Inherit the Wind-Movie Notes for Law Education

Inherit the Wind-Movie Notes for Law Education

Name ______Period_____ Date______

To Kill A Mockingbird-Movie Notes

Scout and her Life

1. The setting of the movie is the town of _ in the year 1932 .

2. Scout is a girl, and she is _ years old as the movie begins.

3. What does Scout call her father?__

4. How is Atticus paid by Mr. Cunningham and other clients? __

5. Why does Jem refuse to leave the tree? Until Atticus plays ______

for the Methodists.

6. Jem notices a boy next door. His name is _Baker Harris, and he can __ . He is __ years old. Folks call him Dill.

7. What has happened to Scout’s mother? __

8. Who walks by then? Jem refers to him as “the _ man in town” and he has a son named Boo. They say he keeps Boo __ to his bed until night.

9. Aunt Stephanie tells Dill about the time that Boo tried to kill his _. He was sitting in the living room cutting up __ when he stabbed his father in the leg with the scissors.

“It’s 5:00!”

1. What happens at 5:00? Atticus __

2. Why does Scout call her father Atticus? Because __ does.

3. Miss Dubose calls Scout by her real name, which is _ Louise Finch.

That evening

1. When Scout asks Jem if Boo Radley comes to their house at night, Atticus tells

her to _.

2. Scout loves her father’s watch, but Atticus says it will go to _ . Scout will get her mother’s _ and _.

3. How old was Scout when her mother died? She was __ .

4. While the children are talking about their mother, Atticus gets a visit from the local _, Mr. Taylor.

5. What has happened to Tom Robinson? He has been __ .

6. Judge Taylor asks Atticus to __ Tom Robinson at his upcoming trial.

The Next Morning

1. Dill bets Jem that he would not go any farther on the Radley’s property than the __ .

2. The tire runs into the Radley’s _ , but Scout “escapes”.

3. What is the court doing when the children look in (from the kid’s point of view)?__

Listen carefully to Mr. Ewell after Atticus sends the children away!

4. By what title does Mr. Ewell address Atticus? _

5. With what crime is Tom being charged? _

6. Does Atticus intend to give Robinson a defense? Yes No

(circle one)

That night

1. Dill and Jem intend to sneak into the Radley’s yard to __ .

2. To get to the Radley house, the kids _ under the garden fence.

3. To lubricate the hinges on the gate, the children _ on them.

4. As Jem gets to the back door, what happens? __

Jem is caught under the fence, and the kids__ .

5. Atticus has never ______Jem, and he goes back for his overalls.

6. As Scout counts, there is a gunshot. Atticus says Radley shot at a __ in his garden.

First Day of School

1.Scout is wearing a ______. Is she happy? Yes No

2. At recess, Scout _ Walter Cunningham because he refused to take money from the teacher. Who stops the fight? __

3. Later, at the Finch house, Walter says he and his father have been eating lots of ___ and __ lately.

4. Atticus’s father told him it was a ______to kill a mockingbird because the only thing they do is “just ______their hearts out for us.”

5. When Walter pours ______on his lunch, Scout protests. Calpurnia explains to Scout that Walter is a ______and that he can put syrup on the tablecloth and eat it if he wishes.

6. Atticus says that to understand why people do what they do, you must understand the other person’s __ .

The Animal and the “Best Shot”

1. Calpurnia calls Atticus because there is a “__ __ “ on the street.

2. The sheriff asks Atticus to _ the dog because he hasn’t fired a rifle in a long time.

3. Atticus shoots the dog with 1 2 3 4 shots.

4. The sheriff tells the children that Atticus is the “__ __ in the county.”

The trip to the Robinson’s home and later

1. Atticus is going to see the __ of his client, Tom Robinson.

2. Listen closely! Atticus tells Tom’s wife that he got a___ of the trial.

3. While Atticus is in the house, Mr. ___ comes to the car. He appears to be ___ Atticus tells Jem that Mr. Ewell is “all ______.”

4. Atticus like to keep his children “free from all of the __ __ in this world, but it’s not possible”.

5. After Atticus takes Calpurnia home, Jem becomes frightened and runs. He returns home, but pauses and finds a __ in the knothole of a tree.

Later that fall

1. Scout fought Cecil Jacobs because he said her father “ __ (n-word).”

2. Atticus tells Scout he is defending Tom because he could not hold his ____

___ in town if he didn’t.

3. Atticus asks Scout to promise not to get into ___ at school about the upcoming trial.

4. Scout and Jem find two __ made from soap bars that look like them in the tree. Suddenly, Mr. Radley appears and ___ the knothole closed.

5. Later that evening, Scout notices Jem’s cigar box.

Some of the items inside the box include:




All of these items Jem found in the __ .

