Emily Carr Secondary School Council

Emily Carr Secondary School Council

Emily Carr Secondary School Council

4901 Rutherford Rd, Woodbridge, Ontario, L4H 3C2 (905) 850-5012


Minutes–February 7, 2012

1)Administrative Items-

The Emily Carr School Council meeting was chaired by Dave Schenck.

  • Welcome & Introductions

Dave welcomed everyone to the meeting.

  • Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

The Minutes of December 13, 2011 were reviewed and passed by Council.

Ms. Steel and Mr. Schenck proposed that council choose next year’s dates at the following School Council Meeting scheduled for April 10th. The dates would then be available on line and also in the Parent Handbook for next September, 2012.

2)Additional Business

  • Update of Driver Education Course at ECSS

Ms. Campoli informed council that the Ministry of Transportation would be visiting ECSS on Friday, February 10th for a “site visit”. Once approval from the Board and the Ministry of Transportation is obtained, the driver education course at ECSS can start as early as April of this year.

The cost for the Driver Education Course is estimated to be $535, which includes 10 hours of practical driving and 10 hours of classroom instruction with All Star Driving School.

  • Selection of Totem Award Committee Members

Ms. Campoli reported that the following amounts of money were collected for the Totem Award this school year: $548 on registration day; $6.14 on Pathways eve; and $26 was collected on Parent’s Night. Total amount available for the Totem Award is $1,258.77. (This includes last year’s balance!)

Mr. Schenck proposed that the selection for the Evaluation Team for the Totem Award be made at the next Council meeting, April 10th. The Evaluation Team will consist of Franca Gallucci, Victoria Campoli and three (3) parents.

3)Regular Council Reports

  • Student Council Report – Alexandra Mandarino

Holiday Fundraiser: Message in a Bottle sold 150 @ $1.00 per message. The proceeds of $150 were donated to Sick Kids Foundation Possibilities Fund.

Assembly: The December 23rd annual assembly featured various shows including one with teachers. It was a great success!

Semi-Formal Dance: The semi-formal took place on February 2nd. Between 200 and 250 tickets were sold, mainly to Grade 11 students. The theme was “A Night in Paris” and it was very successful.

Valentine’s Day: Rose Grams is the theme for Valentine’s Day. This week, Monday to Friday, students will have the opportunity to purchase a rose for $2 and send a message to their selected peer(s).

  • Teacher’s Report – Helen Grigoropoulos

Ms. Grigoropoulos reminded Council that Monday, February 6th was the start of a new semester.

Ms. Grigoropoulos reported that every Thursday, Ms. Maryclaire Odorico, cooks lunch for the staff. So far $150 has been raised and this money has been forwarded to Sick Kids Foundation.

History – Vimy Ridge Trip: The history trip to Vimy Ridge is a go! Students will be departing on April 2nd and returning April 12th.

  • Principal’s Report

Grade 8 Parent Information Evening: Information evening took place late January and Ms. Campoli reported there were as many as 100 families in attendance from the Catholic schools in the area. Due to Emily Carr’s high student numbers, Ms. Campoli and her staff will be verifying addresses and asking for documentation to authenticate student’s address.

Board Projection: The Board is projecting Emily Carr’s student body number for next September to be between 1,443 and 1,448.Ms.Campoli believes that number to be on the low side. The new school at Weston Rd & Major Mackenzie, which is projected to open by 2014, should relieve Emily Carr by redirecting all students living in Fossil Hill and Vellore Woods to the new school.

Support Staff: Ms. Campoli was pleased to report that a total of eight (8) LTO teachers were hired for semester two.

Exams & Exam Review Day: Ms. Steel reported that Exam week went well. Ms. Steel also informed Council that many Grade 9 and Grade 12 students usually take advantage of Exam Review Day. All in all, about 25% to 30% of Emily Carr students come to school on Exam Review Day.

Course Fees: No updates.

Celebrating Student Success: Ms. Campoli reported that two (2) students will benominated by Emily Carr teachers. The award will recognize students who have gone “over & beyond”. The award ceremony, usually in May, will take place at a venue in the York Region. (Venue is yet to be determined.)

Positive Climate for Learning:

  • Last year a survey was completed by the students of Emily Carr and Ms. Campoli said the results showed the “perceptual” feeling among the students was that bullying is a problem.
  • Ms. Campoli will plan to review with the teachers the strategies for intervention and also review the Respectful Learning Environment policy.
  • Ms. Steel added that Social Networking is becoming an ever-growing problem among the youth, explaining that the electronic devices can be used to communicate negativity among students etc.
  • Alexandra Mandarino commented that she had not experienced bullying at ECSS but had heard of it happening. She explained perhaps this was the case because she is involved with School Council and has other positive interests in the school.
  • Ms. Steel reinforced the idea that students who participate in Student Council, Music, school clubs, or have other positive connections, will very unlikely get involved with bullying at any level.
  • Ms. Campoli urges parents to be more vigilant when their children are on the cell, texting, face book, twittering, etc. and they should encourage using the electronic devices for a positive purpose.
  • Ms. Campoli informed Council that the current newsletter, containing “Social Networking” links will be coming home Friday, February 10th with the First Semester report card.
  • Ms. Grigoropoulos reported that on February 15th, nine (9) students from Emily Carr will be participating in Empowering Student Participation (ESP) in Stouville. A program that encourages and promotes students to stand up and speak up.

4)Member Items

One parent voiced concern over son’s inability to review his exam on Exam Review Day.

Another parent asked why exams are not returned to student as a tool for learning.

Ms.Campoli will be following up on “exam” topic.

5)Next Meeting Dates

  • April 10, 2012
  • June 12, 2012