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Parent Handbook

The child’s exposure in the Montessori prepared environment results in his ability to achieve inner discipline. This is the basis of Dr. Montessori’sphilosophy. Freedom and discipline must come from within the child, rather than from outer influences such as the adult.

There are three parts which make up a Montessori environment.Each part is as necessary and important as another. The first is the preparedenvironment, the second is the child, and third is the teacher.

The Prepared Environment

  1. Structure - allows the child freedom of movement, choice, and development within an ordered, prepared environment
  2. Materials - allow for creativity, based on a systematic approach to learning
  3. Interrelationships - allow free choice of social relations and self-determination of relations without interference to others and their work

The Child

  1. Use of materials - is free to chose lessons,which have been shown to him by the teacher, creatively and uniquely as long as the child maintains a respectful and constructive approach
  2. Movement in the environment - child is free to move in order to learn, providing that it does not interfere with another
  3. Interaction with the teacher and other children - the child must respect the interactions of others and their work

The Teacher

  1. Maintains the prepared environment - for the good of each individual child within the group setting
  2. Observer - takes her cue from the activities and needs of the child
  3. Assists the child- it is the teacher’s role to aid the child in obtaining independence and self-guidance.

In order for the preparedenvironment to be successful the freedom for each child as well as the group requires certain standards.

  1. Taking care of materials and respecting the classroom
  2. Avoiding inference with another’s work unless being invited to join in
  3. Returning materials properly and in order,so that another child is free to chose it


The teacher will always make the attempt to redirect the child in a positive manner as the first form of discipline.

Every effort shall be made according to the Montessori theory of inner discipline, which is the goal for the child.

In the event this manner of discipline is unsuccessful, Montessori School of Lexington may send a student home for the day. If a student is sent home three times, the student will then be suspended from school for 5 consecutive school days. This will be followed up by a conference. At that time a decision will be made by the school for readmittance.


State regulations require that all children have a completed health form, immunization record, and a medical consent form on file before they enter school. Please be sure that your child’s emergency contact information is kept up to date.

If your child requires medication while at school, a parent MUST complete amedication authorization form, which will be filed with the child’s records. Medication MUST be kept in the original container and bear the child’s name. It should be taken to the office by the parent daily in order for a staff member to administer it and a medication-dispensed form can be recorded. NEVER send medication in a child’s lunchbox.

Please include a medication-measuring cup or spoon in order to dispense.


It would be appreciated if you call the school office between 7:30 and 8:30 AM if your child will be absent or late. If your child has a communicable disease, notify the school immediately so that we may alert other parents and take steps to protect the other children.

A child should always be kept at home if he has had a cough, cold, rash, fever, diarrhea or sore throat within the 24 hours preceding the school day.

If your child becomes ill while at school, you will be notified immediately. Your child should be picked up WITHIN THIRTY MINUTES. A child who leaves sick should not return to school the following day.


We make every effort to communicate any and all concerns between parent, teacher, and child. Montessori School of Lexington is always open to communicate whenever you feel your child’s best interests would be served. We, in turn, will try to keep you informed of our observations and concerns. Please do not discuss your child with us in his/her presence or during class time. If you would like to talk to a staff member, please leave a note or message at the front desk asking the teacher to call.

Parent-teacher conferences are held twice a year, in the spring and fall. These conferences are vital for both parents and teachers. We recommend that parents meet twice yearly with their child’s teacher. At that time you will be given a semester evaluation.

We have an open door policy with free and full access, and would enjoy having you visit at any time. You are always welcome to have lunch with your child as well. Please allow your child time to transition into the environment before you visit. You will want to be confident that your child is comfortable with you coming and leaving.


Montessori classes hold a special ceremony for birthdays, and parents are invited to share the celebration. The birthday child brings a photograph from each year of his or her life. You may help your child select a nonfiction book as a gift to school. If you would also like to bring a treat, please consider something homemade such as brownies or cookies. Store bought cupcakes are generally not eaten by most of the children. Your child will gain a sense of pride by helping to bake what they share.

To avoid hurt feelings, Montessori School of Lexington does not allow distribution of birthday invitations at school unless the entire class is invited.


Please be aware that your child will be engaging in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities at school. We ask that

your child wear sneakers or sandals, which must have a back strap (No flip-flops or large boots please) that are safe for climbing.

Assume that your child will be playing outdoors every day and send along outerwear that is appropriate for the weather. While it may be raining in the morning, it may be cleared by recess time.

Uniform shirts with your choice of shorts, pants or skirt are required. Uniform shirts are $10.00. Please be sure to choose pants that he or she can manage independently. If your child comes to school without a school shirt, we will provide a new one and you will be charged the fee. Each child should keep a complete change of clothing at school at all times. Please include socks, shirts, pants, and cloth underwear and replace items as needed. No diapers or pull-ups please.

In order to ensure no distractions while working, students’ hair should be pulled back and secured away from their face.


