Literature (Poem)

Literature (Poem)


Literature (poem)

Caged Bird

The caged bird sings

with a fearful trill

of things unknown

but longed for still

a)Name the poem and the poet.

b)What are the conditions in which the caged bird lives?

c)Why do you think the poet presents the free bird before depicting the caged bird?

d)The caged bird, in spite of all its agony, is able to soar again through its song. Do you think the caged bird can be a symbol of the survival of the ‘unfittest’?

Little Eyes Upon You

He will say and do, in your way

When he’s grown up like you.

a)Name the poem of the given lines.

b)What does the poet mean by saying ‘hold’?

c)Who is the ‘he’ here?

d)Why will ‘he say and do’ exactly what ‘you say and do’?

e)What responsibility rests on the people to whom the poem is addressed?

You are setting an example

Every day in all you do

a)What is the meaning of ‘setting an example’?

b)How is the ‘little boy’ described in the poem?

c)Why do you think the little boy would wish to ‘grow up to be like you’?


No time to turn at Beauty’s glance,

And watch her feet, how they can dance.

a)What does beauty refer to here? Explain

b)Why has the poet spelt the word ‘Beauty’ with capital letter?

c)What does the poet mean by the line ‘And watch her feet, how they can dance’

A poor life this is if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare

a)Name the poem and the poet of the given lines.

b)Why does the poet say that it is a ‘poor life’ if we cannot stand and stare?

c)What does he intend to convey by the use of the word ‘poor’?

d)Do you think the last two lines can be interpreted as an answer to the question the poet posed at the start of the poem?



The People’s President

a)Why was Dr. A P J Kalam known as the ‘Missile Man of India’?

b)In what way did Dr Kalam leave his imprint on the world of letters?

c)Where did Dr Kalam receive his education? What career did he choose after the completion of his education?

The Mother of Civil Rights Movement

a)Rosa Parks noticed numerous signs of discrimination against Africans-Americans although the City of Detroit attempted to be progressive. What were they?

b)How was Rosa Parks drawn into the struggle for civil rights?

c)What measures did Rosa Parks take for the cause of education in her later life?

The Mascots of Olympics

a)Why are the mascots called ambassadors in Olympic Games?

b)What did the three mascots of Sydney Olympics represent?

c)How was the mascot of London Olympics different from the earlier ones?

The Luncheon

a)Which place did the lady choose for the meeting with the narrator?

b)Why was the narrator not enthusiastic about the place suggested?

c)How did the narrator earn his living twenty years ago?

d)Why did the lady wish to meet the narrator?

The Quake that spelt disaster

a)Why was the earthquake that hit Nepal on 25 April 2015 considered as one of the worst?

b)Which were the towns that were most affected by the earthquake?

c)What brought some hope to a nation engulfed in despair?


a)Who had sent flowers to Mrs. Pringle? Was she thankful for the gift?

b)Give reasons as to why Elaine was the most important person at the dinner party?

c)Who was Mr. Morgan? Why was Mrs Pringle not keen on inviting him at first?



Change the sentences into PASSIVE VOICE.

a)Harry ate six shrimp at dinner.

b)Beautiful giraffes roam the savannah.

c)She sings a song.

d)I will clean the house every Saturday.

e)Tom painted the entire house.

f)The boys broke the toys.

g)The teacher always answers the students’ questions.

h)Who taught you to ski?

i)The two kings are signing the treaty.

j)No one responded to my sales advertisement.

k)The wedding planner is making all the reservations.

l)Susan will bake two dozen cupcakes for the bake sale.

Fill in the blanks with suitable ADVERBS from the words given. Write the KIND OF ADVERB against each sentence.

[yesterday, during, soon, somewhere, carelessly, inside, happily,quickly, occasionally, here, never]

a)They are living ______.

b)We have ______been to the UK.

c)Please come ______.

d)He will go to America ______.

e)They live ______in Paris.

f)Come here ______. You have to see this!

g)I watch French films______.

h)He ______sleeps during the day.

i)I met him ______.

j)Sara is driving ______.

k)They ______help me.

l)They can stop______for lunch.

