Interviewer: Mrs. Cowan Endangered Animal: Aye-Aye

Interviewer: Mrs. Cowan Endangered Animal: Aye-Aye

Interview with an Endangered Animal

Interviewer: Mrs. Cowan Endangered Animal: Aye-Aye

Interviewer: Mr. Aye-Aye, thanks so much for agreeing to speak with me today. The purpose of this interview is to make humans more aware of the plight of your species.Let’s get started with our interview.We know what name you are often called by, butwhat is your scientific name?

Endangered Animal: Mrs.Cowan, thanks so much for inviting me to speak with you today. My scientific name is Daubentonia Madagascariensis.

Interviewer: Mr. Aye-Aye,how would you describe your appearance?

Endangered Animal: My appearance may startle some humans. I have large eyes that are yellowish in color. I also have black hair, humongous bat-like ears, and a big bushy tail. My fingers make me look like a freak of nature. My fingers are long and thin, but my third finger can grow up to three times longer than my other fingers. They look weird, but they help me find food to eat. I’m extremely short; I’m only sixteen inches in height.

Interviewer:I don’t think you look so bad, Mr. Aye-Aye. You just look unique.Let’s talk for a moment about where you’re from. In what type of habitat do you live? In what countries and continents can you be found?

Endangered Animal: That was a nice thing to say, Mrs.Cowan. I live on the continent of Africa and on the northeast coast of Madagascar. The forests of Madagascar are my home.

Interviewer:Who are your enemies, and how do you protect yourself from them?

Endangered Animal:I hate to say this, Mrs. Cowan, because you have treated me so well during this interview, but YOU are my enemy. Well, not you exactly, but humans like you. My family and friends are being killed every day due to deforestation, the cutting down of the trees in which we live. This is makes it hard for us to find food to eat.Unfortunately, we are powerless; we can’t do anything to protect ourselves and keep it from happening. Many of us are also killed because humans are extremely terrified of us. I wish they wouldn’t be. We may look funny, but we don’t mean anyone any harm.

Interviewer:Why are you on the endangered animal’s list?

Endangered Animal: I am on the endangered animal’s list because our forests are being cut down, and humans are killing us.

Interviewer:What can humans do help you avoid extinction?

Endangered Animal: You can help by simply leaving us alone. Please stop cutting down our homes and killing us for no reason. We deserve to live just like you.

Interviewer:Thank you, Mr. Aye-Aye, again for granting me this interview. It was very insightful. I feel I’ve learned a great deal about your species and about what we can do to help you all avoid extinction.

Endangered Animal: No,Mrs. Cowan,THANK YOU for listening.