TITLE:Medical Officer - Extended Care Unit

ACCOUNTABLE TO:Medical Director, Older People Services

SALARY SCALE:(Medical Officer – Senior) scale €72,798 - €86,323 pa pro rata.

HOLIDAYS:31 Calendar Days per year

HEALTH:A candidate for and any person holding the office must be free from any defect or disease which would render him/her unsuitable to hold the office and be in a state of health as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to attend regular and efficient service

CHARACTER:A candidate for and any person holding the office must be of good character.

HOURS OF WORK:39 hours per week. Details of starting and finishing times, which may vary in accordance with Hospice needs, will be notified to you by your Head of Department. The candidate will provide cross coverwhen required.

WORKING WEEK:Monday to Friday 7.8 hours a day, this may change due to the needs of the service. In this instance on call is not required

ETHICAL CODE:The post holder is requested to respect the special charism, ethos and tradition of Our Lady’s Hospice and Care Services and to observe and comply with its general policies, procedures and regulations. All personnel employed at Our Lady’s Hospice and Care Services are required to respect and uphold the principles enunciated in the Philosophy, Mission Values and Ethical Code of the Religious Sisters of Charity as they apply to the exercise of their duties and responsibilities

CONFIDENTIALITY:You will have access to various types of records/information in the course of your work. Such records and information are strictly confidential and unless acting on the instruction of an authorised person, on no account must information concerning staff, patients/residents or other hospice business be divulged or discussed except in the performance of normal duty. In addition, records may never be left in such a manner that unauthorised persons can obtain access to them and must be kept in safe custody when no longer required.

JOB PURPOSE:The post holder will provide a high quality medical service to the Extended Care Unit He/she will be based in Older Person Services in the Extended Care Unit (ECU). ECU has a combination of highly dependent older people under the Nursing Home Support Scheme (Fair Deal) and supportive palliative care patients who are predominantly over 65.



  • The Medical Officer will work with all patients/residents in the Extended Care Unit.
  • The Medical Officer will assist the Medical Director of Older Person Services in clinical management of the Hospice’s Extended Care Unit. This will include overall responsibility for the assessment and acceptance of patients/residents into the Extended Care Unit in accordance with established practice and agreed policies.
  • The Medical Officer will assist the Medical Director of Older Person Services in the co-ordination of clinical services and will lead / facilitate the functioning of the multi-disciplinary delivery of patient care. As part of this process the Medical Officer will lead regular ward rounds including multi-disciplinary case conferences and family reviews of patients/residents as required.
  • The Medical Officer will on occasion provide care of patients/residents in our community reablement unit and provide cross-cover for medical colleagues.
  • The Medical Officer shall be responsible to the Medical Director of Older Person Services in respect of all matters of clinical policy and implementation thereof.
  • The Medical Officer is responsible for the maintenance of adequate medical clinical records in respect of all persons in the Extended Care Unit
  • To work with the Director of Nursing and Senior Management Team to ensure compliance to HIQA standards and other standards & regulations
  • To participate in quality initiatives such as nurse metrics, step into my world events as part of the Patient Priority Pledge
  • To participate in required audits and KPI’s and to complete required actions and processes required to close the cycle.
  • The Medical Officer will participate in committee meetings as and when required.
  • Through their managerial role they will advise the Medical Director of Older Person Services and Pharmacywith regard to drugs, medicines, medical or surgical appliances. It is hospice policy that generic forms of drugs areprescribed.
  • To liaise with the Pharmacist, the Director of Nursing and the Medical Director of Older Person Services on the custody and administration of dangerous drugs.
  • To liaise regularly with the Pharmacist on review of patients/residents’ medication, charts and retain adequate patient records.
  • In conjunction with the Pharmacist to work within thehospice formulary- where available - and to use generic drugs where appropriate.
  • The Medical Officer will offer assistance and advice to staff in case of urgency / or emergency at the hospice
  • In conjunction with the appropriate authority, to carry out such preventative measures e.g. immunisation, vaccination etc. as may be necessary.
  • The Medical Officer will advise Clinical Nurse Managers on care of patients/residents where appropriate, e.g. medical / clinical care and when requiredwill consult with the patients/residentsand general practitioner.
  • The Medical Officer should notify the Medical Director, Director of Nursing and other appropriate authority of any case of infection or suspected infectious disease in the hospice and to furnish such particulars as may be required in regard to each case


  • Attend the hospice at a regular time each weekday as specified by theMedical Director of Older Person Services
  • May participate in interviewing and in the selection of prospective para-medical staff in accordance with established medical practice.
  • Furnish reports to the Medical Director of Older Person Serviceson all relevant matters.
  • Participate in clinical audit, research and teaching as and when required
  • Advise the Medical Director of Older Person Services on matters relating to future strategic developments and annual provider plans.
  • To comply with the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act regarding requests for release of information to patients/residents.
  • To issue to or in respect of any patient under his care in the hospicewithout payment by or on behalf of the patient, or by the HSE, any certificates which might reasonably be required by such patient in regard to the state of his health in connection with entitlement to benefit under any scheme of Social Insurance or Assistance.
  • To report in writing to the Medical Director of Older Person Services on any matter affecting the health of persons in the hospice, any defects in support services or other arrangements of the hospice, or any defect which may affect the good care of patients/residents.


