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OBJECTIVE: Join a progressive company in sales or marketing and contribute to the company success as a product manager, sales manageror technical specialist.


Millennium Sales, Sales EngineerApr07-Mar09 (2 yrs)

Function: Demand Creation, Direct and Distribution Sales in Dallas Area

Customers:L-3 Communications, Raytheon, Maxim, Sychip, Microtune,

Cisco (Navini), Sirit, Syquest, Tellabs

Sales Results:$3.8M/yr

Sanyo Denki America, Regional Sales ManagerNov04-Apr07 (2.5 yrs)

Function:Demand Creation and Direct Sales of fansfor SouthEastern US

Customers: Motorola, Tyco Power, Hitachi, HP, Fujitsu, Tekelec, ColdWatt, Tellabs

Sales Budget:$3.6M/yr

Tristar Group,FAE/Sales EngineerApr03-Oct04 (1.5 yrs)

Function: Demand Creation, Direct sales and Technical Support

for Renesys, Semtech, Silicon Image, Simtek and other lines

Hitachi Semiconductor,Principal FAENov99-Mar03 (3.5 yrs)

Function:Demand Creation and Technical Support

Customers: Texas Instruments, HP Houston,

Dynachip, Field Application EngineerSep98-Oct99 (1 yr)

Demand creation and Support ofhigh performance RAM configurable

Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and associated development tools.

Hitachi Semiconductor, FAE, Senior FAE, Principal FAEDec84-Aug98 (14 yrs)

Demand Creation and Technical Support of Microcontrollers,

Memories, power MOSFETs, LCD displays, CRT display controllers

Micro Standard Technologies, VP and Chief Design EngineerSep81-Jan84 (2.3 yrs)

Developed Z80 and 68000 based Portable (Luggable)Computers

Total Product Sales (5 years):$3.8M.

Mostek Inc., Test Engineer, HW Design Engineer, HW Design ManagerJan73-Sep81 (8.5 yrs)

DesignedTest platforms, Single Board Computers, Evaluation boards

Development platforms, In-circuit Emulators.


Electric Design, October, 1993, “RISC Microcontroller Simplifies Communication Hardware”

Hitachi Technology Partner, March/April, 1994, “A Winning Combination: PSRAMs and Controllers”


Masters Degree, Electrical Engineering, TexasA&MUniversity – College Station, TX

Bachelors Degree, Electrical Engineering, TexasA&MUniversity – College Station, TX

Pre-Engineering, TexasLutheranCollege – SeguinTexas


Key Contributions

Millennium Sales:

L-3 communications: Supported the design-in and purchase M/A-COM custom MFA (Multi-Function Assembly) for the Peace Pioneer program. This was a down converter Assembly and local oscillator module that resulted in a $886K booking of first year business and 900K in orders projected for the second year.

Raytheon: Support and manage 35 different design opportunitiesfor M/A-COM components with potential of $900K in new business.Also Conducted two product line “Lunch and Learn” seminars at Raytheon in Mckinney and Initiated Powerex recognized supplier status qualification.

Maxim Semiconductor: Sales and coordination of Technical Support of KDS crystalsfor Maxim DS4026 DC-TCXO (digitally controlled temperature-compensated-crystal oscillator). Production has started and over $30K crystals are forecast by the end of 2009.

Unitron LP: Sales and Technical support of Design started using Powerex CM450DX24AIGBT module for 95KW frequency converter (Inverter circuit). Worked withengineering and purchasing to anticipate and resolve any potential design, price or delivery related issues.

Murata/Sychip: Worked with engineering to introduce and qualify M/A-COM MASW-007107 for WiFi + BT module (reference design). This is in production now at 100K/month in China. Also supported M/A-COM switches in Flip-Chip package for new IPD program.

Microtune: Supported and tracked design activities of numerous M/A-COM amplifiers, Filters, Baluns and other components used by Microtune on STB reference designs. These designs were used by Cisco, Motorola, Samsung and other companies.

Tellabs: Supported design and qualification of M/A-COM amplifier used for Fiber communications receiver for FTTH (Fiber To The House) application.

Trane/Paragon Innovations: Discovered system design opportunity at The Trane Company (American Standard) and brought the opportunity to Paragon Innovations which implemented the design for Trane. This resulted in $4300 in additional commissions.

Millennium Sales: Designed and implemented the Web site with both English and Spanish Languages and then trained Millennium’s Inside Sales Coordinator to support the site.

Sanyo Denki America:

Tyco Power Systems: Developed business level of Sanyo Denki fans from only one design worth 800K to over $3.5M/year with numerous designs. Sanyo Denki was top supplier of fans to Tyco.