Falcon Erp Personal and Payroll Management

Falcon Erp Personal and Payroll Management


A Complete Payroll Software Solution

FALCON ERP Personal and Payroll Management solution automates the complete employee functions in an organization but also gives key strategic insight to the management giving on demand MIS enabling proactive decisions. FALCON ERP Personal and Payroll Management solution can streamline all your HR processes by keeping track of employees attendance, leave, travel, transfers, reimbursements, payroll, benefits, compensation, training, performance reviews, talent management, , competency management and much more on a single platform.

It is designed to handle the entire payroll and human resource reporting needs of large organizations. The system is customized as per the UAE Labour Law and can be used by small organization to multinational companies. For the same reasons identified previously, you have a considerable level of flexibility in both the data entry functionality and the reporting. The list of features and functions are pretty extensive.

Payroll Insights supports user definable salary head & formulas. Defining formula is as simple as formula definitions


User can view all the formulas, which will be evaluated for salary calculation unlike other softwares. So there is no dependency on the development team


 Complete HR Information

 Increment Transfer Entry

 Full-Fledged Reimbursement

 Loan Disbursement & Recovery

 Full-Fledged Leave

 Ad-Hoc Adjustment Entry

 Manual Attendance Entry System/Uploads

 Attendance Integration With Time Machine

 Overtime Entry


 User definable salary heads

 Flexible & Formula driven salary heads

 Detailed Dashboard

 User definable report formats

 Powerful Security Module – User rights can be defined on Entry Form Level, Report Level, Data Access Level


 Auto calculation of Leave Salary, Air Ticket & Gratuity

 Strong & Accurate Arrear Calculation Module

 Quick & Accurate Pay-Calculation

 Pay-Calculation can be run for all or on any other criteria(dept, desig etc.)

 Quick & Accurate Calculation


 Direct bank Payment Electronic File

 Cheque/Cash Payment List

 Bank file for Non-Payslip components

 Auto voucher generation – Salary, Reimbursement etc


Pay Slip, Pay Slip YTD (Year till date), Payment Sheet, Salary Statement, Earning Statement, Deduction Statement, Arrear Report, Over Time Report, Adjustment Report, Summary Report, Variance Report.

Eliminate the most tedious & error-prone areas of payroll processing

Experience-based design of FALCON ERP Payrolleliminates the most tedious and error-prone areas of payroll processing. Users will truly be grateful to its uniquecapabilities such as:

1 Reduced efforts & errors for auto-collection of monthly variable pay data

2 Smart-Verification queries to easily identify potential errors

3 Retro pay processing

4 More best-practices of payroll processing incorporated within, to ensure fast and accurate results.


  • Client server architecture
  • Completely scalable
  • Flexible work flow management
  • Analytical / Dash Boards for CEO, HR Head & Line Managers
  • Intelligent Auto Reminders / Alerts / ‘To Do’ notification on the system
  • Alerts & Reminders
  • Employee Self Service
  • Powerful Search, Summary, Reports and Queries
  • Critical MIS Reports
  • Enhanced Security system
  • Embedded HR best practices
  • Time Sheet Management

Huaman Resources Management ERP – Highlights

  • Recruitment - Vacancy creation, Action Tracking, Candidate Evaluation, Appointment Letter
  • Leave Management - Leave Application, Approval, Reporting After leave, Leave Encashment
  • Reimbursement - Employee Expense/ Reimbursement Claim form, Approval
  • Loan - Employee Loan Application, Approval, Disbursement, Balance Tracking, Auto deduction in pay chart
  • Asset Management - Employee, Department, Location wise asset tracking, Transfer, Sale, scrap
  • Transfer - Branch with complete history
  • Employee Trouble Ticket - HR/Payroll related trouble issue raising and solution tracking
  • Deputation - Tour/ Deputation records with auto presence marking in payroll
  • Appraisal - Employee periodic remark, Evaluation Criterion definition, Periodic self/ senior appraisal
  • Attendance Process - Auto calculation of absent due to late in/early out based on rules configured, Compensation for working on Holidays as per rules
  • Overtime - Overtime calculations based on Daily Attendance, Pay calculation
  • Monthly Attendance - Direct monthly total attendance , Leave, unpaid leave, Overtime input if not connected with time machine
  • Pay Process - Monthly payroll generation, Pay slip generation, auto Statutory updating, Pay slip emailing
  • End of Service - Termination/Resignation Process, Auto Full & Final calculation with leave, bonus, indemnity, Notice salary, Loan, Finance Debit, assets in hand etc.
    Huaman Resources Management ERP – Reports Covered
  • Recruitment
  • Recruitment Cost v/s Actual
  • Interview Schedules
  • Recruitment Requisition Form
  • Candidates On-hold / Selected / Joined
  • Turnaround time for hiring
  • Plan v/s Requisition v/s Joined
  • Pipeline status
  • Standard letters such as interview letter, reject letter, offer letter
  • Manpower Planning & Control
  • Manpower Budget V / S Actual
  • Manpower Cost Budget V / S Actual
  • Separation List
  • Skill Inventory
  • Job Function Wise Analysis
  • Grade Wise Separation Analysis
  • Retirement Due
  • Employee Eligible for Gratuity
  • Age Analysis
  • Experience Analysis
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Performance Appraisal Period Wise
  • Increment Promotion
  • Employee with ‘ X ‘ Performance Rating
  • Performance Appraisal Not Received
  • Performance Positions Summary
  • Confirmation Due
  • First Increment Due
  • Promotions & Increments
  • Company Wise Assessment Summary
  • Employee Growth Report
  • Employee Stagnation Report
  • Increment / Promotion Trend
  • List of Promoters
  • Job Function Wise Increment List
  • Grade Wise Assessment Summary
  • Other Miscellaneous Reports
  • Birthdays / Anniversaries Due
  • Company Accommodation
  • Loan Disbursement Summary
  • Loan Outstanding Summary

