Finataward for Tiny Rfiduhflabel Andthe High-Security Seals for Tachographs

Finataward for Tiny Rfiduhflabel Andthe High-Security Seals for Tachographs

“Gold” twice for Schreiner Group

FINATAward for Tiny RFIDUHFLabel andthe High-Security Seals for Tachographs

Oberschleissheim, June20, 2016 – At the awards ceremony of the 2016 FINAT Label Competition and the 2015 World Label Awardsin Amsterdam on June 16, Schreiner Group was recognized for two entries by the European Association of the Self-Adhesive Label Industry. This year the high-tech company again impressed the jury with its innovative products, winning 1st place in both the “Innovation” and the “Security” categories.

“Winning in yet another FINAT competition proves our company’s high level of innovative prowess,” said a pleased President and CEO Roland Schreinerin commenting about the accolades received by Schreiner Group. “It shows that innovation as a central corporate value in our mission statement is more than a mere statement of good intentions, but is actually being lived. Creativity and technology are inseparably linked together for us. Representing Schreiner Group, Head of Technology and Innovation Management Robert Weissand Head of Research and Development Dr. Jens Vor der Brueggen accepted the FINAT Label Competition award in Amsterdam.

Mini Size, Major Effect: ((rfid))-DistaFerr Mini for Use on Metal

With its dimensions of merely 10x50x1.7 millimeters the ((rfid))-DistaFerr Mini developed by Schreiner LogiData impressed the jury and was awarded 1st place in the “Innovation” category. This extremely small label for RFID applications on metal has a read range of up to one meter and delivers ten times the output power of conventional HF solutions. It enables reliable communication of smallest components and objects as required in asset management of machinery, in product marking or, most recently, in “smart factories” as well. “At the moment, there is no smaller UHFRFID label anywhere in the world that is suitable for use on metal,” says Frank Linti, Business Development Manager RFID at Schreiner LogiData.

High-Security Seal against Tachograph Tampering

In the “Security” category, the new high-security seals for Continentalwon 1st place. They were developed by Schreiner ProTech and Schreiner ProSecure.By means of the void effect that causes a visible message to irreversibly emerge when the housing is opened, the seals make any attempt to tamper with a tachograph visible at first glance. A customized hologram and sequential numbering protect the seals themselves against counterfeiting. “By combining various high-impact features we came up with an effective solution together with Continental that helps prevent tampering with statutory drivers’ hours and rest periods and thus increase safety for all road users,” says Thomas Köberlein, President of Schreiner ProTech.

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About Schreiner Group

Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG is an internationally active German family-owned business operating in the printing and film-converting industry. The company offers tailored products, solutions and services for the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology, logistics, mechanical engineering, the electronics and automotive industries. In addition, Schreiner Group’s customer base includes banks and government agencies.

The product portfolio encompasses innovative specialty labels, including self-adhesive functional components, RFID labels, printed electronics, and security solutions for product, brand and document protection.

Schreiner Group employs more than 1,000 people around the globe, generating annual sales of more than 160 million euros, and is headquartered in Oberschleissheim near Munich (Germany). Schreiner Group’s high-tech labels are also produced in Blauvelt (New York, USA) and in Fengpu (Shanghai, China). The company’s facilities extend across a total area of 70,000 square meters.

The high-tech company’s identity is shaped by four core values: Innovation, Quality, Performance and Enthusiasm.

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