How to Deal with Irrational People: Host of Itunes Top-Rated Personal Growth Show Shares

How to Deal with Irrational People: Host of Itunes Top-Rated Personal Growth Show Shares

How to Deal with Irrational People: Host of iTunes Top-Rated Personal Growth Show Shares Subtle, yet Powerful Techniques to Calm the “Crazy” Behavior of Others and Regain Control

Paul Colaianni, host of The Overwhelmed Brain personal growth and development show, shares powerful and unorthodox strategies for handling irrational people. His new ebook titled, ‘How to Deal with Irrational People: What to do When Common Sense Fails and “Crazy” Behavior Prevails’lays out the steps to take when friends, family or even strangers become impossible to deal with.

For Release May 29th, 2015 - Road rage isn’t going away anytime soon, family and coworkers always find a way to get under each other’s skin, and riots like the one in Baltimore prove the same point time and time again:

People can be irrational!

Paul Colaianni, personal development coachand author, takes his teachings one step further and shares his very unusual but effective methods for communicating and dealing with the irrational behavior of others.

After 20 years of living with a volatile alcoholic, Paul has transformed his dysfunctional upbringing into powerful lessons to live by. Paul draws from years of professional training and reflection that have helped him become the teacher he is today.

Irrational behavior is everywhere. And there is very little information available on what to do when faced with people that seem just a little “crazy”. Learning how cope with this kind of behavior is step one, but step two is communication.

Paul says, “When someone is being irrational, they have blinders on and they block out the world around them. They have only one goal in mind: To fulfill an immediate need.”

If this need can be discovered and fulfilled, the irrational person can be helped to return to a more logical, reasonable place. Paul says the difficult part is trying to communicate with someone “who will not listen to logic. “

He says, “This is what the book really touches on - how to get through to people who won’t or can’t listen to you. Once you show them the door to reason, theywilllisten. The challenge is helping them find the door.”

The lessons in this book become tools for a lifetime. Irrational people are everywhere, and with this guide, everyone will finally have the resources they need to communicate with just about anyone.

Readers will learn…

  • Some of the causes for irrational behavior, and what can be done to prevent it from happening in the first place.
  • Their role in an irrational person’s behavior, and what to do when someone “loses it” and becomes almost impossible to talk to.
  • Why it’s usually better to agree with an irrational person’s words or actions, and how it helps open the door to more meaningful and reasonable communication.
  • Why using logic doesn’t work with irrational people, and how it might actually make the situation worse
  • When to retreat and avoid someone’s behavior altogether so that you don’t get sucked into the drama or the danger.
  • Why the irrational person’s reality is so different from the average person, and how that information can be utilized to calm them down.

Thetechniques taught in this ebook have been tested and confirmed many times in the author’s own life. He shares clever and uncommon methods of dealing with irrational peoplethat actually work.

What readers are saying:

Thank you for this information. Life saving.”

“…Dealing with an irrational sister right now… Your information helped me a great deal today. I haven’t known how to handle this situation at all. Now I have some tools, thanks to you.”

Fantastic and greatly needed for me and my family. Thank you.

‘How to Deal with Irrational People: When Common Sense Fails and “Crazy” Behavior Prevails’
By Paul Colaianni, 66 pages, available in electronic format now:

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About the Author: Paul Colaianni is a personal development coach, host of the top-rated, international personal growth show called The Overwhelmed Brain, and author of the book ‘Clear the Path to Happiness’. Paul’s unique, practical teachings have appeared on the following talk shows:

A Second Chance, Right On Baby, Focus Forward, Be Build Have, Embracing Peace, Doubt the Doubts, Dose of Leadership, Dreamers, The Failing Greatly Show, and Heal From the Ground Up.

Paul is also the founder of the Healing Broadcast Network.

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