Fever 1793 Study Guide Chapters 11- 16

Fever 1793 Study Guide Chapters 11- 16

Fever 1793 Study Guide Chapters 11- 16

Section 1: Vocabulary Word Bank

haste placid jaundiced famished commotion

abide wearily melodious snippet destitute

Match each definition with a word from the list above.

1. swiftness of motion; hurry, rush ______

2. to do as if tired, exhausted, fatigued or worn out ______

3. lacking the necessities of life; live in complete poverty ______

4. a small or insignificant person; a small piece of anything ______

5. extremely hungry; feeling starved ______

6. sweet-sounding, musical, pleasing to the ear ______

7. disturbance; constant activity; chaotic movement ______

8. having a yellow discoloration of the skin due to sickness ______

9. to accept or to put up with; to tolerate ______

10. calm or peaceful; tranquil ______

Section 2: Questions

11. As Matilda and her grandfather are traveling to the country with the farmer and his family, they come across four men on horseback. Initially, who do they think these men are, and who do they actually turn out to be?

12. How do Matilda and her grandfather end up stranded?

13. What trick does Matilda use to find water for herself and her grandfather?

14. Why does Matilda’s grandfather call himself a fool?

15. While stranded on the side of the road Matilda’s grandfather says, “We must form our battle plans, both for the skirmish and for the rest of the war.” What does he mean by this?

16. What does Matilda use to try to catch fish? Was she successful? Why or why not.

17. After gathering fresh pears, Matilda heads back to feed and care for her grandfather. What happens on the way back?

18. Who is Mrs. Flagg?

19. What is Bush Hill, and what did it used to be?

20. Why is Matilda terrified to be at Bush Hill?

21. What does Matilda’s grandfather do while she is recovering at Bush Hill?

22. The clerk at Bush Hill discharges Matilda once she is healthy again. Where does he want to send her?

23. Who does Matilda meet on the ride back to the city? What do they talk about?

24. Describe Philadelphia when Matilda and her grandfather return.

25. Where does Matilda think her mother is?

26. Discuss how Matilda has changed since the beginning of the story. List some examples that demonstrate this change.

Section 3: Fact or Fiction?

27) List three items from chapters 11 - 16 that are factual

28) List three items from chapters 11 - 16 that are fictitious

Section 4: Wonderful Words

Look through chapters 11 - 16. Find one example of each (write down the phrase, and the page number you found it on).

29. Simile:

30. Personification:

31. Hyperbole:

32. Onomatopoeia:

33. Metaphor