Aeries Data Verification

Starting on July 1, 2015, parents may begin the process of Personal Data verification in Aeries.

Personal data must be verified in Aeries in order to register your student for school year 2015-16. Please follow these instructions:

1.  Sign into your Aeries parent account during the Data Verification window (July 1 – August 9, 2015).

2.  In the top menu bar, hover over Student Info to expand the drop-down menu.

3.  Roll down and click on Data Confirmation.

4.  You will now begin the Data Confirmation steps:

a.  Student Demographics - Read and review each entry in the Student Demographic section. If changes are needed, click change at the bottom and make changes. Be sure to click save when done. Now click Confirm and Continue.

b.  Contacts – Read and review each entry in the Contacts section. To change contact information, add a contact, or delete a contact, click the appropriate button. Enter all requested information and click Save at the bottom. When finished with all contact information, click Confirm and Continue.

c.  Medical History – Read and review each entry in the Medical History section. Make any updates to existing medical conditions and add any additional information by clicking on the appropriate selections. Be sure to click Save. When finished with all Medical History, click Confirm and Continue.

d.  Documents – Please download, read, and review the appropriate documents that pertain to your

student. Hard copies of some of these documents must be submitted when your student registers in August. You will be required to click the box next to each document title to confirm your knowledge of the information contained in the document. When finished with all Documents, click Confirm and Continue.

e. Authorizations – Read and review the descriptions of each Authorization and Prohibition. Click

Deny, Interested, Not Interested, or Allow based on your preferences. Click Save. When

finished with all Authorizations, click Confirm and Continue.

f. Final Data Confirmation - Click on the Submit Final Confirmation button to finish this


5.  After you click the Submit Final Confirmation button, please click on the button, Print New Emergency Card. Print, sign and date the card and hold onto this new Emergency Card. You will be required to turn in this new Emergency Card at your student’s assigned registration day in August along with any of the documents from step 4d.

Print and sign your New Emergency Card and bring it to your August in-person registration date (see 3rd link at the top of this webpage for registration dates) and time. Students will not be allowed to enter the registration line without this document. Edison High School must have this document before the first day of school in order for your student to attend.