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FLSA: Exempt EEO-6:2-20 (Faculty) SOC CODE: 25-1000

CLASSIFICATION: Community College Instructor CLASSIFICATION CODE: 208200

IN-HOUSE TITLE: Instructor - Tractor Trailer Program DATE ESTABLISHED:7/1/11


SCOPE OF WORK: To educate students and assist in the development of curricula, advisement of students, and evaluation of courses in the Tractor Trailer Program. This position shall report to the supervisor of the Tractor Trailer Program at LRCC.


  • Teaches classroom work and pre-trip tractor-trailer driving skills. Training topics include trip planning, maintaining daily logs, handling cargo, cargo documentation, employer relations, and public relations;
  • Responsible for safety inspection of equipment; performs minor repairs to equipment when needed;
  • Evaluates student performance with appropriate evaluation/measurement tools; maintains accurate records of student progress and accomplishments;
  • Prepares instructional material to reflect current changes in the tractor trailer field; demonstrates teaching effectiveness through proper classroom management skills and instructional proficiency;
  • Provides for and meets office hour requirements; meets all time requirements and is prompt and well prepared for classes and meetings;
  • Supervises the development of course curricula and the advisement of students in academic matters;
  • Leads placement activities through employer networking and job referrals;
  • Complies with all college, system, state and federal rules;
  • Other duties as assigned.


Education: Bachelor's degree from a recognized college or university with major study in Diesel Technology or related field. Possession of a Bachelor’s degree in Education shall require an Associate’s degree in Diesel Technology.

Experience: Three (3) years of teaching experience in the field of Diesel Technology Education or three (3) years of business or industry experience directly related to Diesel TechnologyEducation.


Education: Associate’s degree from a regionally accredited college or technical school with major study in Diesel Technology or related field.

Experience: Five (5) years of teaching experience in Diesel Technology Education or five (5) years of business or industry experience directly related to Diesel Technology or related field.

License/Certification: Possession of a valid commercial driver’s license with CDL – Class A.

SPECIAL QUALIFICATIONS: Candidates possessing a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) must receive a negative result in a pre-employment urinalysis drug screen in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations and US DOT requirements.

RECOMMENDED WORK TRAITS: Knowledge of teaching methods and materials, problems and subject matter as relates to course of instruction. Knowledge of the principles, methods, techniques, materials, tools and equipment used in postsecondary teaching. Knowledge of educational standards and procedures in the Technical Institute or College to which assigned. Ability to work with and secure the cooperation of others. Ability to maintain comprehensive records of the progress and development of the individual student. Evidence of good professional attitude. Must be willing to maintain appearance appropriate to assigned duties and responsibilities as determined by the college appointing authority.

DISCLAIMER STATEMENT: This class specification is descriptive of general duties and is not intended to list every specific function of this class title.


The above is an accurate reflection of the duties of my position.


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Supervisor’s Name and Title: Michael Parker, Associate Professor of Automotive Technologies

The above job description accurately measures this employee’s job duties.


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