Geneva Lake Cruise Line 2000 Beverage Service Plans

Geneva Lake Cruise Line 2000 Beverage Service Plans

Lake Geneva Cruise Line Beverage Service Plans – 2015


Host Open Bar - Per person Two Hours Three Hours Extra Hour

Domestic Beer & House Wine $14.50$18.00$3.25

Premium Beer & House Wine$17.50$21.00$ 3.50

Officer’s Full Bar$19.50$22.50$ 3.75

Captain’s Call Full Bar$22.50$26.00$ 4.50

Commodore’s Choice Full Bar$25.00$27.00$4.50

Admiral’s Upgrade$ 4.50$ 5.50$ 2.00

(In addition toCommodore’s ChoiceBar Plan)

Champagne Celebration$ 4.50$ 5.50$ 1.50

(In addition to any Bar Plan)

Day Cruise Open Bar$17.50$20.00$ 3.50

Open Soda Bar$ 4.50$ 5.50$ 1.00

Please see reverse side for beverage plan details.

The Open Bar Plans do not include wine for a sit-down meal. We do not serve “shots” aboard the boats.

Hosted Tab/Consumption and Cash Bars – Individual drink prices


Domestic Beer$4.50

Import Beer & Coolers$5.50

Officer’s Cocktails$6.00+

Captain’s Call Cocktails$7.50+

Commodore’s Choice Cocktails$9.00+

Admiral’s Upgrade Cocktails$10.50+

Wine* Starting at $6.50 per glass

Begin your cruise with a boarding glass of champagne or a toast for just $4.50 per person.

A $2.00 per person set up charge will be added for all Cash Bars. An advance deposit is required for tab bars: $12 pp for 2 hours, $13 pp for 3 hours &$14 per person for 4+ hours. Any balance due must be paid the day of your charter. For all bar plans there is a $40.00 per bartender charge for a two-hour charter, and an additional $10.00 per hour for each bartender on charters longer than two hours. An 18% service charge for all Open and Tab Bars will be added to your bill. Wisconsin requires a 5.5% sales tax be added to all charges. By State Statue, alcoholic beverages can only be bought and sold by LGCL on all of our licensed vessels.

Host Open Bar Plan Details

Domestic Beer and House Wine Bar

Miller Lite – Coors Light – Bud Light – O’Doule’s

Douglass Hill Chardonnay, Canyon Road Pinot Grigio, Canyon Road Cabernet, Douglass Hill MerlotBeringer White Zinfandel

Coke – Diet Coke – Sprite – Mineral Water – Selection of Juices

*Add $1 per person for Tier Two wines

Premium Beer and House Wine Bar

In addition to the above Domestic Beer and House Wine selection, this package includes

Spotted Cow – Corona – Geneva Lakes Brewery Boathouse, Cedar Point & No Wake

*Add $1 per person for Tier Two wines

Officer’s Full Bar

In addition to the above Domestic Beer and House Wine selection this package includes

Gordon’s Vodka – Gordon’s Gin –Bacardi Rum – Early Times Whiskey-Juarez Tequila-Jessie James Bourbon –

Brandy (on request)

Captain’s Call Full Bar

In addition to the above Premium Beer and House Wine selection this package includes

Tito’s Vodka – Tanqueray Gin – Bacardi Rum – Captain Morgan’s Rum – Jim Beam

Jack Daniels Whiskey – Grants Scotch –Korbel Brandy (upon request) – Jose Cuervo Tequila

Commodore’s Choice Full Bar

Kettle One Vodka – StolichnayaVodka (upon Request) – Tanqueray Gin – Bacardi Rum

Capt. Morgan’s – Jim Beam – Jack Daniels – J&B – Korbel Brandy - Jose Cuervo Tequila

Kenwood Yulupa Chardonnay – Placido Pinot Grigio – Cypress Cabernet

Beringer White Zinfandel – Cypress Merlot

Bud Light - Miller Light – MGD – Corona – Heineken – Spotted Cow - Mineral Water – Juices and Soda

Admiral’s Upgrade

In addition to the Commodore’s Choice Bar Plan only

Grey Goose Vodka - Maker’s Mark Whiskey –Dewar’s Scotch – Bombay Sapphire Gin

Port &Single Malts (Upon Request) – Irish whiskey – Crown Royal - Bailey’s – Amaretto De Sarona – Kahlua

Day Cruise Special

Wycliff Champagne – Mimosas – Douglass Hill Chardonnay, Canyon RoadPinot Grigio & White Zinfandel

Bloody Marys & Screwdrivers

Heineken – Spotted Cow – Miller Light – Coors Light – O’Doul’s

Selection of Juices – Mineral water and sodas

*Add $1 per person for Tier Two wines

For Special Selections, ask about our Reserve Wine List

Please note: We do our best to have the listed selections, but occasionally substitutions are made. Payment, based on passenger guarantee, is due two weeks prior to charter. Final bar totals will be based on actual passenger count the day of your charter and any additional balance is due at that time. Credits will be issued if final passenger count is less than the guarantee.

Prices are subject to change at any time.