Department of Community

Preservation and Development

Date:February 22, 2006

To:Planning and Zoning Commission

From:Carrie Davis, Sr. Planner

Subject:Preliminary Planned Residential Development: Case Number PUD-05-01

Final Plat of Peterson Pointe Subdivision: Case Number S-05-07

1021-1037 Peterson Avenue


John Pikarski, Jr., applicant, requests a Preliminary Planned Residential Development, in accordance with Section 11.11.C.1 of the Zoning Ordinance, for the purpose of constructing a multi-family residential development; and a Final Plat of Subdivision for two lots at 1021-1037 Peterson Avenue.

The following chart illustrates the uses and classifications of the subject and surrounding properties.

Location / Current Use / Zoning / Comprehensive Plan
Subject Property / Single family residential and vacant land / R-4 / Multi-Family Residential (High Density)
North / Single family residential / R-1 / Single Family Residential
East / Multi-family residential (condominiums) / R-4 / Multi-Family Residential (High Density)
South / Al’s Beef and Nancy’s Pizza and an office building / B-1 / General Commercial and Office
West / Townhouses / R-4 / Multi-Family Residential (High Density)

Notification requirements for this case have been satisfied. A legal notice for the public hearing was published in the Park Ridge Herald-Advocate, a zoning hearing sign was posted on the property and the neighboring property owners were notified.

Information Submitted by the Applicant

Preliminary Planned Residential Development

The applicant proposes a Preliminary Planned Residential Development to construct a multi-family residential development. The site currently consists of four parcels of land, with a total of 61,023 square feet or 1.4 acres. Two of the properties were occupied by single family houses, which were recently demolished. The remaining two lots still contain single family houses, which would also be demolished. The Preliminary Site Plan, dated February 1, 2006, shows 32 condominiums in two, three-story brick buildings containing 16 units each. This would result in an overall density of 22.8 dwelling units per acre for the entire project. Each building would be a maximum of 40 feet tall. The development would satisfy the allowable limits for lot coverage and open space. A total of 72 parking spaces would be provided, including 18 in the surface parking lot and 54 in the first floor parking garage of both buildings. Primary access to each building would be off Peterson Avenue. Stormwater detention would be provided underneath the site.

KLOA provided a memorandum, dated January 5, 2006, which concludes that the proposed development would have a minimal impact on the area. The intersection of Cumberland and Peterson Avenues would be able to accommodate increased traffic volumes from the development. Traffic flow from the development would be safe and efficient, both on and off-site. Sufficient parking, including extra spaces, would be provided on-site.

The applicant submitted preliminary engineering plans, dated January 31, 2006, showing the layout of utilities for the project. The applicant plans to provide appropriate improvements on-site to connect to the surrounding utility infrastructure. The applicant plans to provide a combination of on-site stormwater detention and a fee in lieu of detention, based on the requirements of the Engineering Division.

The applicant’s statement explains how the project would satisfy the eight criteria required for Planned Developments (Section 11.11.D.2.e). One, the site or zoning lot where the project is planned would be adaptable to the proposed unified development because the area south of Peterson Avenue is currently occupied by multi-family residential and commercial uses. Two, the proposed development would not be detrimental to or endanger the public welfare of the community because the site is already zoned for multi-family residential and would satisfy the requirements of the R-4 District. Three, the development would not be injurious to the use or enjoyment of other property in the vicinity or impair neighborhood property values because the site is already zoned for multi-family residential, parking would be provided in excess of the zoning requirements, the proposed use would be compatible with the other multi-family residential uses adjacent to the property on the south side of the street and would increase property values in the area. Four, the project would not impede the normal and orderly improvement of surrounding properties because part of the property is the only vacant land in the area and the surrounding properties are already developed with compatible uses. Five, adequate utilities, drainage, off-street parking and loading, pedestrian access and all other necessary facilities will be provided, in accordance with all applicable codes and regulations, and as discussed in the KLOA report. Six, adequate measures would be taken to provide vehicular ingress and egress designed to minimize traffic congestion in the area, as the number of curb cuts would be reduced from four to two to allow for more on-street parking, the project would provide more parking than required on-site, and as discussed in the KLOA report. Seven, the location and arrangement of structures, parking areas, walkways, lighting and appurtenant facilities would be compatible with surrounding uses and the proposed development suitably landscaped, as the proposed site, buildings and landscaping would be compatible with the surrounding properties and land uses. Eight, the proposed development would be consistent with the spirit and intent of the Zoning Ordinance and Comprehensive plan because the project would be compatible with the character of the neighborhood.


