MULTIPLE CHOICE. DO NOT WRITE on TEST Mark Answers on Grademaster Card

MULTIPLE CHOICE. DO NOT WRITE on TEST Mark Answers on Grademaster Card

2015 North Dakota FFA
State Parliamentary Procedure Knowledge Test

MULTIPLE CHOICE. DO NOT WRITE ON TEST Mark answers on Grademaster card

1) The main motion is a motion that

A) Takes precedence over everythingB) Can be applied to no other motion

C) Can be moved at any timeD) Always requires a 2/3 vote

2) All subsidiary motions can be applied to

A)An original main motionB) a point of order

C) themselvesD) third degree amendments

3) If you were chairman, what would you do after the motion for the Previous Question was adopted on a primary amendment?

A) Declare that the amendment is adoptedB) Vote on the motion that the amendment was applied to

C) Call for a vote on the amendmentD) Ask for more debate on the amendment

4) The incidental motion to Suspend the Rules

A) Is used to offer a third degree amendmentB) Can be used to permanently delete a rule from the bylaws

C) Usually is adopted by a two-thirds voteD) Can be reconsidered

5) The time for taking a pre-scheduled recess can be postponed by a

A) Majority vote of the quorumB) Majority vote of officers

C) Two-thirds vote of the assemblyD) Two-thirds vote of the people attending

6) Which is true about a motion to Lay on the Table?

A) Cannot be amendedB) No Second requiredC) DebatableD) May interrupt the speaker who has the floor

7) Which motion can be Reconsidered?

A) Division of the QuestionB) Division of the HouseC) Postpone DefinitelyD) Reconsider

8) An Objection to the Consideration of a Question

A) Must be Seconded by a member who is going to vote on the prevailing side

B) Requires a two-thirds vote to sustain the objection

C) Is amendable only by the process of insertion

D) May be debated by the maker of the motion

9) An Amendment to an Amendment:

A) Requires a 2/3 vote to be adoptedB) May never be debated

C) Can be amendedD) Requires a majority vote to be adopted

11) If the maker of the motion to Reconsider does not declare which side he/she voted on, the chair

A) Asks the secretary to announce it

B) Immediately notifies the member to do so

C) Rules the member out of order

D) Must immediately take another vote by division to determine how members voted.

12) After a motion has been passed, a request to Withdrawit may be granted to anyone by the presiding officer without voting.

A)TrueB) False)

13) Whenever a business meeting gets out of hand and strays from the agenda, any member can correct this using:

A) A parliamentary InquiryB) A Point of OrderC) A Call for Orders of the DayD) The Question of Privilege

14) Which of the following is not true regarding the rules of debate?

A) Memory may not speak against their own motion

B) No team member can debate more than twice on the same motion

C) The chair can interrupt a member at anytime

D) All debate must relate to the subject

15) The minutes of a meeting do not become the official record until:

A) They are approved by the membersB) They are read at a meeting

C) They are signed by the presidentD) They are amended for changes

16) The privileged motion, Raise a Question of Privilege, is not

A) AmendableB) DebatableC) SecondedD) All of the above

17) The member who seconds a motion must:

A) Be recognized by the chairB) Be in favor of the motionC) Debate for the motion D) None of the above

18) When using the form "I move the previous question," it applies to

A) A main motion with an amendment pending to itB) Motions after their adoption

C) All pending questionsD) Only the immediately pending question

19) If a motion to Adjourn is defeated, who may move to reconsider the vote?

A) Any member who is recognized by the chairB) Any member who voted on the negative side

C) Any member who voted on the affirmative sideD) Nobody

20) The motion to "Rescind":

A) Is a original main motionB) Is a privileged motion

C) Is a incidental main motionD) Is a subsidiary motion

21) Which motion is amendable?

A) AppealB) AdjournC) Division of a QuestionD) Previous Question

22) When a member "has the floor" it means that:

A) The member must stand on the floor when they speakB) They have been recognized by the chair

C) Everyone else has to speak from their seatD) Their motion has been seconded

23) Which statement below is true regarding the subsidiary motion to Move the Previous Question?

A) It is in order when another member has the floor

B) The chairman must call on members for and against this motion when it is debated

C) A second is not needed

D) It does not prevent the making of privileged or incidental motions

24) If there are 64 votes cast, how many votes determines a majority?

A) 27B) 33C) 28D) 32

25) A procedure that would remove a motion form consideration

A) Postpone IndefinitelyB) WithdrawC) RescindD) Parliamentary Inquiry