Magazine Lessons: a New Car/ Cars of the Future

Magazine Lessons: a New Car/ Cars of the Future

Dates: October 29-31

Magazine Lessons: A New Car/ Cars of the Future

Activity Focus: Reading Comprehension, Crossword Puzzle, Tell a Story

All About Cars

Part 1: Multiple Choice.Choose the correct answer for each question. Use the information from the conversations in your magazine.

October 29

1.What color is Rob’s new car?

  1. blue
  1. blackD.white

2.How many people can ride in Rob’s car?

  1. six B.four


  1. What does Rob say about small cars?

A.They are too fast.

B. They are convenient.

C.They don’t use much gas.

D.They are cheaper than other cars.

4.What did Rob do with his old car?

  1. He sold it.
  2. He fixed it.

C.He traded it in.

D.He gave it away.

October 30

5. How many tickets did Rob get?



6. What is the speed limit on River Road?

A.45 mphB.45 kph

C.65 mphD.65 kph

7.What happened on River Road?

  1. Rob drove through a red light.
  2. A policeman pulled Rob over.

C.A car almost hit Rob.

D.Rob got two tickets.

8. What almost hit Rob?

A.a busB.a car

C.a truckD.a taxi

October 31

9. What is true about self-driving cars?

  1. They are dangerous.
  2. They can go 100 mph.
  3. They understand traffic lights.
  4. They are controlled by people.

10.What company has been testing self-driving carsfor the past two years?


C.BMWD. Apple

11.When might people be able to buy self-driving cars?

A.2050B. 2040


12.Why might people not like self-driving cars?

A.People may not want to give up control of their cars.

B.People may not want to pay extra money for these cars.

  1. These cars are not comfortable.
  2. These cars break easily.

Part 2: Crossword Puzzle. Fill in the boxes below. Use the words that go in the sentences.


1.Mom used the ______to turn the car.

7.Please ______your mouth. Be careful about what you say.

8.You ______my house. It is back there.

9.Amanda ______of her schedule on her cellphone.

11.What do you want to be in the ______?


2.Anna is having ______with her car. It is making strange sounds.

3.Having a cellphone is ______. You can call anyone from almost anywhere at anytime.

4.This street is very ______. Many cars can drive on it.

5.The mail carrier drives a mail ______to deliver mail.

6.We can only borrow five books from the library at one time. That's the ______.

7.Be ______with the baby. Don't drop her.

8.Don't ______your car there. You might get a ticket.

10.This is a big train. Many people can ______in it.

Part 3: Tell a Story.Look at the pictures. Use some of this week’s vocabulary words to tell a story about each picture.