Tuesday, September 26, 2006

PLACE: Hawthorn School

TIME: Bill Committee 5:15 P.M.

The Bill Committee for September is Terry Barnfield, Felton Jose, and Patty Squibb.

FY 07 Budget Hearing 5:30 P.M.

1. Consider the FY 07 Salem Elementary School District #111 Final Budget.

Public Hearing Concerning The Permanent Transfer Of Funds 5:45 P.M.

From The Education Fund To The Transportation Fund

1. Consider a permanent transfer from the Education Fund to the Transportation Fund.

General Meeting 6:00 P.M.

1.  Call meeting to order.

2.  Review and approve minutes.

-August 22, 2006 Regular Board Meeting Open Minutes

3.  Review and approve closed minutes.

-August 22, 2006 Regular Board Meeting Closed Minutes

4. Consider the destruction of the verbatim record of the January 10, 2005 Regular Board Meeting closed session and the January 22, 2005 Special Board Meeting closed session.

5.  Review and approve bills.

6.  Welcome visitors.

7.  Letters and other communications.

8.  The normal practice for persons wanting an audience with the Board of Education is specified in Board Policy 2.230. A copy of the guidelines is available from the Board Secretary. Memoranda and other data should be included for the board’s advance study whenever possible.

9. Agenda for September 26, 2006

A. Cafeteria Report

B. Technology Report

C. Discussion of the renewal of District Insurance Policies

D. Consider approval of the FY 07 Final Budget

E. Consider adopting a resolution to permanently transfer $132,313 from the education

fund to the transportation fund.

F. Consider adopting a resolution to transfer $132,313 from the transportation fund to the

working cash fund for the purpose of repayment of previous loans.

G. Consider approval of FY 07 Application for Recognition of Schools

H. Resolution use Tax Anticipation Warrants in the Education Fund

I. Discussion of the school owned bus

J. Discussion of Central School

K. Superintendent’s Report

1. Building Reports

2. Athletic Report

3. Field Trip Approvals

-Gr. 3 to St. Louis Zoo on September 29, 2006

4. IASB Kaskasia Division Meeting October 26, 2006 at Hillsboro CUSD 3

5. Other as Needed

L Personnel

1.  Employ a part time aide.

2.  Discussion of the need to employ a substitute custodian.

M. Closed session to discuss personnel, employee compensation, negotiations, and possible litigation.

N. Adjourn