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Mrs L Pope Chartered MCIPD, Msc, Head of Corporate Personnel Services

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Review of Injury on Duty Awards

As you may be aware, the Chief Constable is under a statutory duty to consider, at suitable intervals, whether the degree of disablement of a former officer who is in receipt of an injury pension has altered (a ‘review’). The purpose of the review is to ensure that an individual is receiving the correct injury pension, neither too little nor too much.

A suitable interval has now passed to undertake a review of your injury award. All former officers in receipt of an injury award will be reviewed in due course, regardless of which band of degree of disablement they are currently receiving.

In order to properly consider whether to revise an injury award, the Chief Constable must refer the question of the degree of disablement to a duly qualified medical practitioner. The Selected Medical Practitioner (SMP) will consider whether the degree to which the disability caused by the qualifying injury has altered and, if so, whether that alteration is substantial.

In doing so, the SMP must determine the degree of an individual’s disablement by reference to the degree to which his/her earning capacity has been affected. This requires consideration of what the individual is physically and mentally capable of doing, and thus capable of earning.

Since factors external to the injury sustained on duty, such as the acquisition of new skills, may affect the extent to which an individual remains disabled from work by reason of a duty injury, the SMP may also explore such factors with you at the review.

A copy of the Guidance Notes regarding the Review Process is attached for your information.

Your details will now be forwarded to the Occupational Health Unit who will forward the necessary forms seeking your consent for the disclosure of your medical information to the SMP. He/she will need the completed consent form prior to the appointment in order that all the necessary information is to hand for a meaningful review to take place when you meet. When these documents have been received, you will be contacted to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.

May I strongly recommend that you read the attached documents as they explain the process to be followed and the possible consequences should you choose not to engage with the review.

Please also note that there is an appeal procedure if you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your review. Details of this will be provided when you are sent written confirmation of the outcome.

Also attached is a joint letter from the local branches of the Police Federation and NARPO which outlines the support they are able to provide to members and also gives the contact numbers and e-mail addresses which you may like to use. I also understand that there is information on the NARPO website which you may find of assistance.

I would emphasise the NARPO and the Federation are unaware that you have been contacted but if you would welcome their assistance please contact them as per the attached sheet.

If you have any queries regarding this process, please contact me on the above telephone number or by e-mail at . If you would prefer to liaise with the local branches of the Police Federation or NARPO, I am sure they would be happy to address any concerns you may have.

Kind Regards

Christine Jones (Mrs)

HR Manager