  • Where appropriate, will liaise with Risk Management and Occupational Health, on matters effecting the hospice, to ensure high standards of clinical care
  • Be expected to keep up to date with developments in the medical field particularly in regard to the needs which have to be addressed within the hospice. Will advise the Medical Director of Older Person Services on matters which may require re-appraisal or re-direction in services.
  • To be responsible for the maintenance of appropriate liaison arrangements between the hospice and other medical attendances in other agencies.


  • To make the most effective and efficient use of developments in information technology for the Medical Officer role, in a manner which integrates well with systems throughout the organisation.


  • To assume responsibility for his/her own professional development and safe work practice.
  • The Medical Officer will monitor and keep up-to-date with developments and all other relevant healthcare matters to ensure maintenance of knowledge and skill base in order to facilitate contemporary professional practice.
  • Evidence of on-going education and CPD will be required.
  • Mandatory participation in in-service training programmes will be required.


  • To maintain a safe work environment in co-operation with Our Lady’s Hospice and Care Services Management Team, with reference to the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act,
  • To ensure the safety of self, others and the maintenance of the environment and equipment used in the workplace in accordance with health and safety act and local policies and procedures.
  • To be familiar with Our Lady’s Hospice and Care Services policies, practices and procedures.
  • To adhere to the policies and procedures laid down in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005.
  • To work in a safe manner with due care and attention to safety of self and other authorised persons in the workplace.
  • To instruct assigned staff /students in safe working practices.
  • To report immediately any accidents or incidents involving patients/residents, staff, students or members of the public to the Head of Department.


  • Will maintain accurate and up to date records.
  • To attend and participate in meetings and events as may be required from time to time.

Any other duties as may be assigned to the officer from time to time, including deputising and/or providing cross cover for other officers, when required and such duties as may be assigned to him/her in relation to any other area of the Hospice complex.

Arrangements have been introduced, on a national level, for the provision of Garda Vetting in respect of candidates for employment in areas of the Health Services, where it is envisaged that potential employees would have substantial access to children or vulnerable individuals. Each candidate will be required to complete a Garda Vetting form.

Criteria / Essential / Desirable
Qualifications /
  • Full registration in the General registrar of Medical Practitioners maintained by the Medical Council in Ireland.
  • Possession of one of the following - Diploma in Geriatric Medicine or MICGP/MRCGP/MRCP

Experience /
  • Have a minimum of 5years’ satisfactory post-qualification experience in the medical profession,one of which must be in the Care of the Older Person or an allied specialty

Quality Focus /
  • Demonstrate a commitment to assuring high standards and strive for a user centred service
  • Demonstrate an ability to work within a regulated environment eg HIQA
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of and an ability to ensure infection control and hygiene standards are adhered to

Professional Knowledge & Skills /
  • Possess the requisite knowledge, and ability including a high standard of suitability for the proper discharge of the duties of the post as outlined above.
  • Be able to demonstrate competence in clinical skills.
  • Be able to demonstrate and apply previous experience
  • Have a particular interest in the specialities at Our Lady’s Hospice and Care Services.
  • Excellent IT skills
  • Demonstrates a good understanding of the impact and implication of current wider healthcare developments and changes on services within the agency( s)
  • Demonstrates an ability to problem solve in a clear manner and suggest solutions that are innovative and realistic

Interpersonal/ Communication Skills /
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Have a high level of English language and demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing with colleagues and patients/residents
  • Have ability to build strong relationships
  • Display awareness and appreciation of the service users and the ability to empathise with and treat others with dignity and respect
  • Demonstrate an ability to communicate with distressed or anxious patients/residents and relatives
  • Display an ability to impart unwelcome news regarding patients/residents’ rehabilitation prospects
  • Demonstrate ability to utilise supervision effectively

Teamwork/leadership skills /
  • Demonstrate effective team skills including the ability to work as a member of a multi-disciplinary team
  • Demonstrates leadership skills required to inspire, develop and strengthen the team.

Adaptability /
  • Demonstrates an ability to work effectively within a changing environment

Time Management /
  • Demonstrate the ability to plan and deliver care in an effective and resourceful manner within a model of person-centred care
  • Demonstrate an ability to manage and develop self and others in a busy working environment
  • Demonstrate flexibility and openness to change

Self-Management /
  • Demonstrates self-awareness and knowledge of ones strengths and weaknesses

Evaluating and judging situations /
  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively evaluate information and make appropriate decisions

Organisational Knowledge /
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the ethos and core values of Our Lady’s Hospice and Care Services


Job Description & Person Specification – Medical Officer February 2015