Decimals
  • Fractions
  • List three or four connections you can make between your number and your world.
  • As we talk about new concepts, apply them to your special number.
  • Create an interesting way to present your number to the class. Possible projects:
  • Poster
  • Power point*
  • Story*
  • Song*
  • Poem*
  • Report*
  • Wanted Poster

*Written projects must use appropriate spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Adaptations/ Accommodations: Project possibilities allow for a wide range of talents, learning styles

Closure: Class presentations to begin on 12/18/09

Assessment: Rubric

State Standards:

6th grade GLE’s special number project—

M(N&O)—6—3: demonstrates conceptual understanding of mathematical operations. (powers)

M(N&O)—6-4: accurately solves problems involving GCF

M(N&O)—6-8: applies properties of numbers

M(CCR)-8-3: Understanding real world connections with numbers and mathematical concepts

Post Lesson Reflection:

What worked?

Students had lots of choice in this project and the ability to “show what they know”. This created an excitement for the project. It was a project that emphasized creativity in math as far as the presentation was concerned and students enjoyed having this opportunity.

What did not work?

It was a great project and all really enjoyed it. It also highlighted some confusion students had with factors and multiple.

What should I change for next time?

I think it went really well. The rubric was very clear and allowed for lots of variation in project design.