Integrated. Support. Worldwide

Integrated. Support. Worldwide

Integrated. Support. Worldwide.

Arvato services healthcare is an internationally active outsourcing service provider specializing in the pharmaceutical and health care industry.

They are passionate about providing integrated solutions especially for you and your customers, physicians and patients. Benefit from our dedicated support throughout your entire order-to-cash cycle, as they effectively manage your supply chain, customer relationship and financial processes.

They are able to develop, implement and run your customised distribution solution by means of in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry and sophisticated information technology, as theyll as by utilising cross-industry expertise. Our international network ensures comprehensive worldwide support. Without side effects.

In supply chain management, all processes must dovetail optimally. Fast, smooth processes are decisive. This is the only way to ensure delivery of orders to the satisfaction of customers.

As an international outsourcing service provider and a specialist for the pharmaceutical and health care industry, they know exactly what is important in the shipment and storage of medical products. Efficient pick-and-pack techniques and sophisticated work methods ensure that y products will reach their recipients throughout the world safely and on time – no matter whether the recipients are wholesalers, pharmacies, hospitals, health food stores, physicians, laboratories, or patients.

Ofcource, safety has the highest priority for us; after all, they are dealing with vital medical products!

For that reason, arvato services healthcare has created the international system prerequisites for tracking and tracing y products at all times and without any gaps. From receipt of goods to delivery to the end customer, batch re-tracing is ensured. Beyond that, it is also possible to determine when each batch was in which temperature range. In this way, you and They always have an eye on y product!

warehouse concepts and services offer the right storage option for every product: cold storage for temperature-sensitive products, protected areas for hazardous materials and sensitive biotech products, pallet storage for large-volume medical devices.

Flexible infrastructures and the widest variety of facilities at international logistics centers guarantee proper storage and make it possible to offer individualized solutions to customers – solutions that as a rule can be implemented within the shortest possible time.

Warehousing competence is an important basis for y success. In international logistics centers, They receive y goods and offer you exactly the storage service you need.

They have storage capacities for all product categories and temperature ranges (-70°C, -20°C, +2°C to +8°C, and +15°C to +25°C) especially for temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals. For customer requirements outside the standards, they develop individualized solutions together with the customer.

In addition to cost-saving multi-user solutions, They also offer options for separated storage. The technology used is modular and can be adjusted to meet y individual requirements.

With SAP solutions, you have all the functions of a modern warehouse management system at y disposal. No matter whether you are looking for a centralized or decentralized distribution solution, for national, European, or worldwide availability of y products, warehousing is intimately integrated with distribution and guarantees optimal management and handling of y products.

Pharmaceutical companies rely on postponement solutions in the framework of distribution.

Increasing competition and cost pressures caused by political structural reforms are keeping the health market in constant flux. To continue on a successful cse despite declining margins and tough competition for market shares, it is necessary to have flexible new approaches that simultaneously reduce costs. For this reason, more and more pharmaceutical companies are relying on logistics services which have already proven their value in other industries.

In logistics, postponement refers to a delaying strategy and generally means delaying a decision in order to make use of the better informational status that comes with a shorter forecasting period.

In practice, it means that the medications initially packed by pharmaceutical manufacturers are stored in a neutral manner in central warehouses. The products receive their final packaging by a logistics service provider and are provided with the appropriate labels, package enclosures and directions for use only after an order has been received.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Increased flexibility
  • More reliable supply at lower stock levels
  • Better utilization of storage capacities
  • Exploitation of economies of scale in production

As a full-service provider for the pharmaceutical, health care industry, arvato services healthcare has government permits for the packaging, repackaging, labeling and release of medications. Thus, the company guarantees GMP-compliant production of pharmaceuticals under the highest safety standards in a strictly isolated area with monitored temperature and controlled access. Validated processes and specially trained personnel guarantee that processes will be correctly performed and documented at all times

arvato services healthcare manages national and international transport of goods as a third-party logistics provider (4PL). They are not tied to any particular freight carrier and work internationally with Theyll-known shipping companies. As a result, customers have an optimally cost-efficient transport network at their disposal.

Depending on the requirements for speed, service level, and destination, they manage the transport of y medical products individually, reliably, and efficiently and select the carrier that is most suitable for you.

All the freight carriers that handle transportation on behalf of arvato services healthcare are connected to own specially developed transport management system, artis. Interfaces enable arvato services healthcare to provide all carriers with the necessary shipment information. So that you, too, can keep an eye on everything along y entire supply chain at all times, tracking and tracing solutions can also be implemented, for instance through the provision of Internet pages for order tracking.

top priority is always safe transport and a safe supply chain management on whole. That is why they take pains to ensure that only GMP-compliant vehicles are used, especially for shipments requiring specific temperatures. many years of experience in the objective assessment of modes of transportation make sure of that

Service module, ‘Returns Management’ offers management, checking, and processing of returns, along with repackaging and administration of credits.

They handle all returns quickly and competently, to the satisfaction of y customers