Children often want to bring favorite possessions to school, but we ask parents to discourage this practice. We welcome books, items made by the child, or objects related to culture, science, or nature. If your child asks to bring a toy or other personal property, simply explain that such items are not allowed at school. Please do not send valuables, including money, and label all items that are sent to school.


Parents will be assigned specific dates to provide snacks for their child’s classroom. A canvas bag will go home with your child the day before your snack date. Every parent will receive a copy of the snack list. The list will also be posted on a bulletin board inside the classrooms. (Please notify us immediately if your child has any known food allergies.)


If your child stays at school all day, please send a well-balanced, nutritious meal, excluding candy, soda, and other highly sugared foods or those with excessive quantities of additives and preservatives. Please do not include squeeze foods or loose nuts, as well. Include a napkin, as well as a spoon or fork if needed. We talk often about nutrition and healthy foods and your child will be aware of what they find in their lunchbox.


We offer a lunchtime milk program. It is encouraged so that your child will have less sugary drinks. If you would like your child to drink milk please check the optional programs sheet and return to school. You will be asked to bring a gallon of milk periodically. A reminder will come home with your child’s lunchbox when it is your turn to send milk.


Class begins each morning at 8:30 am.Please be sure that your child arrives on time so as not to interrupt lessons. Your child has been taught to say goodbye to you at the door and enter the classroom quietly. Please call ahead of time if possible to let the school know if your child will be late due to an appointment. If for any reason your child is picked up after his or her dismissal time there will be a $1 per minute late fee, payable only in cash.

Our three dismissal times are as follows:

Morning Class: / 11:20-11:30 AM
Extended Class: / 2:20-2:30 PM
All Day Class: / Anytime between 2:30 PM and 5:30 PM

We use a tracking list when going to and from the playground. The teachers take roll each time they go out and again upon coming in. We also have a sign out sheet on which you record the time your child arrives in the morning and when they are picked up and initial. These are available for you to see at the front desk anytime.

Late Fees will be assessed as follows:

Returned Checks-$25

Tuition paid after the 5th of the month-$25

After the 10th of the month-$50


If your child is leaving with someone other than the parent, it must be written and dated on the lobby clipboard by the parent when the child is dropped off in the morning. The person picking up the child should be prepared to show an appropriate I.D. We will not release any child without written approval by the parent and proper I.D.


Please let us know if you would be willing to share skills or information with the children. Our curriculum is open-ended and we welcome your participation. We encourage parent involvement and no skill or talent is too small. We would like to have each parent participate at least once during the year, as every child is filled with pride to have a parent come to school. You may prepare a craft to do with the children or come in to read a book. These are two suggestions but we welcome any others you may have.


Montessori School of Lexington will be closed whenever Lexington District One is closed. Please listen to local radio or watch WIS television channel for school closings.
If we should have to close during the school day because of weather reports of incoming storms, please pick up your child within 30 minutes of notification. This also includes closures for any state or local emergencies.

We have an Emergency Plan available at the front desk. You are welcome to read it or request a copy.


Complete set of clothes (include underwear and socks)
Nappers Only: Vinyl nap mat, bedroll or small naptime blanket and pillow case for mat

Small pencil box
Pink eraser
Colored pencils (36) Crayola pencils write best
Crayons (24)
Scissors (child size)
Elmer’s school glue (small bottle) NO GLUE STICK
Coloring book

2 Boxes Tissues

1 Large Handsoap Refill

2 Chlorox Wipes

2 Bars Hand Soap

2 Baby Wipes

1 Package of Sponges

Please clearly label everything with your child’s name.


PublixPartners: We are members of Publix Partners. These cards are good at any participating Publix stores in South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. You may request any number of cards to share with family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. Our Publix Partners card can be used in addition to other schools that you may already be supporting. Simply tell the cashier that you would like to support both schools.

Box Tops for Education: Clip box tops from participating products and help earn cash for our school. Clip box tops coupons from hundreds of your favorite products found at your local grocery stores. Each coupon is worth 10 cents when our school redeems them. Clip box tops with some care. The labels must not be ripped or “defaced”, so try to be neat when cutting. A collection box is available in our front foyer to drop off your box tops. To see a complete listing of products, visit Happy Clipping!!

Office Depot: When you visit your nearest Office Depot, be sure to mention our school. We are registered there and all you need to do is give them our telephone number, which is 000-0000 and our school will get credit for your purchase.

We are always in need of parents willing to oversee these programs and others. Our school is a circle of support, child, teacher and parent. Please make every effort to give of your time when possible. Your child will sense your support and benefit greatly from it.

All proceeds from these fundraisers will be used to purchase art supplies, playground toys, classroom materials, or anything else the children need. The funds are also used to help with the expense of teacher training and conferences.

Thank you for your participation in these programs. Solicit support from extended family members and friends. Share the school spirit with everyone!