Ged Williams Early Career Scholarships

Ged Williams Early Career Scholarships

Ged Williams Early Career Scholarships


About this Program


Professor Ged Williams was Executive Director of Nursing and Midwifery GCH and Clinical Professor of Nursing at Griffith University from 2007-2013. During this time he inspired strong advocacy for clinical excellence, continuing education and advanced specialisation across all domains of practice. These scholarships build on his work to further encourage early career nurses and midwives to pursue excellence in clinical and academic careers at GCHHS.

How it works

These scholarships aim tocontribute to the commencement or continuation of post registration studies leading to a qualification.


At least 12 months post registration and no more than 5 years post registration.

Available to all GCH staff who are Australian residents.

Study is relevant to the area of work.

Have not previously received a scholarship for this particular course including course fees via SARAS funding

Funds will be released on receipt of evidence of enrolment past the census date if not already enrolled in a program of study or evidence of current enrolment in a program of study.

Funds must be spent before the end of the financial year in which they are awarded.

Applications MUST BE approved and supported by your Director of Nursing.


Two scholarships on offer.

  • One for an early career Registered Nurse/Midwife ($3,000) and;
  • One for an early career Enrolled Nurse ($2,000).

NB: Early career is defined as at least 12 months post registration and no more than 5 years post registration.

Assessment Criteria

The Ged Williams Scholarshipsare highly competitive and applications will be assessedon the basis of professional excellence and the ability to improve health outcomes and patient benefits for Gold Coast Health. In particular each application will be assessed against the following criteria:

Selection criteria

  1. Evidence that study applies to your area of service delivery and of how new knowledge will be shared and implemented in to practice
  2. Potential to improve patient health outcomes.
  3. Potential to improve health care delivery
  4. Short CV –no more than 4 pages
  5. Professional referee – (see appendix 1)


Application MUST be submitted via email in word document form to – PDF and handwritten applications WILL NOT be accepted.

Applications must be signed by the Directorate Director of Nursing

Closing date: submitted to Foundation offices at GCUH by close of businessFriday 30 September 2016

In addition to your emailed application, 4 PRINTED COPIES of your application form MUST BE submitted to the Programs Officer.

All costs MUST BE included in the application and additional costs will not be supported.

Enrolment in programMUST BEin Semester 1 2017.

Funds will be released on receipt of evidence of enrolment past the census date if not enrolled in a program of study or evidence of current enrolment in a program of study

Successful applicants MUST submit a 500-word report to the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation within 6 months of enrolment in 2016, outlining how their study has improved outcomes for patients of GCH. This must also include a case study that that demonstrates the positive difference their nursing care has made to an individual and their family.

The amount awarded is final and no additional funds will be provided in any one award round.

All expenditure of funds MUST be consistent with the terms and conditions of the grant agreement and the recipient is accountable for the utilisation of funds.

Agree to acknowledge Gold Coast Hospital Foundation in all media and public communications related to your studies.

Ged Williams Early Career Scholarships


Applicant Contact Details
Position or Grade/Level:
Department & Unit:
Application Details
Current/proposed program of study
Full program title
Program provider
[e.g. university name]
Program code
Enrolment date / Expected completion date
Previous post registration education details
Program title / Year
Please describe the education course and the key new skills and knowledge you have learnt - in 50 words or less in simple non-scientific language:
Does this education help you address any of the following (you can select more than one). If no, please leave blank:
 Cause of disease
 Treatment of illness or disease
 Clinical Improvement
 Care setting improvements
 Cure of illness or disease
Selection Criteria
  1. Please tell us how this postgraduate/ post registration study applies to your service delivery area and how you will share new knowledge and implement it in to practice, in 200 words or less, in simple non-scientific language:

  1. Please tell us how this postgraduate/ post registration study has the potential to improve patient health outcomes, in 150 words or less, in simple non-scientific language:

  1. Please tell us how this postgraduate study has the potential to improve your role e.g. processes, systems, interactions, in 150 words or less, in simple non-scientific language:

