SEO Step-by-Step Guide

1. Positioning

  1. Brainstorm keyword phrases
  2. Add keywords to
  3. Google’s keyword selector shows keywords with total number of searches under column: “Local Monthly Searches”
  4. Find competing number of websites for every key phrase on (Top Left corner)
  5. Decide how relevant that search term is. How many people who are searching for that search phrase are looking to buy your service/product?
  6. Add numbers to excel, use A-Z sorter.
  7. Success formula is High Number of Searches, Low number of competing websites, 100% relevancy. Choose 10-15 keywords that match those criteria.
  8. For each keyword, set a web page to optimize for that keyword

2. On Page Optimization (code)

What does Google understand from your website?

  • What’s your platform?
  • Speedtest
  • W3C validation
  • Robots.txt optimization
  • RSS feeds (blog only)
  • Google Sitemap creation

3. Textual Optimization

Keyword Use in:

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1.Title Tag

2.First Word(s) of the Title Tag

3.Root Domain Name

4.H1 Headline Tag

5.Internal Link Anchor Text

6.External Link Anchor Text

7.First Word(s) in the H1 Tag

8.First 50-100 Words in HTML

9. Page Name URL

10.Page Folder URL

11.H2-H6 Headline Tags

12.Image ALT Tags

13.Repetitions in the HTML Text

14.Image Names

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15.b> or <strong> Tags

16.Meta Description Tag

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4. Link Building

  1. Not every link is a good one
  2. Prefer manual links over automatic links
  3. Add your site to
  4. Check the Alexa ranking and Page Rank of a link
  5. Check the code - is it going to help you?

Easiest ways to get links:

  1. Internal links
  2. Links from your other websites (is it beneficial?)
  3. Link from your social media
  4. Blog comments
  5. StumpleUpon, Digg,, other social bookmarking websites
  6. Create great content that people want to link to
  7. Directories of Chambers, trade organizations, etc
  8. Be a guest blogger on a popular blog
  9. Make your website Social Media friendly

5. Optimize for business

  1. City/Geographic Location
  2. Phone number
  3. Call to Action + Form
  4. Call to action/Sigunder blog post and/or have banner/offer on the side
  5. Make your site Social Media Friendly
  6. Get your business listed with Google Maps

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