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Sea Scout training Weekend

1-3 April 2011

Welcome to 2011 version of the Sea Scout Training Weekend. For this year’s event:

  • The Ordinary track will have more selections and again have flexibility in its structure to better fit the curriculum to each individual’s needs or preferences.
  • The Able track, which was cancelled last year will be exclusively operating the various facets of the ship simulator at Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy,
  • Other training opportunities, such as CPR and basic sailing will be made available if enough interest is indicated.

Additionally, there will be the all day VirginiaSafe Boating course for those Sea Scouts not yet attaining Apprentice rank and other youth and adultswhich will satisfy most, if not all, of “Small Boat Handlers” requirements.

The training day will be nearly eight hours, including as much astwo hours for touring a Coast Guard cutter and will be all done on Saturday. Those working on Ordinary requirements will be given the opportunity either to choose any one of four sub tracks or, if desiredfor those classes permitting such, justspecific sessions of interest from any of those sub tracks. The specific selection, however, must be made at time of application submission for the weekend in order to allow for sufficient advanced planning for class size and instructor preparation. Also, because a class might be filled, a second choice should be made.

Except for the Able track, all courses will be conducted at Portsmouth Coast Guard Base and will either be in a classroom or on boats.

On Saturday, after training sessions are over, there will be an hour and a half for overflow training and gamming (visiting and socializing), followed by a Skippers’/Bos’ns’ meeting. Afterwards Happy Hour will take place in the Wheelhouse, where there will be popcorn, soft drinks and pizza. Also pool tableswill be available.

Participating units should arrive and sign in Friday evening between 1600 and 2000. Later that evening there will be a WelcomingCeremony, followed by a ceremony for induction into the Realm of the Golden Dragon for all Apprentice Sea Scouts and above and all adults. The cost of the latter is $9.00 to cover cost of pin.

As in the past units will be allowed to berth in the gym with a centerline curtain dividing the genders. This year, if a unit desires to camp outside an area will be provided outside. Such camping, however, must be on a unit basis accompanied by adult leaders.

Sunday morning, after Breakfast, there will be a closing consisting of a non-denominational service, followed by unit recognition and closing remarks. A representative of each unit will receive a packet with crew certificate at time of their checkout with Bos’n at Quarterdeck.

Unit leaders are responsible for ensuring that youth protection is adequately maintained for their members at all times. Any questions must be presented promptly to the staff.

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APPRENTICE TRACK: (For those Sea Scouts who are not yet Apprentice, any Venturers who are not interested in Bronze Sea Scout and any Ordinary who are not taking any other course):VirginiaSafe Boating Course(will satisfy most, if not all, of “Small Boat Handlers” requirements)– 8 Hours. Will satisfy most, if not all of Small Boat Handlers” requirements. For those wanting latter an extra hour and a half of instruction will be provided.

ORDINARY TRACK: (For those Sea Scouts who are Apprentice and working on Ordinary and for Venturers working on Bronze Sea Scoutand for Ordinary Scouts not doing Able track):

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Ordinary Track Course Description

Rev 1 (3/3/11)



P1 Direction(Classroom):

Learn various ways in which direction is expressed and demonstrate use and purpose of each. Art. 10a-b, page 51 & 52 SSM[1]. (2 hr)

P2 Distance and speed(Classroom):

Learn ways to measure distance and determine speed in water and over ground. Art. 10c, page 52 SSM. (1 hr)

P3 Plotting (Classroom):

Learn basic use of charts and how to plot positions and tracks. Art. 10f, page 52 SSM. (1 hr)

P4 Plotting: (Underway, P1-P3 req.)

While underway and using charts of the local area, plot vessels move
ment along pre-determined track. Art. 10f, page 52 SSM (1.5 hr)


S1 Ground Tackle:

Be familiar with at least five types of anchors; be familiar with name and purpose of parts. Art. 8a-b, page 51 SSM. (1hr)

S2 Anchoring (Underway): (S1 req.)

