GP Management Completed on <Todaysdate> for <Ptfullname>Born on <Ptdob>

GP Management Completed on <Todaysdate> for <Ptfullname>Born on <Ptdob>



GP Management completed on <TodaysDate> for <PtFullName>born on <PtDoB>

This plan should help to manage the effects of your prostate hormone injections. These injections are important to control prostate cancer by reducing testosterone.

Possible effects of hormone injections and ideas on how to manage them

Possible effect (yes/no) / Tips and treatments / Personal goals, Referrals
Hot flushes: <Hot flushes?> / Reduce alcohol, coffee and other caffeine drinks
Medications such as venlafaxime or gabapentin might be prescribed
Reduced muscle strength: <reduced muscle strength?>
Feelings of tiredness: <Fatigue?>
Weight gain: <Overweight or weight gain?> / The best exercise programs include some weight training (resistance) and aerobic exercise that gets your heart beating faster several days a week.
Low sex drive <Problematic libido reduction?>
Erection problems <Erectile dysfunction?> / Talk openly with your partner to share the problem
Your GP/specialist might prescribe Viagra-like medications or other aids.
Low mood: <Feeling down, depressed, or hopeless>
Reduced motivation:<Little interest or pleasure in doing things?> / Speak openly with your doctor and with family supports about your mood.
Maintain daily routines, exercise and social activities even if it is harder work
Your doctor might refer you to online or face-to-face psychology or prescribe medication.
Heart disease and diabetes: <Cardiovascular risks- BP, diabetes, cholesterol etc.?> / You are recommended to have cholesterol and blood glucose and blood pressure checked
Avoid smoking or drinking more than a little alcohol
Exercise and avoiding weight gain by keeping portion size small
Healthy diet choice avoiding too much fat and sugar and drinking mostly water.
Reduced bone strength: <Risk of osteoporosis> / Regular weight bearing exercise
Include calcium rich foods in your diet including low fat dairy and fish.
Avoid smoking or drinking more than a little alcohol
Consider checking vitamin D and bone density if there are risks of reduced bone strength.
Other possible problems: <Others -breast, cognitive, anaemia etc?>
Medical monitoring / Specialist(s) names: <Add specialist(s) names>

Regular monitoring [not all will be necessary]

Hormone injection
Weight (or waist)
Blood count (Hb)
Vitamin D (once only
Fasting glucose

Medical History-current


Medical History - inactive


Medication List




clinic record of smoking status:


Clinic record of alcohol drinking status:


Review Date -<Review date at least 3 months>