Document Management System (DMS): Submittal of Translated Forms

Document Management System (DMS): Submittal of Translated Forms

H13-021– Policy and Procedure

March 29, 2013
TO: / Home and Community Services (HCS) Division Regional Administrators
Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) Directors
FROM: / Bea Rector, Interim Director, Home and Community Services Division
Document Management System (DMS): Submittal of Translated Forms
Purpose: / To clarify when English and translated documents should be filed and sent together to the Document Management System (DMS). To clarify the process for sending and gathering client signatures on documents.
Background: / There has been confusion regarding when to send English and translated versionsof documents together toLimited English Proficient (LEP) clients and to DMS.
What’s new, changed, or
Clarified / When sending documents to the DMS Hub Imaging Unit (HIU), staff must send English and translated versions together of all documents with the exception of the CARE documents listed below. These documents do not have to be sent in English and may be sent in the translated version only:
  • Assessment details;
  • CARE Results;
  • Planned Action Noticesfor Providers and Services;
  • Personal Care Results Comparison (PCRC) – In-home and Residential.
There is not a historical record of the Service Summary in CARE, so this document must be sent in English along with the translation to DMS.While the translated version of documents is sometimes signed by the client, the English versions of all documents are the official versions and must be signed by the LEP client.
ACTION: / Effective immediately, field staff must send the English and translated versions of all correspondence to LEP clients.Staff must have LEP clients sign the English version of forms that require signatures.
English and translated versions of all DSHS forms, records and documents sent toDMS HIU will include the CARE Service Summary.
HCS and AAAcase management staff should be aware that there is a possibility they may be asked to provide CARE documents in English for cases transferred to the CSO. When requested, forward the English version of documents located in CARE to the CSO worker following your local office procedures.
CONTACT(S): / Patty McDonald, ADA/LEP Program Manager
(360) 725-2559

Joyce Schmidt, HCS IT Liaison
(360) 725-2431

Peggy Rezac, Financial Program Analyst
(360) 725-2582

Geri-Lyn McNeill, Care Coordination, Assessment and Service Planning Program Manager
(360) 725-2353