Middlesex County 4-H Skill-A-Thon

Middlesex County 4-H Skill-A-Thon

Horsin in Stride State 4-H Horse Workshop Day

February 24, 2018

8:40 p.m. Registration

Workshops 9:00- 9:45, 9:45 – 10:30, 10:30-11:15 and 11:15-12:00

Middlesex County Extension Center
Youth Track

All workshops to be offered at least 1 time

  1. Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth – Learn one of the best skills to have at your disposal; aging a horse by their teeth! Done with the help of a colorful and hands-on activity. – With Cassie Chapados
  1. Hop To It! – Learn all about jumping and create your own jump and then practice course design – With Grace Artioli
  1. No Horsin Around! – Learn about safety including how to properly tie horses, create your own barn rules, and do a fun fire safety crossword – quickest time can win a prize. – With Ryan Murphy
  1. Let’s Talk Tack – Learn about English and Western tack, try your hand at reassembling a bridle, learn about tack safety and other fun tack-related activities – With Larissa Martins
  1. Engaging Your Inner Dr. Doolittle – Learn about diseases and symptoms of the horse and then participate in a fun activity to use your newfound skills – With Savana Gagne
  1. Don’t Worry Be Happy Be a Good Sport – Learn about sportsmanship, participate in a role playing activity and do some other hands on activities – With Caleigh Fulton
  1. Clueless About Careers? Learning More About Different Fields in the Horse Industry - -Learn about the career options found in the horse industry and play a rousing game of Be Your Own Boss Bingo – With Brianna Castrogiovanni

Novice Quizbowl for FunJunior Quizbowl for FunSenior Quizbowl for Fun

Answer level appropriate knowledge questions using the buzzers for a fun quiz bowl experience!

Dr. Nadeau and Emily will be providing an Adult Track with information on the State 4-H Horse Offerings, The ESE Program, Teaching Fire Safety and much more!

Please use the enclosed form to prioritize your workshop choices. The form can be mailed to me at the Middlesex County Extension Center or faxed to 860-345-3357 by February 20th. It can be filled out digitally and sent to as well.

Horsin In Stride Registration Form

Age / Name / Quizbowl
Yes/NO / Quizbowl Level
N/J/S / First Choice Workshop / Second Choice Workshop / Third Choice workshop / Fourth Choice Workshop

We will do the best we can to accommodate choices. Quiz bowl times will be assigned, other youth workshops will be assigned as best we can.

Workshop choices can be made by putting the corresponding number in the selection box.

Adult Track Sign up – please list all names

The form can be mailed to me at the Middlesex County Extension Center or faxed to 860-345-3357. It can be filled out digitally and sent to as well by February 20th.