Jem also tells Scout that the night he went back for his pants, he found them ___ ?

The first day of summer vacation

1. Who has returned for the summer?_

2. Tom Robinson’s __ begins tomorrow.

3. That evening, the sheriff tells Atticus there “might be __ ” tonight

4. Atticus gets an old electric _ out of his closet.

5. When the kids arrive at the courthouse, they see Atticus. What is he doing?__

6. Suddenly, cars approach. What do the men in the car want? ___

7. Scout talks to Mr. Cunningham and asks him to tell Walter, “__ .” The group of men are embarrassed, and decide to __ .

8. After everyone leaves, who quietly talks to Atticus? __

The first day of the trial

1. Atticus forbids the children to some to the trial, so the kids decide to go __ with Reverend Sykes. They are seated in the __ area of the courthouse.

2. The sheriff testifies that when he got the Ewell house, that Ewell’s daughter told him that Tom had taken “___ ” of her.

3. Was a doctor called to examine Mayella? Yes No

4. This is important! Which eye of Mayella’s was blackened? __

5. When Mr. Ewell testifies, he said that he had returned from the woods, and saw Tom with Mayella through his __ . Tom escaped “just before” Mr. Ewell could reach him.

6. Can Mr. Ewell read and write? Yes No Really? Yes No

This is important! He uses which hand to write his name? Left Right

7. The next witness is _ Ewell. She says that she was going to pay Tom a nickel for an errand when he attacked her.

Atticus asks if her father had attacked Mayella? She says Yes No.

Had she asked Tom if she had invited him in before? She says Yes No.

Who does she identify as her attacker?__ .

When Atticus asks Tom to catch the object in his left hand, he says he cannot because when he was 12 , __

8. Mayella yells that Tom took “advantage” of her, and that all of the men are “yellow…….______if they do nothing about it!”

9. Tom testifies that Mayella asked him one day to do an errand, but that was over a __ ago. He went many times, doing many errands. On August 21, he was going home when Mayella asked Tom to fix a __ .

10. Mayella tells Tom that all her siblings have all gone to get _ __. It took Mayella a __ to save the money.

11. Tom said Mayella grabbed him around the _ when he stepped on the chair. After that, Tom said that Mayella _ him. Tom tried to resist as Mr. Ewell got to the window.

12. When Atticus asks Tom if he has raped or harmed Mayella he says Yes No.

13. When Mr. Gilmer (the prosecutor) asks if Tom could throw down a woman? He says he ___ .

14. Tom said he felt ___ for Mayella.

Atticus’ Closing Statement and the Verdict

1. Atticus says that there is no ______evidence of a rape, so its possible that no attack took place. Also, the attacker must have been

left right -handed based on the wounds, and Tom cannot use his left hand.

2. Atticus says that Mayella was “motivated by __ ” by violating the “rigid and time-honored code” and must destroy the evidence.

3. She was White and she __ a Negro.”

4. The defendant is not guilty, but __ in this courtroom is.”

5. “In the name of God, do your duty and ______Tom Robinson.”

6. The jury leaves for __ hours, and return with a verdict of guilty not guilty.

7. Reverend Sykes asks Scout to __ as Atticus leaves as a sign of respect.

Does Atticus notice the gesture of respect? Yes No

After the trial

1. Maudie tell Jem that some men are meant to do “_ jobs” and that his father is one of them.

2. The sheriff tells Atticus that Tom is __ .

The deputy said that ‘Tom ran like a_ _ .”

3. Atticus goes to tell Tom’s family and Scout Jem both goes with him.

4. While Atticus helps Helen, a drunken Mr. Ewell appears. He _ on Atticus, but Atticus only _ his face with a handkerchief. What does he do with the handkerchief? __

Halloween Eve and the “longest journey together”

1. For the school play, Scout is dressed as a __ , but she ______her ______and shoes, and so must go home in the costume.

2. As they go home, Jem noticed they are being __.

3. Jem is grabbed by the man and injured, but when he grabs Scout , what happened?___.

4. The second man picks up Jem, and _.

5. The sheriff says that Mr. Ewell is __, due to a kitchen __ in his body.

6. The second man was probably _ who Scout finds standing behind Jem’s __ . Atticus introduces him to Scout-his name is really __.

7. The sheriff decides that Tom Ewell _ on his knife.

8. “Let the __ bury the _.”

9. Who are “the mockingbirds”?_

Thought Questions (to be answered after the completion of the movie)

1. What do you really think happened on the night of August 2?

2.Do you feel, as Atticus said, that Tom would have been found not guilty on the appeal to a higher court? Why or Why Not?

3. Was Tom killed while he tried to escape, or did something else happen? Why do you think so?

4.Should Boo Radley have been tried for Mr. Ewell’s murder? Why or Why Not?