Manage Collateral - 302: Leaders Teaching Leaders: Performance, Well-Being & Personal

Manage Collateral - 302: Leaders Teaching Leaders: Performance, Well-Being & Personal

Manage Collateral - 302: Leaders Teaching Leaders: Performance, Well-Being & Personal Growth (10/23/17)

  • Focus on who leaders are and how they show up versus what they know
  • They saw some growth and we're concerned with the impact on their culture
  • Focus as they grow and expand they didn't want to lose who they are or were
  • Senior leadership team at Slalom attended a one-year program that transform them
  • They decided to roll out throughout the entire leader level
  • Coaching emotional intelligence and empathy or components of the learning
  • They started the rollout with the directors
  • Did it in cohort groups which were sponsored by each of the general managers
  • Culture of learning and teaching emerged

The 5 C's

  • collaboration in teams and across trolls and offices
  • connections with others and Slalom
  • communication improved with Piers direct reports and clients
  • consistency of approaches and common language of tools and techniques
  • coaching capacity to grow and develop self and others

Details of the program

  • director level leader program I 12 person cohort
  • manager manager level Reader Program 36 person cohort
  • graduates of the director program coach the people in the manager level program


  • Are the participants from different locations yes
  • What is the direct supervisor's role if they have someone attending? Should be meeting monthly with their participant to check in on how things are going
  • All participants go through a 360 degree feedback as part of their pre work. The results are debriefed with their coach. It's a 36 question survey they created at slalom.
  • Design of the workshop is geared toward relationship building
  • Workshops are 3 days long. 2 days of contents spread over 3 days.
  • Topics include time and attention management one big thing ladder of inference empowerment meaningful feedback importance of trust listening coaching five dysfunctions of a team and cures high performance teamwork
  • Practices by weekly group coaching calls,Monthly sponsor call,Quarterly sponsor one on one, weekly journaling, weekly planning focus time, Independent learning articles books videos


  1. How engaged do people remain question they see some Peaks and valleys. There's High engagement during the workshop and calls but that drops in between calls and the next Workshop.
  2. Who facilitates the workshops? Coaches lead the activities and coaching but the facilitation is done by facilitators from Siloam and from external facilitators from stegen who they partnered with 2 create the program.
  3. Are you assessing the program? Not at the moment. Looking into a post 360 assessment. Right now they can look at qualitative data. They're currently looking at retention and engagement. They're seeing and increase engagement with the participants as well as their direct reports.
  4. How is this Leader's teaching leaders? We ask leaders who attend to become coaches and sponsors down the road.
  5. What is the length of the classes? 2 hours usually after hours
  6. do you have people start and not finish? Yes but uncommon

Curated by Irene Justiniano