Set and weigh anchor from a boat that is underway. Art. 8c-d, page 51 SSM. (2 hr)

S3Navigation Rules.

Understand the “Rules of the Road”. Identify lights and sound signals. Art. 9.0, page 51 SSM (2 hr)

S4 Ornamental Rope work:

Understand purpose of and tie Monkey Fist in end of line to make a 50’ heaving line; finish ends. Tie Turk’s Head. Art. 16d, page 51 SSM (1.5 hr)


C1 Ship Safety Procedures (Underway for second half):

Learn and demonstrate procedures for man overboard, fire, and abandon ship for pleasure craft and discus for a ship. Develop ship’s station bill. Art. 5c-d, page 50 SSM. (3 hr)

C2 Ship Safety Equipment:

Discus safety equipment required by law and that recommended by standards. Review BSA Safety Afloat rules. Art. 5a-b, page 50 SSM. (2 hr)

C3 Communication Methods:

Discuss methods and equipment for communicating between boats, ships and shore stations. Art. 5e, page 50 SSM. (1 hr)

C4 Radio/Phone procedures:

Discuss, demonstrate and practice Radio/Telephone procedure. Art. 5f, page 50 SSM. (1.5 hr)


E1 Basic Marine Engines

Learn and demonstrate basic marine internal combustion engine function, maintenance, and environ
mental considerations. Art. 12 and 16e, pages 52 and 53 SSM. (2 hr)

E2 Advanced Marine Engines:

Learn and demonstrate advancedmarine function and use. (Quartermaster level course) Art. 13b, page 58 SSM. (1 hr)

E3 Marine Electrical

Learn about electrical safety, battery construction and theory, marine electrical systems, galvanic corrosion and making basic electrical repairs. (Quartermaster level course) Art. 13d, page 58 SSM. (1+ hr)

Rev 1 (3/3/11)


Time / Piloting / Seamanship / Safety / Engineering/Communications.
Session 1 / 0800-0850 / P1 – Direction / S1 – Ground Tackle / C1a – Ship Safety Procedures / E1 – Marine Eng. 101.
Session 2 / 0900-0950 / S2– Anchoring (UW*) / C1b - Ship Safety Procedures
(underway part).
Session 3 / 1000-1050 / P2 – Distance and Speed / E2 – Marine Eng.. 201.
Lunch / 1100-1200
Session 4 / 1200-1250 / Cutter Tour / Cutter Tour / C2 – Ship Safety Equip / Cutter Tour
Session 5 / 1300-1350
Session 6 / 1400-1450 / P3 – Plotting (CR) / S3 – Navigation Rules / C3 – Communication Methods / E3 – Marine Electrical
Session 7 / 1500-1550 / P4 – Plotting (UW*) / S4-- Ornamental Rope-
work / C4-Radio/Phone Procedures
Session 8 / 1600-1630


* Course available only to those who have completed all earlier courses in sub track.

Rev 1 (3/3/11)


ABLE TRACK:(For those Sea Scouts who are Ordinary and working on Able and for Venturers who have Bronze Sea Scout and are working on Quartermaster.)Mid Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy in Norfolk, VA has simulators for ship’s bridge, navigation/tracking center, engine Main Control and other engineering spaces. AM to be spent on voyage planning, chart work and leadership/deck officer responsibilities; PM to be spent actually carrying out the plan in the simulators. Total voyage to be 3 hrs, 1.5hrs outbound and 1.5 hrs inbound, with a crew swap at the halfway point. That way the whole group gets bridge and engine room experience. This will be professional level training and participants should be selected by their skippers as most deserving and most likely to really get something out of this experience. - 8 hours

(Ordinary Scouts and Venturers working on Quartermaster not selected for this course can sign up for any of the Ordinary track sessions, or Boating Safety or (if available) sail training.

OTHER ELECTIVES:All of below to be available from 1300 to 1630 (Sessions 5-8).

