Meet Manager: Bethany Smith

Meet Manager: Bethany Smith

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SEAL Champs

April 26, 2015


Date: Sunday April 26th, 2015

Meet Manager: Bethany Smith

Meet Referee: Rene Coppens

Host: Windsor Aquatic Club

Venue: Windsor International Aquatic and Training Center, 401 Pitt Street, Windsor Ontario


  • The pool is a 10 lane 72 meter indoor facility. Bulkhead divided will include 2-25m competition pool.
  • Omega Quantum Electronic Timing System and 10 lane display scoreboard with Hytek Meet Manager for scoring. Touchpad’s will be at the start end of the 25 meter pools.
  • Spectator seating will be upstairs on the mezzanine level.
  • Health and Safety Regulations require that no outdoor shoes be worn on deck

Sanctioned by:

  • Swim Ontario and all current Swimming /Natation Canada (SNC) rules and warm-up procedures will apply.


  • All entries must include a valid Swim Ontario registration number. Swimmers must have attended at least 4 SEAL meets during the 2014-2015 season.


  • Seal League rules are in effect
  • No qualifying times. Dequalifying times attached. Please submit SCM times for seeding purposes, using standard Hy- tek conversions for LCM and Yard times.


All Attending coaches are required to present their Swim Ontario Coach Identification upon request of meet management. Meet Management will cross reference the list of coaches in attendance with the Swim Ontario Compliancy lists.

Officials: Each club should provide 2 officials per session to help with the meet. If anyone is interested in officiating please register on the OSOA website or contact the Meet Manager.

Entry Fees:

  • $25.00 per swimmer must be paid by the day of the meet
  • Please make cheques payable to “Windsor Aquatic Club”. All fees will be charged based on entries submitted at the time of the deadline, regardless of whether the swimmer competes or not. NO DECK ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED


  • Deadline for entries is Friday, April 17, 2015. All entries must be submitted through
  • Swimmers may enter a total of 5 individual events and 2 relay events.

Split Times:

  • Meet management requires that any coach wishing to rely on a time achieved by the swimmer for an interval shorter than the total distance of the event shall so advise the Referee prior to the commencement of the event’s session in question.

Session Times :


Warm Ups:8:15am – 9:00am for all teams

Session#1 Start – 9:10am , 45 min Lunch Session #2 Start – Immediately after Lunch


  • Points will be awarded as follows 7-5-4-3-2-1 in eligible events according to SEAL rules.
  • No points will be awarded for Relays.


  • Ribbons will be awarded 1st through 6th in each event, by age group and gender.
  • Age groups are as follows: 7 & Under, 8-9, 10-11, 12- 13, 14 & Over.
  • Trophies will be awarded to top threehigh-point winners in each age group.

Scratch Rules:

  • Please report all scratches in writing IMMEDIATELY upon arrival at the meet. There will be no penalty for no-shows or scratches.


  • Result will be posted in the lobby andLIVE Results will be available at and on Meet Mobile


Please note all relays will be swum out of the shallow end.

Shallow End Morning:

Event # / Girls / Boys / Event #
1 / 8/9 / 100IM / 8-9 / 2
7 / 14&O / 100IM / 14&O / 8
9 / OPEN / 200IM / OPEN / 10
11 / 7&U / 25m / 7&U / 12
13 / 8/9 / 25m / 8/9 / 14
19 / 14&O / 50m / 14&O / 20
21 / OPEN / 100m / OPEN / 22
23 / 7&U / 25m / 7&U / 24
25 / 8/9 / 25m / 8/9 / 26
31 / 14&O / 100m / 14&O / 32
33 / OPEN / 100m / OPEN / 34
Mixed / Relays
100 / 7&U / 100m
102 / 8/9 / 200m
104 / 10/11 / 200m
106 / 12/13 / 200m
108 / 14&O / 200m

Deep End Morning:

Event # / Girls / Boys / Event #
3 / 10/11 / 100IM / 10/11 / 4
5 / 12/13 / 100IM / 12/13 / 6
15 / 10/11 / 50 / 10/11 / 16
17 / 12/13 / 50 / 12/13 / 18
27 / 10/11 / 50 / 10/11 / 28
29 / 12/13 / 100 / 12/13 / 30

45 minutes for lunch break

Shallow End Afternoon:

Event # / Girls / Boys / Event #
35 / 7&U / 25m / 7&U / 36
37 / 8/9 / 25 / 8/9 / 38
43 / 14&O / 100m / 14&O / 44
45 / OPEN / 100m / OPEN / 46
47 / 7&U / 25m / 7&U / 48
49 / 8/9 / 50m / 8/9 / 50
55 / 14&O / 100m / 14&O / 56
57 / OPEN / 100m / OPEN / 58
Mixed / Relays
110 / 7&U / 100m
112 / 8/9 / 200m
114 / 10/11 / 200m
116 / 12/13 / 200m
118 / 14&O / 200m