Indicate if you have received or applied for any other funding to assist with this education. If Yes, please specify: /  Yes
 No
Please estimate the number of patients this study will benefit per year (e.g. if you work full time in a 30 bed unit you may care for 150 patients per week and therefore 7,200 per year:
How health service delivery will primarily benefit from this funding:
Health care quality
Health care access
Department/Unit within health service this funding will primarily benefit, if any:
 Inpatient unit
 Outpatient unit
 Nursing
 Reproductive health unit
 Rehabilitation unit
 Medical support services
 Public health
 Other
Disease/Illness that this education will help you address, if any:
 Musculoskeletal diseases Kidney diseases
 Brain and nervous system disorders Infectious and parasitic diseases
 Digestive system diseases Mental health
 Ear, nose and throat diseases Respiratory system diseases
 Eye diseases Skin conditions
 Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases Genetic conditions and birth defects
 Heart and circulatory systems Cancers
 Immune system diseases Other
Who are the primary beneficiaries of this education training/workshop?: Please tick all relevant boxes below:
Non gender specific Predominately MalePredominately Female
What age group(s) are cared for in the area you work? Select 1 or more below:
Infants and Toddlers
Children (3 – 9 years)
Preteens (10 – 12 years)
Adolescents (13 – 18 years)
Young Adults (19 – 25 years)
Adults (26 years +)
Seniors (65 years +)
Applicant Declaration

I have read and understood the terms and conditions for Education Grant Application and agree to abide by those terms and conditions.

Name: ………………………………………………………. Signature: ………………………………………… Date: ……………………..

Director of Nursing Approval

Prior to submission to the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation, this Application Form and supporting documentation must be forwarded to yourDirector of Nursing. (Refer Lodgement Deadline & Required Endorsements in terms and conditions)

Director of Nursing: name and directorate : /  Endorsed
 Not Endorsed / Signed: / Date:
Submission Contact Details

Applications are to be completed by the applicant and received at the offices of the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation by no later than the close of business on Friday 30 September 2016.

  1. Please deliver 4 copies of your application to:

Programs OfficerorHand Deliver to Foundation Office - GCUH

Gold Coast Hospital FoundationGround Floor, D Block
PO Box 23


  1. Email word document application form to

For further information contact the Foundation’s Programs Officer, Program Officer on 5594 6986:

Office Use Only: Gold Coast Hospital Foundation Office Staff

Date received: / Signature:

The Scholarships will be awarded as part of the International Nurses Day Eventon 7 December 2016.

Invitation will follow once your application has been submitted.

Applicants will be notified at this ceremony if they have been successful.

Application Checklist
  1. Before submitting this application please check that you have included the following items:

Application Form completed in word document format and emailed to .

4 paper copies for submission.

Evidence on enrolment in a program of study. If not enrolled, evidence of enrolment in 2016 must be supplied before funds are released.

  1. Please tick to confirm that you agree to the following conditions of our Education program:

[ ] I will complete a written report outlining the benefits of this education including a case study that demonstrates the impact of this education on a patient or group of patients.

[ ] I will ensure that that the report and case study are returned to the Foundation Programs Officer within 3 months of my program being completed.

[ ] I will notify the Foundation of any media releases or opportunities that happen in relation to the program even if the Foundation has only contributed part of the funds and will ensure that the Foundation is acknowledged in all media activity as having funded the project/work.

[ ] I will notify the Foundation immediately if my education program is not going to proceed or continue.

Note: Failure to fulfil these requirements will result in you being ineligible to receive further education program funding from the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation.

Appendix 1

Professional Reference
Name of Referee (ideally current Line Manager)
Phone (w): / Email:
What is your relationship to the applicant?
How long have you known the applicant?
Question 1.
What is your assessment of the applicant’s demonstrated commitment to nursing and patient centred care. Please give brief examples.
Question 2.
Why are you recommending this applicant for this award?