  • CPR Training: -- Available for youth and adults desiring initial training or retraining. A nominal additional fee maybe required.
  • Sailing Instruction: -- Available for youth and adults desiring basic training in sailing, assuming conditions suitable.
  • Adult Sea Scout Training: -- Available for adults is Sea Scout Adult Leader Basic Training (SSALBT).

Rev 1 (3/3/11)



FRIDAY, 1 April 2011:

Set the watch!

1600-1800 First Dog Watch

1730 Commence check in.

1800-2000 Second Dog Watch

2000-2400 First Watch

2030-2100 Opening Ceremony

2100-2130 Golden Dragon Ceremony

2130-2230 Gamming (visiting and socializing)


2300 Lights out! Maintain quiet about the deck!

Saturday2 April 2011:

0000-0400 Middle Watch

0400-0800 Morning Watch

0630 Reveille! Store all loose gear neatly.

0700-0750Breakfast at Dining Hall

0800-1200 Forenoon Watch

0800-0850Class Session #1

0900-0950Class Session #2

1000-1050Class Session #3

1200-1600 Afternoon Watch

1100 - 1150Lunch at Dining Hall

1200-1250 Class Session #4

1300-1350Class Session #5

1400-1450 Class Session #6

1500-1550Class Session #7

1600-1800 First DogWatch

1600-1630Class Session #8


1630-1730Evening meal

1730-1900Small Boat Handling qualification andGamming (socializing);also any training overflow needed.

1800-2000 Second Dog Watch

1900-2000Skippers’ meeting/Bos’ns’ meeting in Wheelhouse.

2000-2400 First Watch

2000-2130Happy Hour (shooting pool in Wheelhouse with popcorn and soft drinks)


2300 Lights out! Maintain quiet about the deck!

Sunday3 April 2011:

0000-0400 Middle Watch

0400-0800 Morning Watch

0630 Reveille! Store all loose gear neatly!.

0700-0750Breakfast at Dining Hall

0800-1200 Forenoon Watch

0800-0830Pack up all personal gear

0830-0930Closing Ceremony/ Non-denominational service

0930 Checkout/Depart.

Secure the Watch!

Rev 1 (3/3/11)


Rev 1 (3/3/11)



This form should accompany the individual forms for each person

This is to notify you officially that SHIP/VENTURING CREW ______will be attending the training event scheduled for 1-3 April 2011 at (USCG Base) in Portsmouth, VA. We plan to arrive at ______on Friday evening.

Enclosed find registration fees for the following courses:

Apprentice Track $35 X _____ = _$______

Ordinary Track $35 X _____ = _$______

Able Track $35 X _____ = _$______

Adult Training $35 X _____ = _$______

Participation in Golden Dragon Ceremony $9X _____ = _$______

Total Paid _$______

Send applications with registration fees to : SSS 909

2424 Spindrift Rd.

Virginia Beach, VA 23451-1751

Location of Quarterdeck for weekend is in Lobby of gymnasium located on US Coast Guard Base, Portsmouth, VA. More detailed directions regarding reaching that facility will be provided with acknowledgement of receipt of application.


Each person attending should fill out an individual registration form.



Will you be participating in Golden Dragon ceremony?______


I, ______, give permission for my child to receive emergency care at a nearby clinic or hospital in the event of an accident or emergency.


Insurance info:______.

I can be reached at the following phone number(s):______.

Signed:______. Relationship:______.

Ship /Venturing Crew #:______, Skipper/Advisor:______

Select the course that you want to take for each session. As an example it could be “Ground Tackle” for session #1, “Anchoring” for sessions # 2 and #3, Cutter sessions #4--#5, etc. or “Distance/Speed and Plotting” sub track, sessions #1– \#8, or “Able track” for all sessions, or “Boating Safety” for all sessions.

Session / First Choice / Second Choice

Rev 1 (3/3/11)


[1] Sea Scout Manual, 11th Ed. 2010 printing.