GHS Theatre Boosters Scholarship 2018

GHS Theatre Boosters Scholarship 2018

GHS Theatre Boosters Scholarship 2018

The GHS Theatre Boosters mission is to promote and support theatrical events at Geneva High School and help foster a supportive culture behind our talented youth. Being our fourth year, we are pleased to offer our GHS Theatre Boosters Scholarship of $1,000 to a graduating GHS senior who plans to pursue further education in a theatre related major or minor (stage management, set design and construction, costuming, lighting, sound, props, makeup, acting, vocal performance, musical theatre, or theatre education).

Please note the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Student must be a graduating senior of the GHS Class of 2018
  2. Student must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above, submit copy of transcript
  3. Student must have been accepted to any college or university and enclose a copy of their acceptance letter
  4. Student must plan on pursuing a major or minor in theatre related studies
  5. Student must accurately and completely fill out the application package
  6. Application must be turned in on or before the deadline, April 20th.

Applications can be downloaded from Naviance or at Please write neatly in pen or type.

ALL INFORMATION WILL BE HELD IN STRICT CONFIDENCE. Scholarship checks will be made payable to the school the student will attend. The recipient will be notified once a decision is made. The award will be presentedon Senior Award Night.

GHS Theatre Boosters Theatre Scholarship Application

Scholarship Applicant ID Number:______(assigned by organization)

Academic Information:(Based on 6 semester____ Based on 7 semester___)

GPA: weighted ______unweighted ______

School attending after graduation:

1st Choice:______Major:______Minor:______

2ndChoice:______Major:______Minor: ______

Please fill out the following theatre participation outline, or you may separately attach your theatrical resume covering your high school years. This may include community theatre as well. Please do NOT include a head shot on your resume.

Students Name:
Phone Number:
I certify that all the answers I have given on this application are complete and accurate to the
best of my knowledge.
Applicant Signature______
Parent/Guardian Signature:______Date:______
Freshman Year Show Participation
(list show, position, role or activity)

GSH Theatre Boosters Scholarship Application Page 2

Sophomore Year Show Participation
(list show, position, role or activity)
Junior Year Show Participation
(list show, position, role or activity)
Senior Year Show Participation
(list show, position, role or activity)

Personal Statement: On a separate sheet, please write a 400 to 500-word essay on “How did you know you wanted to pursue theatre related studies after high school?”

GSH Theatre Boosters Scholarship Application Page 3

List other activities/employment:
(include private lessons or classes related to theatre studies)


Please make sure you have attached the following:

  1. This application form
  2. Personal statement
  3. Official or Unofficial Transcript
  4. College or University Acceptance Letter

Deadline: The application and attachments must be postmarked or electronically sent NO LATER than April 20th. Mail the completed application and attachments to:

GHS Theatre Boosters

c/oGeneva Community High School

416 McKinley Ave

Geneva, IL 60134

Geneva Theatre Boosters

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