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Wlc / Outlaw

I.Presidents report

A.SBA website

-The website is up and running, however we need organizations to submit addition content. If an organization has an event coming up that they would like to promote or has already had an even, the SBA wants them to add content. Please email Justin Roberts at .

-The website includes a “marketplace” which is where students will be able to sell their books at the end of the semester or any other items.

-The blog topics will be changed shortly and we encourage all students to get involved and start commenting on them.

B.Business cards

-The business cards have been placed in students mailboxes. There has been a slight delay on the additional cards that students have placed orders for, however, they should be out by the end of November.


-The ATM has has been installed and it is located in the hobby of Concord hall. It is run through TD Bank.

D.Student ID cards:

-The SBA is working on trying to get student ID cards which students can put money on and be able to use it at barristers hall and possibly the book store. We are hoping to get it launched by January.

II.Officer reports:


-Each organization must email Ashley Schilgen or place in her mailbox a copy of their Bylaws or Constitution by January 10th. She can be contacted at or her mailbox number is #309.

B.Deans cup

-The first event for the Dean’s cup will be the Food Drive which is going to begin on November 16th and last throughout the week. Each item of food donated will count as 1 point and the total number of points will be divided by the number of students.

-The remainder of events will occur during the Spring Semester.

C.Community Service Requirement

-Those orgs who have satisfied the requirement (have successfully completed the checklist, gotten the requisite signatures, and handed in the list of those who have participated in the event)

  • Sela
  • Aaj
  • Mls
  • Adr
  • Balsa
  • Pdp
  • Els
  • Wlc

-Those that have been approved but have just not put on their event as of yet:

  • Balsa
  • brehon
  • Outlaw
  • Cls

D.Food drive:

-The food drive will begin on November 16th and the table will be located on mainstreet. The Sign up sheet for table hours has been placed on TWEN and consists of one hour slots for people to sign up

-Brian Searlswill send out an email to all presidents which states what students will have to do while sitting at the table.

- Every person that delivers food will mention an org they are apart of and the org will get one point per item of food. The organization that collects the most items of food will win an undisclosed prize.

-The SBA suggests to the orgs that they collect the items all together and meet at a certain time and bring it all to the table at one time. If individuals want to bring it on their own that is fine they will just have to mention what org they are with.

-Students are allowed to make cash donations, each dollar will be considered 1 point.

-The food is going to be donated to catholic charities in Wilmington

E.Student Organization budgets

-Treasurer and president will be receiving an email from Mike Clark regarding your current budget and will need to email him back certifying they have received the budget. They can discuss with him any discrepancies they find or are concerned with.

-Any money each org has at the end of the semester will go into the SBA general fund and the org will need to submit a request form if they want to use that money next semester.

-If an org wants to transfer money from an event to an event or from an org to another org they will need to fill out the form and give it to mikeclark.

F.Giving tree for local family

-The tree will be going up next week on mainstreet. We are asking all organizations to please donate to this great cause. The tags will be located on the tree which have an item to donate.

G.Additional Events:

-If any org needs an item signed off on for the remainder of this semester or next semester just let Ashley Tito know and she will be able to do so.

-Upcoming Events:

  • Talent show
  • Kickball tournament
  • Horse tournament

H.Open floor


  • brown bag affair this Thursday in Barristers.
  • 2L and 1Ls come out and can talk to 3L’s about advice for internships, exams, etc
  • Saturday at 4pm- 3L plus 1
  • An event with 5 alums and they will talk about the realities of the first year out of law school. There will be an after party at scrims.


  • November 17th at 7pm in Vale: Judge pinopinto
  • This Judge ran for the state Supreme Court. He was a member of the second graduating class from widener. He will be talking about politics and the law.
  • Drive for troops… anything that can be sent to the troops (magazines, books, personal supplies, etc.). The bins will be located throughout the school to drop off items.

-Jewish law society:

  • Will have a giving tree out…
  • They are going to need people to donate and wrap gifts, all volunteers welcome.


  • Thursday from 930-6 they will be having a bake sale with a happy hour following. All proceeds are going to survivors fund.


  • Mock Trial competition: They wanted to thank everyone who participated in the mock trial competition this semester. They will be hosting another competition in the spring which will involve a family law trial.


  • January 20th from 5-7pm Etiquette dinner
  • Will start selling tickets the week before for $10.


  • mediation competition on Saturday January 23rd
  • This year they may be taking some new members from this competition

-Diversity week:

  • Will be putting one on this year.
  • We will be encouraging all organizations to be participating.
  • More information to follow.


  • They do have a Career panel set for January.

NEXT TOWN HALL MEETING: will likely be during the second week of January.