For Which Sector(S)

For Which Sector(S)

Transnational Cooperation Activity

Type of event:

For which sector(s):

XSchool EducationVocational Education and TrainingHigher EducationAdult EducationYouth

Key action(s) targeted:


Budgetary year: 2017

Hosting country: BG

Coordinating National Agency(use full name and abbreviation): Human Resource Development Centre, HRDC

Partner National Agency(s) (if applicable, use full name and abbreviation):

Title of event: Making the classroom more inclusive for students with additional needs

Event organiser
name: / address: / phone number: / email address:
Milen Petkov / 15, Graf Ignatiev Str., Fl. 3,
1000 Sofia
Bulgaria / +359888269 444 /

Starting date of the event: 27/05/2018

Ending date of the event: 31/05/2018

Event venue (city, country):Sofia, Bulgaria

Working language: English

Number of places in total: approximately 40

Profile of participants: Teachers and school staff from pre-school level to primary, secondary and special needs education, staff of non-government organizations and all those who are interested in creating a positive and inclusive environment where all children feel valued and all children can learn.

Themes and goals of the event:
The training goalis to improve the level of key competences and skills, related to professional profile of the participants, in particular through:

  • Encourage a greater understanding of equality in educational settings and inclusive education.
  • Exploring ways how to work with children with SEN in practice.
  • Explore examples of how todevelop suitable resources for students with different abilities
  • Sharing experiences of inclusive education from different organizations
  • Explore examples about classroom management strategies and how to create an inclusive environment
  • Participation in educational visit to Inclusive center

The objectives are as follows:

  • Provide participants with a theoretical framework of inclusive education in Bulgaria
  • Develop the participants’ skills for working with children with additional needs
  • Provide a space to participants for sharing experiences of inclusive education from different organizations
  • Develop participants’ skills to create an inclusive environment and to use different classroom management strategies
  • Develop participants’ ability to create their own suitable resources for students with different abilities
  • Participation in educational visit to Inclusive center

Expected results:

  • Increased awareness of acomplex system to support children with SEN.
  • Improved competences, linked to the participants’ professional profiles.
  • Increased knowledge of different methods used in work with students with SEN and different abilities
  • Increased knowledge of different ways how to meet the needs of children with SEN
  • Increased creativity and motivation.
  • Intercultural awareness

Programme of event:coming soon

Event’s webpage (if applicable):

Travel information:Participants should book their flights to Sofia Airport and arrive if possible before 18:00 on the 27th of May 2018. Departure day is the 31st of May 2018 at a convenient time.

Event fee: No

Event fee (what covers the fee):

Travel costs (who covers the travel costs): sending NAs

Number of participants per country:

Types of participant’s data sending to the organizer:Name and other contact details

Registration (if applicable):N/A