Ionia County ISD

Ionia County ISD


Meeting Minutes

Monday, November 28, 2016

Ionia County ISD

6:00 pm

Members Present: Sally Smith, Daisy Cook, Jessica Murphy, Renee Thelen, Jim Lóser, Cheryl Granzo, Cyndi Geiger, Brian Kelley, Maury Geiger, Jessica Crandall, Tulane Woodworth, Angie Miller, Sara Possehn, Mindy Duba, Vickie Hair

Cheryl Granzo, Early Childhood Supervisor; 0 – 5 years

  • 0-3 Years; provide home visits
  • 113 Kids at this time, Ionia County is 5th in the State
  • 235 Total for year
  • 15 Staff
  • Training to combine communication services and parent coaching
  • Print and distribute newsletter every six weeks
  • Red Flags poster available to help parents identify speech delays
  • Posters will be posted in doctor offices along with brochures

Dolly Parton Imagination Library

  • $35,000 was gifted and will be set aside to create an endowment
  • Fundraising to reach $50,000 to support the program long-term


  • Big range of families
  • Held weekly
  • Partner with ICGSC and Headstart (Belding, Ionia, & Portland)

Special Ed Inclusion (Consultant role)

  • To help include special education kids in GSRP, HS, and private preschools

Cyndi Geiger, Special Education Supervisor for Portland and Lakewood Public Schools

  • Portland
  • New superintendent
  • Two new principals
  • Supportive of Inclusion
  • MiBLSi
  • ISD is offering traumatraining in a train the trainers model – a Portland provider is participating
  • New PLCs in Portland that includes one for ancillary staff
  • Conducting a survey to assess district colleagues’ understanding of special education students and services
  • Focus and training on a strengths based model - when you use strengths and interest you get much better results and growth
  • Lakewood
  • ISD is offering trauma training in a train the trainers model – a Lakewood provider is participating
  • Focus and training on a strengths based model - when you use strengths and interest you get much better results and growth

Angie Miller, Principal, Freedom Acres

  • New ASD classroom
  • SEI, New classroom for elementary; adding literacy
  • SCI
  • Sensory Room
  • Whirlpool
  • Nursing staff
  • Speakers coming in
  • Opportunities for adaptive PE; swimming

MauryGeiger, Superintendent and Special Education Supervisor for Saranac Community Schools

  • Special Education at Elementary school, Jr. High, & High School
  • Elementary has Early Childhood Special Education & Resource Room
  • Jr/Sr High has 3 special education teachers for Language Arts, Study Skills, Math

Mindy Duba, Special Education Supervisor for Belding Area Schools

  • New superintendent
  • New special education coordinator
  • 2 new psychologists – helping with behavior, etc.
  • Ellis – Partnering with CMH to provide additional services

Sally Smith, Director of ASD Program

  • Provides services to all local districts
  • Flow-thru model
  • Coach for each district
  • Working on projects
  • Self-Management
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Community based opportunities
  • Movie Night on December 31st
  • Autism Awareness Walk on April 3rd
  • Hiring and support of HCA
  • Links Program
  • 4 BCBA’s on staff

Daisy Cook – Transitions Supervisor

  • Start planning at high school – each district has a transition coordinator. Coordinator help students create a plan for future and build partnerships.
  • Michigan Rehab Services (MRS) helps kids get and keep jobs.
  • 4 Post-secondary programs/high school programs
  • 1 ASD Specific program in Belding
  • Independent Living Center (“The House”)
  • High level of support with daily living and social skills.
  • Stepping Forward
  • Provides support for daily living, and provides work based learning and works with MRS.
  • Transition Central
  • Least amount of support, partners with Community Mental Health (“The Right Door”). Kids are going to community college and vocational schools.
  • Kids are exploring a cottage industry business model; making blankets, writing. Partnering with DAC
  • Community Transition Council plans conferences for families.
  • Social security, guardianship
  • How to get kids involved in the community?

Next meeting, February 27th. Jim will send out nomination forms for Spring Banquet Awards. PAC will select winners in March. Awards will be presented on May 2nd.