Invitation to SCRT and ESEN Breakfast Meeting

Invitation to SCRT and ESEN Breakfast Meeting

Invitation to SCRT and ESEN breakfast meeting

When: 9am to 10.30am on the 30th January 2015

Where: Serenity Café meeting space, 8 Jackson’s Entry (behind The Tun), Holyrood Road

On the morning of 30th January, the Scottish Community Reinvestment Trust (SCRT) and ESEN will be co-hosting a meeting to brief social enterprises and third sector organisations on the services that the SCRT will offer. The meeting will be held the Serenity Cafe, 8 Jackson's Entry off of Holyrood Road.

Scottish Community Reinvestment Trust ( is a pioneering new organisation aiming to transform how Scotland’s third sector uses and thinks about its finances – helping the sector to prosper by harnessing its collective financial assets, strengthening the financial knowledge and skills of the sector, and providing much-needed financial services suited to its needs. SCRT is a SCIO with free membership open to all Scottish third sector organisations.

SCRT’s immediate objectives are to:

Ensure Scotland’s third sector has its own financial resource – providing services designed to meet its particular needs, concerns and purposes.

Develop a new financial ecosystem based on values and ethics, rather than short term profit. Working with others who share our values builds trust which can reduce risk.

Help build a more resilient third sector in Scotland – that can manage its resources more effectively and understand its finances better, with simplified financial jargon.

Listen and understand why some financial needs are not being met and help fill the gaps – either directly or in partnership with existing providers.

In December the SCRT launched a specific savings account (Anchor Account) in conjunction with Airdrie Savings Bank ( that allows third sector organisations to save in line with their mission which is open not just to third sector organisations but also to their staff/volunteers and trustees.

In January the SCRT, in conjunction with Buzzbnk ( will host a crowdfunding masterclass for third sector organisations intending to undertake a crowdfunding campaign.

In the coming months the SCRT will be rolling out a number of other financial products and services to the third sector.

If you want to know more about SCRT, then why not come along to the breakfast session it is hosting in conjunction with ESEN on Friday 30th January at 9.00 at the Serenity Café (

Please email Linsay Chalmers at: if you would like to attend.