General Features - FALCON ERP Payroll Software Solution

At the core of processing salary, FALCON ERP Payroll software provides total control of your payroll and human resource information. With FALCON ERP Payroll software you can eliminate the worries and difficulties.
FALCON ERP Payroll bundles a library of standard reports. These can be generated in any order, for any pay period or multiple periods combined & for any year. Also included is a powerful, yet easy to use, report writer, allowing you to create report based on any payroll information in the database.

FALCON ERP Payroll includes

Employee Profile
Employee Salary Details
Employee Attendance & Leaves
Employee Perks & Benefits
Employee Investments
Employee Appriasal History
HR Policies and Attritions

Employee Profile

  • Employee Profile Text HR Policies
  • Employee Joining Information.
  • Probation Confirmation Ddetails.
  • Employee Personal Details.
  • Employee Current Job profile.
  • Family Background Details.
  • Employee Local address and References Details.
  • Employee Qualification and Experience Details.
  • Documents submitted by employee.
  • Assets Povided To Employees.
  • Employee Training details.
  • Employee Appraisals History.
  • Facility Given to Employee.
  • Employee Bank Account Details (WPS)

Employee Salary Details

  • Employee Salary Details
  • Monthly, Daily Earnings & Deductions Yearly Payments.
  • Salary History for generation of Arrears Amount.
  • Arrears Payment Adjustments.
  • Salary head updating after generation of salary and updating of Net salary accordingly.
  • Documents submitted by employee.
  • Assets Provided To Employees.
  • Employee Training details.
  • Employee Appraisals History.
  • Facility Given to Employee.
  • Employee Bank Account Details.

Employee Attendance And Leaves Details

  • Various types of leaves in the company can be categorized easily.
  • Integrated Leave Encashment as per rules.
  • Attendance data can be transfer from any Time Recording Machine.
  • Overtime Details.
  • Employee time management, Late Coming, Early going, Absence due to travel on Duty etc.
  • Manual Attendance done By Employee details.


In order to provide a safe, secure, efficient and robust mechanism to streamline timely payment of wages to employees by employers, the Ministry of Labour along with the Central Bank of UAE has implemented a Wages Protection System(WPS). This system is an important step towards ensuring and protecting the rights of workers, and towards establishing trust between establishments and their employees. Thus Wage Payment System marks the end of salary payment by cash. The system also ensures that all employees are being paid their monthly wages without fail, thereby benefiting the working class. MOL is benefited from having the real time information regarding payment of salaries.

Companies are now obliged to transfer the salaries of their employees through the new system. Companies that fail to abide by the decision will be subject to punishments and fines, and will not be able to obtain work permits.

In order to participate in this system, companies must select one or more agent from among the agents licensed by the Central Bank. Once the company authorised bank receives the employee salaries, it sends a notification to the Wages Protection System. The system then sends the workers' details and wages as well as the salary transfer instructions electronically to the Central Bank of the UAE, which will in turn forward those details to the Ministry of Labour database in order to ensure that the details received correspond with those registered with the Ministry. The system will then send the approved information to the appointed agent in order to start paying the wages.


FALCON ERP HR can track the assets like mobile, Laptop, car etc which are issued to each employee and during End of Service calculation system will prompt the Hr Manager to get back the company assets from the employee.

  • Asset Creation.
  • Asset Issue.
  • Asset Return.
  • Asset Tracking.


