Mrs. Bradford Foods and Nutrition 1 Rm. #505(FOODS ROOM)

Mrs. Bradford Foods and Nutrition 1 Rm. #505(FOODS ROOM)

Mrs. Bradford Foods and Nutrition 1 Rm. #505(FOODS ROOM)



This course is designed for students who are interested in understanding the principles of nutrition and in maintaining a healthy life style. Attention will be given to the selection and preparation of food and personal health and well-being. There is a $20 fee associated with this class. Please pay the office and bring me the receipt. You will not be allowed to participate in any lab experiences until this is taken care of. After the second week of the class, there will be afine placed on the student until the fee is paid.

Fee Due 1st day we cook: ______Disclosure and Supplies: ______

Course Outline:

  1. Kitchen equipment and Management
  2. Safety and Sanitation
  3. Dietary Guidelines
  4. Myplate
  5. Carbohydrates and Fiber
  6. Protein and Lipids
  7. Vitamins and Minerals

Methods of Instruction:

  1. Instructor lectures/power points
  2. Instructor demonstrations
  3. Audio Visual
  4. Practical application with cooking labs
  5. Guest Lectures

Materials Needed:

  • Pen/Pencil
  • 1“ Binder
  • Tabs(for your Workbook)
  • Qt. size Ziploc bags or Tupperware

EXPECTATIONS: Appropriate classroom behavior is essential. Students are expected to attend class and be on time, use appropriate language, become involved in activities and discussions (homework from other classes is not allowed), complete assignments on time, display a positive attitude, stay awake, work well with others, respectthe rights of others and come to class prepared. Just a reminder, citizenship grade will be given.

ELECTRONIC DEVICES: Keep ALL electronic devices put away, unless the teacher gives you permission to have it out. You have two warnings! If the teacher has to ask you twice to put your electronic device away, then the teacher will take the electronic device to administration. Thank you for your cooperation!

DRESS CODE: No hats or hoodies may be worn in class at any time! The same procedures for the discipline of having electronic devices also apply to wearing any on your head. Please be sure your shirts are high enough and long enough while your pants are pulled up and skirts/shorts are at the appropriate length. THANK YOU!

GRADES: grades will be based on the student’s performance on assignments, journal checks, labs, tests and projects. Points earned will be converted to the following percentage scale for letter grade:

A (93% and above

A- (90.0-92.9%)

B+ (87.0-89.9%)

B (83.0-86.9%)

B- (80.0-82.9%)

C+ (77.0-79.9%)

C (73.0-76.9%)

C- (70.0-72.9%)

D+ (67.0-69.9%)

D (63.0-66.9%)

D- (60.0-62.9%)

F (59.9% and Below)

LATE OR MAKE-UP WORK:Assignments and tests must be turned in on the due date to receive full credit.Late assignments/test will be accepted for an additional two weeks with a 25% reduction for the first week late and a 50% reduction for the second week late, past the due date.After the second week of being late, the assignment/test will receive no points.

EXTRA CREDIT: There will be opportunities throughout the semester for extra credit through various activities. There are also extra credit opportunities for home cooking, to encourage cooking in the home. Do not ask for alternative extra credit opportunities.

BELL RINGERS:At the beginning of class, there will sometimes be a question or directions for you on the board for you to answer/follow. Complete bell ringer. If it is a question, write your name, the date, the question and the answer on a piece of paper. I will give a couple of minutes after the bell rings to answer it. We will discuss the answer, and then begin class. Keep track of your bell ringer paper in your journal. They will be graded at journal checks.

WORKBOOK(If applicable):I will provide a notebook for all students. This is where we will be taking most of our notes. After each unit, you will turn in the book so that notes can be graded. If a notebook is lost, the student must purchase another book for $10 AND fill in all of the note we have done in it up until that point. Do not lose your book. Workbook will not be graded without the correct tabs. They will receive a 0 even if it is completely filled out. The LATE POLICY will apply. Please refer to the LATE POLICY for more questions.

DURABLE TABS(If applicable):These are any tabs that can be permanently attached to divider sheets in the workbook. If they are easily removed, they will not work. Tabs are required to grade the workbook.