The applicant requests a Final Plat of Subdivision at 1021-1037 Peterson Avenue. The proposed subdivision would divide four previously unsubdivided parcels of land into two lots of record. The application also includes a dedication of 15 feet along the south side of the right-of-way.

Public facilities near the subject properties were examined. Adequate public utilities exist in the area to serve the site. The Comprehensive Plan classifies Peterson Avenue as a local street. A utility and drainage easement of 15 feet would be provided along the south property line.

The proposed subdivision would create two lots of record from four parcels. Lot 1 would have a width of approximately 145 feet and an area of 30,512 square feet. Lot 2 would have a width of approximately 145 feet and an area of 30,511 square feet. A front yard setback of 25 feet would be provided.

Staff Analysis

Preliminary Planned Residential Development

Staff reviewed the project for consistency with the Zoning Ordinance requirements for Preliminary Planned Residential Developments (Section 11.11.C.1) and the R-4 District (Section 7.05). Also, staff reviewed the project as a whole by analyzing requirements based on all four lots and both buildings. No exceptions would be necessary as part of this development because the project is to be developed as a unit and zoning requirements are different when the project is reviewed as a planned development, instead of on a lot by lot or building by building basis.

  1. The minimum lot size for Planned Developments outside the B-5 Central Business District Planned Development District is one acre (Section 11.11.B.4). The proposed development is located in the R-4 District and consists of 1.5 acres.
  1. Density for Planned Residential Developments is subject to the district requirements. The R-4 District requires 2,000 square feet for each dwelling unit. This would allow up to 30 ½ units for the entire property (61,023 s.f. / 2,000 s.f.) and the plans show 32. With regard to the planned development regulations, the density shall be no more than 15 percent above of what is allowed in the R-4 District and not above 24 dwelling units per acre, which is 36 units for this project (24 units x 1.4 acres). The plans reflect 22.8 units per acre (32 units / 1.4 acres). An exception to the ordinance is required for this increase in density.
  1. Building setbacks shall be provided in accordance with the district requirements. The R-4 District requires a front yard setback of 25 feet, and side yard setbacks of eight feet along the east and west property lines. A rear yard setback of 30 feet is required. The plans satisfy these setbacks.

This section also requires appropriate screening for structures along the perimeter of the property. Because no structures are located along the perimeters, landscape screening is not required. The plans, however, indicate landscaping and wood fencing surrounding the parking lots, which will be discussed later in this report.

  1. Building heights shall not exceed the district requirements. The maximum height for the R-4 District is 40 feet and the plans show a building height of slightly more than 39 feet, which would be within the requirement.
  1. Common open space shall be a minimum of 30 percent, with at least 10 percent of that as usable open space. This results in a requirement of 18,307 square feet of common open space (30% x 61,023 s.f. of land area), with 1,831 square feet as usable open space. The plans propose 36 percent, or 22,062 square feet of common open space (22,062 s.f. / 61,023 s.f. of land area). All the open space is usable open space. The plans would satisfy this requirement.
  1. Off-street parking is required for all residences and appropriate screening for the surface lot are required (Sections 11.11.C.1.f and 9.02.H.1). For multi-family residential, two spaces are required for each unit with two bedrooms or more and 1½ spaces for each one bedroom unit. The plans show 28 two bedroom units, which requires 56 spaces and 4 one bedroom units which
  1. requires 6 spaces for a total of 62 off-street spaces. Total of 72 parking spaces are provided. There are 54 interior spaces. The plans meet these requirements.
  1. Parking lot screening is required for the surface parking lot (Section 9.02.F.4). Fencing and landscape screening are provided on the landscape plan around the perimeter of the parking lot.
  1. Parking lot lighting should be provided and should be no taller than 12 feet, but no taller than 25 feet without Commission approval (Section 9.02.F.5). The plans show light fixtures at 22 feet, which are too tall for this development in a residential area. A Photometric plan was submitted which shows excessive spillage onto the adjacent residential properties. The lighting fixtures should not exceed 12 feet in height to eliminate the negative impact on adjacent properties. Details of the light fixtures should be submitted for the final plan review.
  1. Traffic and pedestrian circulation, and a traffic generation analysis are required (11.11.C.1.g and h, 11.11.D.2.). The City’s Engineering Division agrees with the findings of the KLOA report.
  1. Utilities and site improvements should be provided in appropriate locations of the development (Section 11.11.C.1.i and 11.11.D.2). Preliminary engineering plans were submitted. More information is required to determine if the project will satisfy the City’s Stormwater Ordinance. This will occur during the building permit process.
  1. Refuse storage areas would be provided with appropriate screening.
  1. Signs for the development shall conform to the regulations in Section 10.04.A (Section 11.11.C.1.j). No permanent signs are proposed. A temporary ground sign to be used for sales purposes is proposed. The sign would be 32 square feet in area (4 feet by 8 feet). This sign should be removed when the final certificate of occupancy is issued.
  1. Building character and massing for the development should be considered (Section 11.11.D.2.). The Appearance Commission reviewed this development at it’s meeting on September 15, 2005, and approved the design of the two buildings and the landscape plans.

