Job Class: Part-Time Or Full-Time; Exempt

Job Class: Part-Time Or Full-Time; Exempt


Job Class: Part-Time or Full-Time; Exempt

Pay Range: $20.64 - $27.52

Position Summary: This professional position develops core services and programs in response to the evolving needs of Lyon County residents and communities; conducts demographic and community scans regularly; and evaluates the usage, responsiveness and impact of services and programs. While each Librarian position has similar responsibilities, these are often directed toward a particular population, so a specialty may be required as well.

Supervisory Relationships: This position works under the direct supervision of the Director with desk and programming in coordination with the Public Services Manager. There are no supervisory responsibilities with this position.

Essential General Functions

  • Creates great user experiences between customers and the Library’s services, particularly in ways that allow customers to successfully use services without the direct or constant intervention of staff
  • Develops and evaluates Library services and programs; trains staff to elements and standards of developed services
  • Responsible for assigned areas of the Collection, including selection, organization, displays, upkeep and weeding
  • Provides professional reference and readers’ advisory services at a public service desk
  • Produces targeted programming to specific populations in a specialty area, as well as more general programming across populations
  • Performs some services, programming or marketing in the community as part of a larger outreach plan
  • Builds collaborative relationships with individuals, agencies and organizations that further the Library’s ability to accomplish strategic initiatives and goals
  • Constructs targeted marketing pieces and displays within the Library’s overall brand
  • May perform opening and closing duties; occasionally the Person-In-Charge as the most senior professional in the facility
  • Participates in professional, organizational or regional committees, as assigned
  • Leads and participates in a variety of projects and strategic plan initiatives, as assigned

Required General Knowledge and Skills

  • Knowledge about how public libraries and collections are organized
  • Knowledge around collection development, general user experience and information-seeking behaviors
  • Excellent customer service skills with a welcoming demeanor and a strong desire to help people accomplish their goals and tasks
  • Robust communication skills, both in speaking and writing
  • Ability to explain policies, procedures or other complexities to a variety of people with varying skills, abilities and command of English
  • Strong computer and technology skills, such asbroad knowledge of Windows operating systems and Office products, familiarity with a variety of mobile devices and digital resources and general knowledge of website organization, upkeep and development
  • Ability to collect and use statistics as part of an evaluative process, such as extrapolate what an array of statistics can tell about a given situation or population in order to use it as part of a decision-making process
  • Ability to recognize when personal knowledge or skills are lacking and actively seek out ways to learn and improve, as part of a larger personal approach to continual professional development
  • Proficient organizational and administrative abilities in leading projects and teams, writing and tracking grants and turning strategic initiatives into actionable steps to achieve goals.

Required Specialty Knowledge

Youth Services: This librarian has additional knowledge and skills in child brain and social development, early learning best practices, innovative programming, building summer reading programs, children’s literature and creating family-friendly environments, services and programs (both online and in all facilities).

Teen Services: This librarian has additional knowledge and skills in teen brain and social development, homework support, innovative programming, building programs and activities that appeal to teens, young adult literature and creating teen-friendly environments (both online and in all facilities).

Adult Services: This librarian has additional knowledge and skills in serving adults across a wide age range who have varying interests and goals; however, knowledge and skills serving seniors (55+), small business owners and entrepreneurs, community organizations and/or readers are of primary importance.

Virtual Services: This librarian has additional knowledge and skills in both technology and content of hosting, creating and evolving a library website. Working knowledge of WordPress and various plug-ins is essential, as well as best practices of library website organization and content.

Volunteer Services: This librarian has additional knowledge and skills developing and operating a library volunteer program, including writing job descriptions, recruiting, training and supervising volunteers throughout the Library in all facilities.

Collection Services:This librarian has additional knowledge and skills inareas of acquisitions, readying new materials for public use, tracking overdue materials and the general organization and upkeep of the collection, both physically and in the ILS.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Have a bachelor’s degree; an MLIS degree is preferred
  • Technology and digital training skills for both staff and the public are preferred
  • Able to work a regular schedule, with some flexibility to adapt to temporary changes
  • Able to work some evenings and/or weekends
  • Work well and participate in a team environment

Working Environment and Physical Requirements

  • Work is performed in a library environment and involves ongoing contact with the public; some hours will be assigned to a service desk on the public floor.
  • Position requires a great deal of movement with some sitting; almost every shift will involve standing, walking, bending, squatting, reaching, carrying, climbing, pulling and/or pushing:
  • Be able to carry 25-30 pounds
  • Be able to pull/push 50-60 pounds
  • Climb up and down a stepstool or step ladder