PORTAL: Students progress may be monitored through the portal website. Grades will be updated when new scores are available.

ATTENDANCE: School attendance is a privilege and is also mandatory under state law. Attending school is the responsibility of the student and his/her parents/guardian. Attendance will be handled in the same manner the school policy outlines.

If you are absent, it is your responsibility to contact me and get any makeup work. You may contact me before or after class, after school, or email.

*If the student knows they will be absent, and we are taking a test or an assignment is due that day, the student is responsible for making arrangements with the teacher in advance, either in person or by email, so that assignments are not graded as LATE.

TRUANCY: Students that are truant will receive a 0% on their classwork or assignments that were due on that day and they will not be able to make it up. Students will receive a truancy if student choses to leave class for any reason without permission, isn’t where student said they were going to be, or not coming to class when teacher is aware they were at school, but isn’t in class.

CHEATING: Cheating will not be tolerated. If a student is caught cheating, they will receive a 0% on the assignment/test given that day and cannot make it up.

LABS: All students are required to tie hair back that touches shoulders or longer. Students with a beard or mustache must wear a beard cover. I will supply ONE beard cover every term. Students are responsible for keeping track of the cover for the term. Students must wear an apron the entirety of class when there is a lab, unless specified by teacher. Students MUST wash their hands before cooking, during cooking and after cooking. If you are late to class or leave early on a lab day it is an automatic minus 15 points, either we started cooking or not. Cooking is a privilege, and they can be taken away. If labs are taken away, labs can be made-up at home but for partial credit. For more on labs, see ‘Lab Rules and Regulations’ section of disclosure.

MAKE-UP LABS: Labs cannot be made up for full points if student is not in class the day of the lab. The only exception is if it is a school excused absence, such as school sports or clubs. If the student brings in a doctor’s note, that will also be permitted. The reason behind this is because the student wasn’t there to work in their group, as a team, I cannot see the set up or the clean-up that was taught and required in a lab, and the student was not in class to learn and understand the purpose/main concept of the lab. The most a student can receive for a make-up is 40/50 points. Student must also have their face in the pictures to receive 40/50. If they are not in the picture, more points may be deducted for not following instructions.

MOVIE: ‘Supersize Me’ is a documentary made in 2004 that is ratedPG-13. This documentary may be shown in class for the purpose of helping students understand the dangers of frequently eating fast food. It is relevant to standards 3, 5, and 6 of the Utah State Standards for Foods and Nutrition 1. It is relevant to standard 5 of the Utah State Standards for Foods and Nutrition 2.

FOOD: Food made in class will not be thrown away. If food is thrown away, the entire group will not be able to participate in the next lab and they will not be able to make up food. So, eat the food you make. If you won’t eat something (like mushrooms) then don’t take it from the demo table.

HALL PASS: You are NOTallowed to use the bathroom during lectures, 15 minutes before/after the bell rings, or during 2nd lunch. DON’T ASK. To use the bathroom, you must ask the teacher. You cannot go to the bathroom if another student is using the bathroom. We are in a kitchen, if you need a drink, use a cup or fill your water bottle with the sink tap.You CANNOT use hall passes for water. You cannot use the hall pass to go to the vending machine or to go to the school store. If you do use it for those purposes, you will be marked truant because you were not where you were supposed to be.

BRINGING FOOD TO CLASS: Because this is a foods room, we do have a means and a way to clean up food. You can bring food to class as long as you clean up your area afterwards. If messes and clean-up become an issue, this privilege will be taken away.

FLEX PERIOD: If you would like to come to my class during flex time, and you are not taking a class, please get a note from me before coming to see me.

EO HOUR: EO hour is on Monday after school this year. Students are highly encouraged to use the time to come and get help with concepts and assignments they don’t understand or to make up tests and quizzes. Please take advantage of this time.

COMPENTENCY TEST: Students will take a State Competency final exam at the end of the semester. This exam must be taken at the scheduled time or the student may not take it to receive credit for it. The competency test will go on the student’s grade.

