Harvest Co-Op Markets

Harvest Co-Op Markets


Job Description


Reports to: Store Manager, Director of Operations,MOD

Supervises: All Produce Staff

Status: Salaried, Hourly, 40 Hours per week

Customer Service:

Customer service is Harvest Co-op Market’s (HCM) primary focus in providing food, goods, and services to its customers. It is the goal of the staff that all customers are treated in a respectful and courteous manner, paying close attention to their individual needs. This personal care and attention should be directed to all customers to ensure that shopping at the HCM is as comfortable and satisfying an experience as possible. Be open and ready to assist customers, fielding their questions, complaints, and requests. Resolve customer complaints in a fair and tactful manner.

Essential Functions:

  • To meet department objectives for sales, margin, labor costs, inventory turns and customer service.
  • Responsible for maintaining oversight with the other location Produce Manager and staff regarding, pricing, promotion, quality, and sets.
  • Responsiblefor quality control and having seasonal items available.
  • Hire, train, supervise, schedule and evaluate Produce staff.
  • Responsible for ensuring staff coverage in the department throughout the Co-op’s operating hours.
  • Attendance Requirements; flexible to work weekday and weekends.
  • Support aisle merchandising plan while making adjustments for out of stock, etc.
  • Ensure accurate aisle signage, responsible for cleanliness and maintenance of the department;cleaning and maintenance of equipment.
  • Provide prompt, friendly, courteous customer service. Ensure special orders are handled responsively.
  • Attend management and all-store meetings.


  • Receive orders; ensure proper receiving by other staff in accordance with established procedures.
  • Coordinate returns and credit from suppliers where applicable, as soon as possible.
  • Order from alternative vendor sources as soon as possible after out-of-stock situation is known.
  • Communicate to Receivers any irregular or unusual deliveries in advance. Communicate all new vendors and products to Receivers with two weeks lead time.
  • Ensure all product information be delivered to IS prior to delivery.
  • Take regular inventory and lead the quarterly inventory for the department.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Ensure appropriate ordering and inventory levels are maintained to meet customer demand, keeping out of stocks and overstocks to a minimum.
  • Negotiate with suppliers for favorable prices, terms, quality, delivery and specials. Consult with Store Managerand or Promotions team any changes with suppliers.
  • Evaluate suppliers and investigate new sources of supply.
  • Review invoices for accuracy, add retail prices, break into inventory categories and pass on to Finance department for payment.
  • Review costs of products and prices meet margin goals on a weekly basis (or as needed).


  • Design and implement department shelf sets in conjunction with the Director of Operations ensuring department displays tie into the rest of the store’s merchandising.
  • See that displays are replenished and rotated as needed.
  • Conduct periodic comparisons with competitors.
  • Mark down items as needed to reduce losses.
  • Keep signs clear, clean, attractive and accurate.
  • Provide product information to Promotions teamIS,customers, and staff.

Department Maintenance:

F:\Old HR Stuff\Jobs and Evals\JOBS\Produce MGR revised KA 10 17.doc.

  • Coordinate storage of items to be returned to suppliers, ensure that credit be issued for any returned items. See that items are properly disposed of.
  • Keep accurate shrink records.
  • Ensure that Produce displays, prep rooms and storage areas are maintained in clean, orderly condition, meeting health department standards.
  • Give staff daily cleaning schedule and maintain records of its completion.
  • Ensure maintenance of department equipment in working order. Advise Store Manager or Director of Operations of equipment repair or replacement needs.


  • Hire, train, coach, supervise, evaluate and schedule Produce staff.
  • Complete personnel paperwork accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Meet staff budget as a percent of sales
  • Approve timecards and maintain attendance records.
  • Areas of discipline include; documented meetings, verbal warnings, and written warnings. Suspensions, probation, and termination are with prior consultation with Store Manager, Director of Operations, and Human Resources Manager.
  • Hold regular department meetings.

F:\Old HR Stuff\Jobs and Evals\JOBS\Produce MGR revised KA 10 17.doc