FALCON ERP HRcan help you select and hire the right candidate increasing the chance of a successful employment experience. FALCON ERP HR Recruitment is a full featured recruiting system that allows you to streamline your recruiting and hiring process.

  • Applicant Registration.
  • Submit Application for a Job.
  • Match of Applicants to Requisitions.
  • Conduct Interview.
  • Send Employment Offer Letter.
  • Send Employment Contract.
  • Automatic update in HR module.


A crucial step in any talent management program is grooming employees through training and development. With the right FALCON ERP HR system, you can streamline the administrative details of your employee development program and empower your employees as partners in the process.

FALCON ERP HR helps you manage the Training and Development process and monitor the total investment you are making in your employees above and beyond compensation and benefits. FALCON ERP HR Training is a comprehensive training management system which will help an employee to develop certain skills or knowledge which are required to conduct


A truly powerful Performance Management process requires that employees, managers and HR professionals be connected for real-time collaboration and communication. Successful organizations align their employees performance objectives with organizational goals. The FALCON ERP HR Performance Management Module helps you create meaningful performance reviews for your employees. The entire process is completely paperless allowing for HR, Managers and Employees to track progress against goals and monitor the review cycle. Additionally, it helps HR professionals to better service managers by putting performance information at their fingertips to identify professional growth opportunities and employee retention and satisfaction strategies. FALCON ERP HR Performance Evaluation is a 360-degree based performance evaluation system with user defined evaluation parameters and automatic generation of performance evaluation forms with multiple evaluation blocks where each evaluation block/section with associated parameters can be assigned to a different employee/supervisor for assessment and recommendations.

  • User Defined Performance Evaluation Parameters.
  • Unlimited Number of Performance Appraisals.
  • Unlimited Number of Performance Evaluators.
  • Overall performance evaluation by supervisor and manager.

Employee performance evaluation comments.


A performance appraisal is a part of guiding and managing career development. It is the process of obtaining, analyzing, and recording information about the relative worth of an employee to the organization. Performance appraisal is an analysis of an employee's recent successes and failures, personal strengths and weaknesses, and suitability for promotion or further training. It is also the judgment of an employee's performance in a job based on considerations other than productivity alone.

After an employee is evaluated and analyzed the relative worthiness to the organization, FALCON ERP HR helps to reflect the findings in the forms of:

  • Scheduling a Salary Increment.
  • Approving the Salary Increment.
  • Taking disciplinary actions.

Recording the finding of the appraisal.

Why do we need an Payroll Software
The FALCON HR & Payroll Software provides the HR management a full Solution to their overall problems related to the paper work of the Companies. It provides the HR of a Company enough accuracy and time to invest their time in more important works of the human resource.
It is a Complete Solution to all the Human Resource needs, all integrated in one, to meet the requirements of the Management. The best thing is that it supports multiple locations, multiple Companies and multiple cost centres and many more to help the human resource for a smooth working atmosphere.
The FALCON Payroll Software helps in filing and maintaining various vouchers and returns. It's User Friendly Interface and ease to use allows Organizations to cut on huge accounting costs whilst saving the HR Department from tedious documentation work. Accent Consulting is one of the leading providers of Enterprise Business Solutions. It caters to diverse industries verticals such as manufacturing, service as well as distribution industries. The best part of this service is that it can do everything regarding the needs of human resource of the company within a very short time.
The noticeable factor with the Easy-to-Use FALCON HR & Payroll Software is that it provides the large company data at one place and one can access it within no time. It lessens a lot of workload from an Organization's Management and helps them in getting the various MIS Reports. It helps the management to get their focus on the core issues which are important to its growth along with marketing and business development. It helps the HR Department to cut the pressure of errors with the automated process apart from maintaining a huge data base of the employees flawlessly which could not have been possible with the human efforts.
The bigger question is how HR & Payroll Software helps the employees and in return employer reaps the benefits from the same? FALCON Payroll Software not only helps the HR executives to lessen their work load but it also helps the general employees. Earlier the general employees had to go door to door to drop a leave application but now the self-service module of the FALCON HR software enables them to leave their applications without going to the HR Department. They can check their application status . Not just in case of leave application but they can also submit other sundry applications like clearance of travel allowances and other things without running personally to the HR person of the organization. The FALCON Payroll Software Solution has indeed has helped the Organizations in providing better avenues and working conditions in their in-house operations.
The FALCON HR and Payroll Software makes it possible for the HR team to quicken the salary disbursement process, generate salary slips with proper break-ups, maintenance of the ledger without error, and other associated tasks quite easily. With time and looking at the current scenario of the work environment of organizations it becomes almost essential for the HR Department to use the FALCON HR and Payroll Software as it helps the business in maintaining and managing resources efficiently.