Glo-Active Engagement Strategy

Glo-Active Engagement Strategy

Glo-active Engagement Strategy

What is it?

A strategy that will:

  • Help young people have a say what happens within Glo-active.
  • Help inform young people about what Glo-acive is doing.
  • Enable young people to find out what Glo-ative is thinking of doing and have their views listened to.
  • Help provide events and projects that young people have said they want.
  • Help provide training to help young people play a role in Glo-active work.

What Glo-active will do to help achieve this?

Glo-active will:

  • Set up a youth panel, this will enable young people to discuss issues with each other and make discussion that can be acted upon by Glo-active.
  • Introduce new ways to communicate with young people and for young people to communicate with Glo-active.
  • Promote opportunities for young people to do voluntary work that will benefit the community.
  • Help set up activities / projects that will benefit young people and put into action young people ideas.
  • Continue to ask young people what they are interested in and how they would like to be involved.
  • Assist in set up activities that will give the young people the skills they may find useful in everyday life.

In doing these things Glo-active will:

  • Make sure there is equal access and opportunities for all young people, ensuring projects / activities / events are accessible for young people whatever their ability / disability.
  • Give help to transport young people to events etc.
  • Ensure all staff working with young people do not put young people at risk and will carry out CRB checks on all staff members / volunteers it is important that young people and their parents / carers know they are safe to take part in all events and activities run by Glo-active.
  • Work in a way that protects and respect young people and will make sure young people give their agreements to take part in it events and activities.

Under United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 12 young people are allowed to have a say and have their opinions taken seriously when adults make a discussion that affects them. Glo-active actively supports this Article.

Signed: Hayley Huntley

Position in Company: Director

Dated:18th October 2014

Signed: Lindsey Saysell

Position in Company: Director

Dated: 18th October 2014

Review Date: 18th October 2015