IEEE Canada / Region 7 History Committee (HC) Chair Report

IEEE Canada / Region 7 History Committee (HC) Chair Report

IEEE Canada / Region 7 History Committee (HC)Chair Report

Dave J. Kemp, IEEE Canada (Region 7) HC Chair


15 April 2011

1)2012 is the first year of the History Committee as a standing committee of Region 7. In prior years the committee was ad hoc. While in ad hoc mode the committee:

  1. Published the 2008 “A 25 Year History of IEEE Canada – Advancing Engineering Across Borders”
  2. Maintained the History component of the R7 web site
  3. Examined the update and republication of “Electricity – The Magic Medium” (1987)
  4. Advocated IEEE Canadian Milestones
  5. Advocated member inputs to the IEEE Global History Network (GHN)

2)The composition of the committee is defined by the IEEE Ops Manual; available past R7 Directors, a representative of the Life Member Committee; and others appointed by the Chair. The committee is being assembled. To date 6 past directors have indicated they are available to the committee. We are please that Mike Williams, former IEEE History Committee Chair will be lending us a hand from Calgary.

3)The committee is organizing itself into the following focus areas:(a check mark indicates areas where committee members have expressed and interest to contribute):

  1. Unit histories ( committees, areas, groups)
  2. Advocating IEEE Milestones
  3. Promoting IEEE Canadian achievements
  4. Contributing to IEEE’s GHN
  5. Promoting publishing individual life stories
  6. Interfacing the IEEE History Committee and outside agencies
  7. Providing archival guidance to IEEE Canada units
  8. Fostering and supporting Section History Committees
  9. Web content additions and updates
  10. Collaborate with the R7 Life Member Committee

4)A Region 7 call for volunteers will be issued shortly.

5)The committee has support material prepared by IEEE to support unit archives. The committee will prepare a communication and support plan and distribute this to R7 units.

6)New printing technology is available for low volume print runs. If volunteer resources are available we will investigate the interest in and implications to updated and/or reprint Electricity The Magic Medium.

7)Sites of interest:

  1. IEEE Canada at GHN
  1. IEEE Canada History
  1. EIC History
  1. Innovation map showing IEEE Milestones
  1. IEEE Canada Milestones

Presently we have fourteen Canadian IEEE Milestones (Note 1)

8)Good progress is being made with publishing Section Histories. Sections not underlined are yet to be completed. The committee has a template available to suggest content areas.

Eastern / Central / Western
Canadian Atlantic / Hamilton / North Saskatchewan
Montréal / Kingston / Northern Canada
New Brunswick / Kitchener/Waterloo / South Saskatchewan
Newfoundland & Labrador / London / Southern Alberta
Ottawa / Peterborough / Vancouver
Québec / Toronto / Victoria
St. Maurice / Winnipeg

Note 1 - Canadian IEEE Milestones; as at 13 April 2012 the following editing additions have been sent to the Webmaster (

Milestone Name & Dedication date / Section
EelRiverHVDC Converter Feb 2011 / New Brunswick
First TV Broadcast in Western Canada Nov 2010 / Vancouver
Radio Astronomy Using VLBI Sept 2010 / Vancouver
First 500 MeV Proton Beam from the TRIUMF Cyclotron Dec 2010 / Vancouver



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