MASK MIME MOVEMENT: Story Theatre and Anansi Tale

MASK MIME MOVEMENT: Story Theatre and Anansi Tale

MASK MIME MOVEMENT: Story Theatre and Anansi Tale.


Listening and creating folk tales based on a book gives students the opportunity to express themselves. This residency also creates experiences in re-enacting stories in small groups using simple MASK designs and abstract ‘puppets’. Students will also discuss and create setting(environments of story) via sound and object, and create a character based on mask, body, and verbal passages of a narrator... Story Theatre enhances a cognitive learning experience as it opens the doors to imagination and creativity.

NOTE: This Lesson can easily be divided into 3 to 5 lessons (AND IT HAS  )



  1. CIRCLE UP ICE BREAKER and WAKE UP—PASS THE CLAP: ONE sound is passed in pairs around circle. Point of concentration is CLAPPING TOGETHER—sounding as ONE.
  2. ZIP ZAP ZOP: EYE CONTACT is practiced as students THROW ENERGY to the other randomly in circle shouting ZIP! ZAP! ZOP!

II Who I AM and WHAT WE WILL DO!—Working together to recreate a folk tale.

  1. State Objectives:/GOALS: --Using collaboration, mask, and both oral and silent communication (MIME) TLW appreciate the imaginative process of bringing the folk tale ANANSI AND THE MOSS COVERED ROCK to life as a group in front of an audience.
  2. LISTEN to the story and RE TELL in small groups by using a narrator and other actors. (SHOW BOOK)
  3. Recreate story in small groups. Using STORY THEATRE and collaboration
  4. Simple Definitions:
  1. MASK: Anything that is placed on head or body and CHANGES wearer. MASKS can define a character—although BODY is main instrument.
  2. Puppet: ANYTHING that is MOVED and brought to life by an actor on stage.
  3. PROP and COSTUME—Theatre Elements—one is HELD and USED; one is worn.
  4. Story Theatre: (Q and A.) Often uses a NARRATOR with actors pantomiming action. Storytelling that uses THEATRE ELEMENTS. (COLLABORATIONB IS KEY)

III ANIMAL and ABSTRACT MASKS— Exploration of certain MASKS using body. Student volunteers will bring animalmasks to life in circle.


V WARM-UP to MAIN ACTIVITY (If time permits)

  1. LISTENING and BODY/VOICE: ROUND ROBIN using repetitive movements and VOICE—RE CALLING story—CONDENSING to one minute.
  2. Imagination: RE CREATING PROPS—PASS THE PROP—CHANGE ITS MEANING as object is passed around circle.
  3. NATURE and environment : Clapping a Storm; water with fabric

VI SMALL GROUP ACTIVITY: THREE Groups will recreate Beginning-Middle and/or END of story.

  1. Groups will assign a narrator and play ALL THE ROLES for their sequence (Beginning, Middle or Ending).
  2. Group will present scene about the classroom or hallway. As one group completes one section the other group will take the lead until a completed story is told.


  1. How could Story Theatre be used in your classroom
  2. What is the most challenging aspects?
  3. Which activity were you most comfortable doing?