Iowa Fire Chiefs Association Constitution and By-Laws

Iowa Fire Chiefs Association Constitution and By-Laws


Shall be amended as follows:


2. To assist fire chiefs in maintaining high standards of personal and departmental efficiency through study and application of current and advanced methods of fire department administration and techniques of firefighting suppression and prevention.


(A)Active Members: Active members shall consist of chiefs of city or town fire departments, officers of fully paid and/or volunteer departments who serve as assistant to the chief, (certified by the chief of the department), State Fire Marshal, Supervisor of Iowa State University Fire Service Institute Bureau Chief of the Fire Service Training Bureau, Engineer of Iowa Inspection Bureau, and the chief of any private or industrial fire department.

(B)(B) Associate Members: Associate members shall consist of city officials, members of fire Ddepartments and individuals representing firms or corporations interested in the protection of life and property against fire.


The annual dues of the Association are $25.00 shall be determined by the Board of Directors, with the approval of the membership at an annual meeting, and payable from January 1 to December 31 of each year.


Registration at the Annual Conference: The registration fee shall be $10.00 determined by the Conference Host City, with approval from the Board of Directors, for members of all classifications when in attendance at the Annual Conference. This registration fee shall entitle a member to register onelady guest. The Secretary Treasurer shall be in full charge of registration and the Host City shall retain all registration.


  1. The Association shall have full power at any meeting to alter, amend and/or revise this Constitution and By-laws
  2. Nothing contained in the preceding section shall prevent the Association, in Conference regularly assembled, from altering, amending or revising any part of the Constitution and By-laws


The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep a true and correct record of all monies received and disbursed, pay no money except on a proper warrant drawn on him, and all payments of accounts shall be by an Association check approved method. The Secretary/Treasurer shall be bonded as provided and in an amount as determined by the Board of Directors. The Secretary-Treasurer shall not incur any expense of the Association other than postage, stationery, etc. exceeding $50.00 the limits approved by the Board of Directors. without first receiving the approval of the Board of Directors.


1. Groups of members having a substantial community of specialized interests within the Association may be organized in sections upon authorization of the Board of Directors, (Paid Fire Chiefs).