Deep End Afternoon:

Event # / Girls / Boys / Event #
39 / 10/11 / 50m / 10/11 / 40
41 / 12/13 / 100m / 12/13 / 42
51 / 10/11 / 100m / 10/11 / 52
53 / 12/13 / 100m / 12/13 / 54



Meet Management for all sanctioned Canadian swimming competition must ensure the following safety procedures are applied. It is incumbent on coaches, swimmers, and officials to comply with these procedures during all scheduled warm-up periods. Coaches are requested to encourage swimmers to cooperate with Safety Marshals.


•Swimmers must enter the water FEET FIRST in a cautious manner, entering from a start or turn end only and from a standing or sitting position.

•Running on the pool deck and running entries into the pool tank are prohibited.

•Meet Management may designate the use of sprint or pace lanes during the scheduled warm-up time. Any such lane usage must be communicated either in pre-competition handout, announcement or deck signage.

•Diving starts shall be permitted only in designated sprint lanes.

•Only one-way swimming from the start end of sprint lanes is permitted.

•Notices or barriers must be placed on starting blocks to indicate no diving during warm-up.


•Kick Boards, Pull-Buoys, Ankle Bands, and Snorkels are permitted for use in the scheduled warm-up time.

•Meet Management may permit use of tubing or cord assisted sprinting in designated lanes and during specific times of the warm-up only. Coaches are responsible for equipment reliability and use.

•Hand paddles, drag chutes, and flippers / fins arenot permitted during any warm-up at any time.


•Swimmers witnessed by a Safety Marshal diving or entering the water in a dangerous fashion will be removed without warning from their first event following the warm-up period in which the violation occurred.

•In the case of a second offense during the same competition the swimmer will be removed from the competition in its entirety. A provincial disciplinary action or report may be filed.


The Safety Marshal is a trained position designated by Meet Management. Safety Marshals shall:

•Be visible by safety vest

•Be situated at each end of the competition tank and when applicable, similarly situated in designated warm-up tanks when pre-competition warm-ups are scheduled.

•Actively monitor all scheduled warm-up periods.

•Ensure participants comply with warm-up safety procedures and report violations to the Referee.


Coaches are requested to notify Safety Marshals of any Para-swimmers participating in warm-ups where necessary and at the coach’s discretion.

The following statement must appear in all Swimming Canada sanctioned meet information and posted notices:


SNC Swimwear Rules

ALL swimmers participating in a SNC designated meet or provincially sanctioned meets shall be required to comply with swimwear rule GR 5 as follows:

GR 5 – Swimwear

GR 5.1 The swimwear (swimsuit, cap and goggles) of all competitors shall be in good moral taste and suitable for the individual sports disciplines and not to carry any symbol which may be considered offensive.

GR 5.2 All swimsuits shall be non-transparent.

CGR A swimmer may wear only one swimsuit in competition, and shall observe all FINA

regulations related to swimwear as stated in the FINA Bylaws and Rules

GR 5.3 The referee of a competition has the authority to exclude any competitor whose swimsuit or body symbols do not comply with this Rule.

GR 5.4 Before any swimwear of new design, construction or material is used in competition, the manufacturer of such swimwear must submit the swimwear to FINA and obtain approval of FINA.

FINA BL 8.3 From January 1, 2010 swimwear for men shall not exceed above the navel nor below the knee, and for women, shall not cover the neck, extend past the shoulder, nor shall extend below knee. All swimsuits shall be made from textile materials.

SNC has made the following interpretations for GR 5:

All swimwear used in competition in Canada must appear on the FINA approvedlist with the following exception;

Where a swimwear manufacturer has not submitted swimwear to FINA for approval due to the swimwear no longer being in production, SNC reserves the right to allow such swimwear where it can be confirmed that the swimwear conforms to the shape, design and material conditions outline in FINA BL 8.3 (above).

Under GR 5.3 wherein it is stated “the competitor must wear a swimsuit in one or two pieces…” SNC interprets this to mean a swimmer is limited to wearing a single suit only and where the suit is “two pieces” that the pieces do not overlap each other and are distinct units (ie/ bikini style).

All Canadian Record applications will be reviewed to ensure compliance with GR 5. A Declaration of Swimwear must be submitted with the application to ensure compliance.

All foreign swimmers competing in Canada will be required to comply with GR 5

Any swimmer not complying with GR 5 shall be disqualified.