Maximum Timeframesuspension Appeal Form

Maximum Timeframesuspension Appeal Form


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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Maximum TimeframeSuspension Appeal Form

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Email Address: Semester & Year Appealing to Receive Aid:

Students who have attempted 96 credit hours or more are placed on Satisfactory Academic Progress Maximum Timeframe suspension as stated in the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. You have the right to appeal your Maximum Timeframe suspensionif you feel there were extenuating circumstances that caused you to exceed the maximum number of credit hours allowed to complete your degree. Your appeal will be reviewed by a Committee. The notification of the Committee’s decision will be communicated through your CASC email account. If you do not currently have a CASC email account, the decision will be emailed to the email address or mailed to the address on file.

Complete the following:

Currently, I am meeting the GPA requirement of the Satisfactory Academic Progress SAP Policy: ___ Yes ___ No

Currently, I am meeting the Pace (completing 67% of hours attempted) requirement of the SAP Policy: ___ Yes __ No

I have previously earned the following academic credentials from CASC or other colleges, universities, technical or trade schools. Check all that apply:

Certificate ______Associate’s Degree ______Bachelor’s Degree ______Master’s Degree ______None______

Currently, I have ______attempted credit hours and ______completed/earned credit hours.

What degree are you currently working toward (only one degree)? ______

I understand that the number of credit hours required to complete my degree is ______hours.

You MUST attach a signed, TYPED statement, explaining the circumstances you believe played a role in causing you to exceed themaximum number of hours. If you changed your major or are pursuing an additional degree, explain why.

You must include the Degree Evaluation for Satisfactory Academic Progress Maximum TimeframeSuspension Appealform, completed and signed by the Admissions Office before your appeal will be considered complete.

I understand that, should this appeal be granted, I will receive aid only for the classes needed to complete my degree with the receipt of financial aid for subsequent semesters contingent upon my academic performance during the continued eligibility period. I understand that the Committee’s decision is final.

My signature certifies that everything I have stated is true to the best of my knowledge. Should the committee find anything provided in support of my appeal to be inaccurate, I understand that my appeal will be denied.


Student’s SignatureDate

Degree Evaluation for Satisfactory Academic Progress Maximum Timeframe Suspension Appeal

Student Name: ______Date: ______

CASC ID or SSN: ______

The student must also submit the Satisfactory Academic Progress Maximum Timeframe Suspension Appeal form and statement outlining the circumstances leading to excessive hours attempted before the appeal will be considered complete. Official transcripts for previous hours from another college or university must be submitted to the CASC Admissions Office and have hours transcripted on the CASC academic transcript before the degree evaluation will be considered complete. It is the student’s responsibility to see that the other hours have been added to the CASC transcript.


Degree Sought: ______Major: ______

Expected Date of Graduation: ______

Statement: The AdmissionsOffice has reviewed the student’s transcript records and determined that only the courses listed below are needed to complete the requested degree. Consequently, financial aid will only be awarded for courses listed below.

Course / term enrolled / term completed / Course / term enrolled / term completed

Comments: ______

Admissions Signature: ______Date: ______