ACCOMODATIONS: If you have a disability that yay require accommodations, i.e. modification in testing, assignments, grading, etc., please contact me immediately (first week if possible). Accommodations will be made for all students with documented disabilities.

LETTERING: For information on lettering in Family and Consumer Science, please see Mrs. Blaisdell or Mrs. Arthur.

COMMUICAITON: Open communication between parents, students and teacher is important to me. I will update the portal, keeping it current with the most accurate information as grades become available. You may contact me by email or phone (476-3700).

Lab Rules and Regulations

**REMEMBER!! Being in the lab is a privilege and labscan be taken away!!**

  1. ALWAYS tie your hair back!
  2. Always wear a CLEAN apron. If your apron is dirty then PLEASE put it in the washing machine. When finished cooking, if your apron is still clean, fold it up and put it away.
  3. Always wash your hands before touching food or equipment
  4. Use soap and hot water
  5. Wash for at least 20 seconds (Sing the ABC song twice)
  6. The water can take up to 5 minutes to heat, be patient
  7. Keep electric appliances away from the water.
  8. Remove hot pans with hot pads-NOT with hand towels or dish rags
  9. Turn pan handles toward the middle of the stovetop
  10. DO NOT sit on the counters!!
  11. Stay in your own unit!
  12. Put equipment back in the correct drawer!! (All drawers and cupboards will be checked off after each lab)
  13. Clean-up work area:
  14. Wipe off ALL counters with we soapy dish rag
  15. Wash and dry all dishes
  16. Run Garbage disposal while water is running for a minimum of 30 seconds every time you cook
  17. Wash and dry out sink completely-NO food particles!
  18. Put dirty towels in washing machine
  19. NO water fights OR horseplay of any kind! NO towel/apron whipping!
  20. You will be asked to sit down and you will receive 1 point for the lab.
  21. You CANNOT make it up at home.
  22. Lab privileges will be taken away for 1 week.
  23. Only one person from each unit will pick up supplies from the supply table and this person should only make one trip.
  24. There will be no books out on the counter or tables, leave them at your desk.
  25. Put your dish towel and dish cloth in the appropriate laundry baskets when you are finished cleaning and you have been checked off.
  26. You will not be excused until your kitchen has been excused for cleanup. If you leave before your kitchen is clean, you will get marked down for points (individually or as a group).
  27. You are required to sample all products prepared in the lab, unless excused by the teacher.
  28. Your outside kitchen unit duty will be one of the following every week (they will change weekly):
  29. Aprons (fold and put away clean aprons)
  30. Supply Table (Clean, straighten, put things away)
  31. Demo Dishes (Wash, dry and put away ALL dishes in teacher kitchen)
  32. Linens (Fold and put away)
  33. Pass Back Papers (Pass back student’s papers, put on table)
  34. Ask Teacher (Ask Mrs. Bradford for your duty: this will be an extra duty that I need to be completed)

*Teacher reserves the right to alter this disclosure to fit the individual needs of students when necessary.

I have thoroughly reviewed the disclosure statement for the above listed teacher and class. I am aware of and will support the academic grading standards, citizenship grading standards, and classroom policies and expectations as described. I am turning in this signed disclosure statement and am keeping the rest for future reference in my binder.

** By signing this section, you agree to the above statement and will follow rules that have been outlined. **

PrintStudents Name: ______

Student Signature: ______Date: ______

Parent Signature: ______Date: ______

Parent Permission for Student Grading

Due to concerns regarding the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, we are asked to have permission to have your student’s assignments/tests corrected by other students in the classroom, under the direction of the teacher. Students’ scores will NOT be called out in class. Students are advised that confidentiality is of the most importance. Any violation of such will be dealt with administratively.

By signing this,I grant permission for my students work to be corrected by other students in the classroom.

Students signature: ______

Parents/Guardiansignature: ______

I require parent(s) email to be able to contact you with updates on assignments, keep you informed about the class and to contact you if I have concerns with your student.

Parents/Guardian email: ______

Parent/Guardian Phone Number: _(______)______-______