Fill in with PREPOSITIONS.

a)The woman’s bag is ______the table.

b)______the picture, I can see a tiger.

c)Its ______time you told him the everything!

d)The student is sitting ______a table.

e)He is, ______a doubt, the most studious student in the class.

f)There is another chair ______him.

g)______the year, I’ve spoken to her five times.

h)Her feet are ______the table.

i)Seemais a student ______Havard Business School.

j)We live _____ London.

k)There is a bridge ______the river.

l)Come ______the sitting room, we want to watch TV.


Grammar and Writing Skill

Rewrite the sentences with correct PUNCTUATION.

  1. I wonder why did i let you go there
  2. did you understand why Sital was upset?
  3. she invited her friend over after school
  4. The boys father sat around the pillar
  5. Genghis khan quickly became the most powerful man in asia, if not the World.
  6. What has Humanity done about the growing concern regarding global warming.
  7. Eek, you scared me.
  8. I cant believe how difficult the exam was
  9. They had a great time in france, isnt it?
  10. It is a fine idea; Let us hope that it is going to work!
  11. The fruit basket contained apples, bananas, and oranges
  12. After the show John and I went out to dinner.

Diary entry

  1. You are Sam/Simmi. You participated in a singing competition and you won the best singer award. Write in your diary what you felt about it in

80-100 words

  1. You happen to visit an old age home in Delhi. You met many elderly people who were lonely. They seem to be sad as most of their children do not stay with them. You felt sorry. You organised some events for them so that they can spend some moments of happiness. Pour your feelings and experiences in a DIARY in 80 to 100 words.

Notice Writing

  1. You are Neha/Nikhil of Kalka Public School, the Annual Day Coordinator. Write a notice to be put up on board regarding the Annual Day and how the selection will be done for various events in the programme. Put the notice in a box.
  1. In a box, write a notice in about 50-60 words regarding a Rangoli competition which is to be organised on the occasion of Holi for classes VI to VIII. Write necessary details for the students.

Letter to the editor

  1. ‘Right to Education’ is for all. You are Ananya/ Anuj who strongly believes in the fundamental rights given to us by the government. Write a letter to the editor of The Hindu about the issue of education of girl child and how it can develop our society and country in the future.
  1. Nowadays junk food and street food has become our daily bread. This is affecting our health and immune system to withstand diseases. Write a letter to the editor of a national newspaper making people aware how junk food items are turning our bodies into a junk body full of fatigue and life threatening disease.


Reading Skill

In May 1905, when I was fifteen, we set sail for England. Father, Mother and I all went together. On a May Day towards the end of the month, we reached London. While I was in the train from Dover to London, I read about the great sea victory at Tushima. I was in high spirits because the very next day happened to be Derby Day and we went to see the race. I remember meeting M.A. Ansari soon after our arrival at London. He was then a smart and clever young man with a record of brilliant academic achievement behind him. He was a surgeon at that time in a hospital in London.

I was a little fortunate in finding a vacancy at Harrow, for I was slightly above the usual age for entry, being 15.My family returned to India after some months. Never before had I been left among strangers all by myself and I felt lonely and homesick. But it was not for long. I managed to fit myself to some extent in the life at school and work and play kept me busy. I was never an exact fit. Always I had a feeling that I was not one of them, and the others must have felt the same way about me. I was left a little to myself. But on the whole, I took my full share in the games, without in any way shining at them. I believe, it was recognized that I was no shirker.

Q1. Fill in the blanks with appropriate answers.

a) Nehru went from Dover to London by ______.

b) Nehru was in high spirits on reaching London because ______.

c) After his admission to Harrow, his family ______.

d) At Harrow he felt ______and ______.

Q2. Choose the correct answer.

  1. At which age, did Nehru sail to England?

i. Fifteen ii.Sixteen

iii. Seventeeniv.Eighteen

  1. On which day, they reached London?
  1. May Day ii.Tuesday

iii. Sunday iv.Derby Day

  1. On Derby Day, they went to see ______.
  1. The river ii. The race

iii. The school iv.University

  1. M.A. Ansari was a ______by profession.
  1. Doctorii. Teacher

iii. Surgeoniv. Professor

  1. What did he find at Harrow?
  1. Friend ii. Vacancy

iii. rooms iv. Luxury