I Need to Set up an Account? What Do I Need to Do?

I Need to Set up an Account? What Do I Need to Do?

Corporate Graphics FAQs

I need to set up an account? What do I need to do?

  1. If you are part of a CBRE-owned Office
  2. Contact your OOM to ensure someone else in your office doesn’t handle this already.
  3. Sign in to the Full Service Officeaccount.
  4. If you are part of anAffiliate Office
  5. Contact your local management to ensure someone else in your office doesn’t handle this already.
  6. Sign in to the Affiliate Officeaccount.
  7. If you are an on-site employee at a client’s (eitherAsset Services, Facilities Management, Global Corporate Services or Project Management)
  8. Sign in to the Institutional & GCS site account.

I don’t know any of my property codes. Where can I get them?

If you are in Asset Services, the Project ID is your iTrack number.

I don’t know what GL # to use.

Ask your manager what to code these items to. Most offices use 543000, but confirm this with your manager.

I’m with Capital Markets;what happened to the Capital Markets moniker?

Per the revised Capital Markets branding guidelines (2/2010) there will no longer be a Capital Markets tag line on the business cards. All Capital Markets employees (IP and DEF) should include their name, title, business activity and up totwo specialty groups/service lines on their business cards.

I do not see my service line or specialty group in the drop down list. Can it be added?

Only approved and sanctioned service lines and specialty groups can be printed on your business card. Click here to download a list of these groups. Most professionals should use the Service Line and then type in their specialty under Marketing Specialty on the business card. If you feel your group should be added to this list, please email with your request.

I am ordering cards for someone who is LEED certified. Why is there no ® after LEED in the titles?

Per the USGBC guidelines, titles should not include the registered trademark symbol. Please choose from the list of acceptable LEED titles. If you have a certain kind of LEED certification and title that is not listed, please email and we will determine if that title can be added to the drop down menu.

I’m having problems logging in. What should I do?

  • Make sure you are logging into the correct site. If you are in an on-site employee in Asset Services, Facilities Management, Global Corporate Services or Project Management, you need to log in to the Institutional and Global Corporate Services (I&GCS) site.
  • If you forgot your password: click on the “Forgot you password?” link on the site to have it sent to your email address.
  • If you forgot your username: email to have your account log in and password emailed to you.

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Corporate Graphics FAQs

I want to order and item and it’s asking me for a password. Where do I get the password?

There are items that require pre-approval from senior management prior to ordering. If you feel you need one of these items, email to request access to these files. You will be asked to provide the name of the person you are ordering these for and why they need these items.

I’m going through an office integration, and I have about 200 business cards I need to order. Is there an easier way to order them other than to type them in one at a time?

Yes, if you gather all of the appropriate information, we can run one bulk order of business cards. The system is only efficient with a very large number of orders, so we will need to have the info submitted only once.

The spreadsheet must be submitted in the exactformat – and it can only be submitted once.It will be very important to have all of the information gathered, proofed, and double-checked before submitting to Corporate Graphics. They feed the info straight to the printing presses.Please contact or the spreadsheet and send back once completed. Once submitted no changes can be made.There will also be a service charge for completing these types of orders based on the quantity of cards requested.

Corporate Graphics will need the following information for the order:

  • Which ordering site (full service, I&GCS, or affiliate)
  • Business card style number
  • GL code
  • Department ID
  • Quantity (in batches of 250)
  • Ship to address

I would like to have some custom stationery for our building created. We want business cards, letterhead, second page for the letterhead and envelopes (window and standard). I attached the logo that we need to have on all the stationery and a sample of the letterhead we need to get the staff in our office. How do I go about doing this?

Please your design includes the CBRE logo, it must be approved by Ron Houghtaling, the company’s Director of Branding. Your job will be submitted to Corporate Graphics as a custom project. You may also want to get quotes from local print vendors and CBRE’s national print vendor, RR Donnelley, as custom stationery will be considerably more expensive.

Who is my approver?

Please contact . You will need to submit your account log in and the type of user you are (Full-service, I&GCS, Affiliate, TCC).

Can I have more than one approver?

No. You can only have one approver.

I’m a sales professional with a law/accounting degree, why can’t I put CPA or JD after my name on a business card?

CPA and JD cannot be included on a business card per our legal team.Even though it only relates to the individual there is an implication that the sales professional would use that expertise in his/her capacity as a CBRE broker. It gives the client an opportunity to ask for legal and/or tax advice, or may create a reliance on the client’s part that is not warranted. The only exception would be the use of JD for our legal counsel team.

One of our brokers has a professional designation and would like to put the logo on his business card. Can we do that?

Only the CBRE logo is to be printed on the front of the business card to maintain the look of our standard template.No logos of professional affiliations or certifications are allowed to help ensure we maintain our brand consistency.

I am in the state of California. Do we need the Broker License Number on mybusiness cards?

California no longer requires that the CBRE brokerage license number be on any marketing materials, including business cards, letterhead, stationery items, flyers, brochures and other printed marketing material. However, employees who are individually licensed must include their own license number on these materials. This is the law in the state of California and must be followed for everyone.Download the California Real Estate License Style Guide.

The law in my state requires the text “Licensed Real Estate Broker” to be included on our letterhead, business cards and envelopes, but I don’t see how to include that when I place my order.

Most states that require this option have already been set up in the system. When you choose your state you can choose either “Yes, include” or “No, don’t include.” If your state does not have this option, email and they will confirm the laws for your state and make any necessary changes to the ordering site.

I would like to put another item on the back or bottom of my business card. Can this be done?

No. All business cards must conform to the corporate design. Adding additional department sayings or after hours contact directions is not allowed. If you are a property engineer or a facility manager and would like to get a card printed for use as after-hours directions, please reach out to your local marketing department for help creating the file and outsourcing the printing.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Corporate Graphics support desk or .

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