Mckenna-Mann Performing Arts Scholarship

Mckenna-Mann Performing Arts Scholarship

McKenna-Mann Performing Arts Scholarship Application

This scholarship fund is a component fund of the

To be considered, this application must be completed in full. Please type or print in ink.

Return to the Guidance Office at AntigoSenior High School by the last school day in April.

Please provide two reference letters.

Eligibility and Criteria for Selection: Graduating senior of AntigoSenior High School who has distinguished themselves in the performing arts, including theater production, and has been accepted for admission and plans to attend an accredited college or university as a full time student. This scholarship recognizes the student's efforts and accomplishments in the performing arts.

Name of Applicant: ______

Home Address: ______


Phone: ______E-Mail: ______

Father’s (Guardian) Name: ______

Mother’s (Guardian) Name: ______

High School Attended: ______

Class Rank ______of ______Graduation Date: ______

Junior High Attended: ______

Name, address, and telephone number of school you plan to attend next fall:





Major field of study you intend to pursue: ______

Career Goals: ______



On a separate sheet of paper, provide the following information:

  • How have you distinguished yourself in the performing arts? Describe your involvement in the performing arts, including theater production/s. (Attach additional sheet of paper if necessary.)
  • List any activities you have participated in, including any extra-curricular activities, community programs, or work experiences. Offices or positions held, as well as any honors or awards received should be indicated. Attach additional sheet of paper if necessary.

If you have applied for any other scholarships, list each source to which you have applied, indicating if you have received notification on whether or not you have secured the award.

Scholarship Name Dollar Amount Secured

______$______ yes no

______$______ yes no

______$______ yes no

______$______ yes no

Your signature below indicates that all information submitted is true to the best of your knowledge.Your signature also indicates that you give your permission to the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin to use your name in public listings and announcements of scholarship if selected.


Signature of Applicant Signature of Parent or Guardian


Date Date

Completed application, and two reference letters, must be received in the AntigoHigh School

Guidance Officeby the last business/school day in April to qualify for consideration.

Questions or requests for further information can be directed to the Community Foundation office.

500 First Street, Suite 2600, Wausau, WI 54403

715.845.9555 / /

The Community Foundation reserves the right to request additional information or documentation from the applicant if necessary.