ENTRÉES Visitors Price Members Price

Garlic or Cheesy Garlic Focaccia(v) $ 8.00 $ 7.50

Wedges (v)with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream$10.50$10.00

Soup of the Daysee our specials board$ 8.00$ 7.50

Bruschetta (v)toasted focaccia with fresh tomato, spanish onion &$ 9.90$ 9.40

crumbled pesto feta cheese in a balsamic vinaigrette

Potato Spun Prawns(4)prawn tailsencased in potato and golden fried$12.90$12.40

Thai Beef Saladgrilled rump strips on a crisp Thai salad & tangy dressing$10.90$10.40

Nachoscorn chips with melted cheese, salsa & sour cream (avocado optional 50c)$9.90$9.40


includes vegetables / saladsVisitors Price Members Price

The Digger Burger – One with the lot! beef pattie topped$17.50$16.50

with bacon, egg, lettuce, cheese, tomato, beetroot, fried onions with chips


Steak Sandwich(gf)seared black angus porterhouse, topped$17.90$16.90

with bacon, egg, onions, beetroot, lettuce, cheese, tomato relish with chips

Open LambSouvlaki(gf)marinated in greek spices, herbs garlic,$14.90$13.90

served with pita bread, greek salad and adollop of tzatziki sauce

Caesar Salad(gf)cos lettuce tossed with crispy bacon, shaved parmesan,

garliccroutons, topped with poached egg and caesar dressing original(v)(gf) $13.90 $12.90

with chicken(gf)$17.90$16.90

MAINS-Lunch and Evening Meal

includes vegetables / salads Visitors Price Members Price

Char Grilled Steaks100 day grain fed Black Angus (Licence No B362)

Black Angus Porterhouse 300g (gf)$29.90$28.90

Black Angus Porterhouse 200g (gf)$23.90$22.90

Black Angus Scotch300g (gf)$32.90$31.90

Black Angus Scotch 200g (gf)$24.90$23.90

T-Bone 350g (gf)$28.90$27.90

Fillet Mignon 300g (gf) eye fillet wrapped in bacon, with mushroom sauce $34.90$33.90

Mixed Grill 200g porterhouse steak, sausage, loin lamb chop, bacon, mushroom, $29.90$28.90

onion and fried egg

All Steaks include your choice of Mushroom, Pepper or Dianne Sauce, Gravy or Garlic Butter

(Minimum 30 minute wait on well done steaks)


includes vegetables / saladsVisitors Price Members Price

Roast of the Day– Carvery (gf)see our specials board$19.90$18.90

Lamb Shanks (gf)house cooked in a rosemary Extra Large$26.90$25.90

red wine sauce served on a creamy potato mash Regular$21.90$20.90

Ken’s Kiev (gf)made in house, fresh chicken breast Extra Large$27.90$26.90

with garlic butter coated in a crispy crunchy crumb Regular$22.90$21.90

Lemon Chickencrispy tempura battered chicken breast$23.90*$22.90*

toppedwith homemade lemon sauce

Chicken/ Beef Parmigianatopped with ham, napoli sauce and$22.90*$21.90*

melted cheese

Chicken McLachlan(gf)grilled chicken breast wrapped in$25.90$24.90

prosciutto toppedwith avocado and a dollop of hollandaise sauce

Fish & Chips(gf - grilled only)grilled or fried John Dory or$23.90*$22.90*

fish of the day (see specials board for prices)

Garlic Prawns (9) (gf on request) pan-fried prawn tails in creamy$25.90*$24.90*

garlic white-wine and parsley sauce on a bed of rice

Smoked Pork Cutletlocally sourced & smoked, topped with $23.90$22.90

our special plum sauce

Fisherman’s Basketbattered John Dory, seafood stick, crumbed $26.90$25.90

calamari rings, salt & pepper calamari, potato spun prawns & chips

Thai Beef Saladgrilled rump strips on a crisp Thai salad & tangy dressing$19.90$18.90

Vegetarian Options see our specials board

Pasta & Noodles Visitors Price Members Price

Spaghettitossed through our own homemade bolognaise sauce$18.40*$17.40*

Fettuccine Carbonaratossed with bacon and onions in a$18.40*$17.40*

creamy white wine sauce

Hokkien Noodleswok fried in a spicy thai-style sauce with fresh stir-fried vegetables


with soy glazed chicken pieces$18.90$17.90

with chicken and prawn combination$19.90$18.90

See over for more options

SidesVisitors Price Members Price

Chips with Gravy $7.50 $ 7.00

Plate of Vegetables or Salad Small oval plate$7.50 $ 7.00

Large round plate$11.00$10.50

“LITTLE DIGGERS”Children’s Meals

12 years & Under - Activity bag for the kids free with every kid’s meal purchased

Chicken Nuggets(5)golden fried nuggets served with chips$9.50

Fish & Chipsbattered fried and served with chips$9.50

Mini Hawaiian Pizzaserved with chips$9.50

Chicken Parmigianatopped with tomato sauce cheese with chips$9.50

Little Digger Burgerbeef pattiewith lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese $9.50

served with chips

Children’s Desserts

Frog in the Pondchocolate frog in green jelly$3.90

Marshmallow Messmixed lollies, marshmallow, chocolate on vanilla icecream$4.90

DESSERTSVisitors Price Members Price

(All desserts served with 1 scoop of vanilla ice-cream)

Apple Crumblehomemade stewed apple & cinnamon topped$8.50$ 8.00

with our old fashioned crumble mix

Sticky Date Puddinghomemade, topped with caramel$ 8.50$ 8.00

sauce and whipped cream

Banana Fritter crispy fried banana in a light batter $ 8.50$ 8.00

(not redeemable with voucher)

Ice-Cream Sundae 3 scoops of vanilla ice-cream with$ 8.50$ 8.00

your choice of topping, nuts or sprinkles

Chocolate Self Saucing Puddingwith whipped cream$ 8.50$ 8.00

Golden Syrup Dumplingshomemadewith whipped cream$ 8.50$ 8.00

Gourmet CakesPlease refer to display fridge for selections$ 9.90$ 9.40

(not redeemable with voucher, theme nights or lunch specials)