Study Guide: Chapter 18 – The Rise of Russia

Russia’s Expansionist Politics Under the Tsars

1.  What allows Russia to free itself from Mongol rule?

The Need for Revival

2.  What elements of Russian culture survived during Mongol rule? What elements were impacted (most often negatively)?

3.  What achievements of Ivan III and Ivan IV helped Russia on its path to resurgence?

Patterns of Expansion

4.  Describe 4 consequences/developments of Russia’s territorial expansions throughout Eastern Europe and Asia.

Western Contact and Romanov Policy

5.  Describe the relationship between Russia and Western Europe during the early years of expansion.

6.  What are 3 examples of impact that the Romanovs have on Russian expansion and development?

Russia’s First Westernization, 1690-1790

7.  What steps are taken by Peter the Great to “westernize” Russia?

Tsarist Autocracy of Peter the Great

8.  Define “autocracy” (it’s not in the book). What are 3 examples that demonstrate Peter was an autocrat?

9.  What significant addition to Russian economic interest came after a successful campaign against Sweden? Why was it significant?

What Westernization Meant

10.  Describe 4 cultural changes that Peter made in an attempt to “westernize” Russia. (Don’t make them all about women).

11.  Which social class was primarily targeted by Peter’s efforts? How did they respond? What was the response from the lower class?

Consolidation Under Catherine the Great

12.  In what ways does Catherine the Great continue the traditions of westernization and expansion? In what ways does she deviate from that trend?

Serfdom: The Life of East Europe’s Masses

13.  How does Russian serfdom compare with the traditional institution of slavery? Be sure to address similarities and differences.

Trade and Economic Dependence

14.  Describe the successes and failures experienced by Russia’s social and economic systems.

Social Unrest

15.  What are the demands made by many peasant rebels? Why were these demands impossible to agree with, even if the tsar would have wanted to?

Russia & Eastern Europe

16.  What changes to power in Eastern Europe contributed to the rise of Russia as a political power?

(Points to Ponder on next page…)

Points to Ponder (these are the questions you will turn in) – 4 points each

1.  How did Russia change politically and socially from the time of the Kievan Rus to the rule of Catherine the Great?

2.  What was the nature of early expansion in Russia under the Ivans?

3.  Compare and contrast the role/importance of trade and commerce in Western Europe versus Russia.

4.  In what ways did Peter the Great reform the economy, government and society of Russia through his attempts at “westernization”?

5.  What were the primary differences between Russia and the West in the 18th century?