The Zoning Board of Appeals, at it’s meeting on October 27 and December 1, 2005, considered a variance for each property to allow one additional dwelling unit in each building. The Board denied the request because the applicant did not demonstrate a hardship related to the land. The hardship was related to the dedication of the right-of-way for Peterson Avenue. A copy of these minutes is attached.

Staff reviewed the eight criteria required for the Planned Development (Section 11.11.D.2.e). The applicant has demonstrated that this project is consistent with the conclusions required by the Ordinance. The staff concurs with these findings and notes that the requested additional unit for each building will not adversely impact the vicinity. The site lighting as noted above, should be no taller than 12 feet in height. At this height, it will not spill onto adjacent residential properties.

This property has been occupied by single family residences for many years, while the Zoning Ordinance designated these parcels as multi-family residential. Likewise, the Comprehensive Plan shows these properties as multi-family residential, as are the properties to the east and west. The proposed development is consistent with the zoning district classification and the Comprehensive Plan.


Public street right-of-way and pavement widths are subject to review as part of the subdivision process. Peterson Avenue is a local street and has an existing right-of-way width of 56 feet and pavement width of 32 feet along this section of the street. The Subdivision Regulations require local streets to have a minimum right-of-way width of 66 feet and a pavement width of 32 feet. This subdivision proposes a dedication of 15 feet for the right-of-way, which is consistent with adjacent properties. With this dedication, the right-of-way is 71 feet. The existing street width is approximately 32 feet. Both the right-of-way and the pavement widths meet the Regulations requirements.

The proposed subdivision would meet the lot area and width requirements of the R-4 District. Both lots would comply with the minimum size requirement of 6,500 square feet and 50 feet wide. Both lots have an area of 30,511 square feet and a width of 144.83 feet.

The Subdivision Regulations require the final plat to show a front yard setback. The R-4 District requires a front yard setback of 20% of the lot depth or 25 feet, which ever is less. In this case, the required setback is 25 feet, which is indicated on the plat. A utility easement of 15 feet is provided along the rear property line.

Staff Recommendations

Staff recommends that the Commission recommend City Council approval the Preliminary Planned Residential Development and the Final Plat if Subdivision at 1021-1037 Peterson Avenue, subject to:

I.A Special Use for a Preliminary Planned Residential Development, Zoning Case Number PUD-06-01, subject to the approval of a Final Plan Development and the items below. In reaching a decision, the Commission must make findings of fact based on the evidence presented.

  1. An exception to allow a residential density of 23 units per acre, instead of the maximum 22 units per net acre (Section 11.11.c.1.b)
  2. Allow a construction sign of 32 square feet for the development, provided it is removed when the final certificate of occupancy is granted.
  3. The parking lot light fixtures shall comply with the Zoning Ordinance height limitation of 12 feet and a revised photometric plan be submitted with the Final Plan Development.
  4. Final review and approval by the Engineering Division of the stormwater detention system.

II.Final Plat of Subdivision of the Peterson Pointe Subdivision, Zoning Case Number S-05-07, as submitted.