Golden Key International Honour Society

University of Michigan Chapter

2010 Executive Board Application

Congratulations on your high achievements thus far at the University of Michigan! As part of the top 15% of the sophomore, junior, and senior classes, it has been your dedication to your classes and your vision for the future that has helped you achieve such prestige. These two qualities characterize the Leaders and the Best here at the University, and Golden Key would be honored for you to use these qualities as members of the new Executive Board. 

Application Instructions:

To apply for a board position, you must fill out the following application using Microsoft Word and submit it to the current executive board via attachment to by 6 p.m. on Tuesday, January 19th. Late applications will be accepted, but an interview spot cannot be guaranteed to those who submit an application late. Interviews are mandatory and will be held on Friday, January 22ndfrom 6-8 p.m.and Saturday, January 23rdfrom 2-4 p.m. in the 4th floor Union lounge area (next to the SORC office). You will select your available interview times via Doodle calendar and will be notified of your interview time on Wednesday, January 20th. Each interview will be 15 minutes with members of the current executive board. There will be a mandatory Officer Transitions event Saturday January 30th from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. (location TBD).

PHEW! Enough with the technical stuff!  Applying for a board position is actually really easy and the members of the current executive board (i.e. your interviewers) are all extremely friendly and kind. School is stressful enough, so there is absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to this application! Have fun with it, be creative and thoughtful, and then come to the interview ready to just talk openly about what you envision for Golden Key. We can’t wait to welcome you to the board! 

Golden Key International Honour Society

University of Michigan Chapter

2010 Executive Board Application

Section 1: Basic Information


Year/Status (e.g. 3rd Year/Junior):

Email Address:

Phone Number:

Campus Address:


Section 2: Your Desired Board Position

  1. Rank your top three officer position choices from the following list of open positions (position responsibilities are attached):
  2. President
  3. Vice President
  4. Secretary
  5. Treasurer
  6. Events Director
  7. Director of Professional Development
  8. Honorary Member Liaison
  9. Fundraising Director
  10. Public Relations Director
  11. Historian/Webmaster
  12. Newsletter Editor




  1. Indicate your available interview times on the Doodle calendar found at

use first and last names!).

Section 3: Talk about YOU!

In one page or less (using 12 point font), answer the following two questions:

  1. For your top officer position choice, talk about your relevant experience that would make you the best candidate for the position. (Please include what you did and explain why you should be chosen above everyone else who applies).
  1. As a member of the Golden Key Executive Board, what visions would you have for Golden Key and how would you go about getting them accomplished?

Finally, please list your potential other time commitments during the 2010 calendar year (include other clubs and board positions, if any, jobs, and community service/volunteer activities).

Executive Board Positions and Responsibilities


  • Represents the UM chapter at all events
  • Serves as the primary liaison between the UM chapter and Golden Key International Headquarters, the campus community, etc.; also between board & general members
  • Ensures fulfillment of all Golden Key Chapter Standards, especially in terms of overseeing Sophomore Recognition & the Induction Ceremony (including arranging the keynote speaker and a cappella group for Inductions)
  • Delegates responsibilities to the executive board
  • Meets regularly with the advisor and the executive board
  • Plans the calendar of events for each semester (coordinates social/service events with the Events Co-Directors (including annual trip), academic/professional events with the Director of Professional Development, honorary member events with the Honorary Member Liaison)
  • Prepares agendas for executive board/mass meetings
  • Organizes attendance at Regional/International Conferences
  • Re-registers Golden Key with MSA at beginning of Fall Semester (with Secretary)
  • Submits Semi-Annual Reports to Headquarters by June 1 and December 1
  • Stays in close contact with regional and international representatives
  • Organizes subsequent executive board interviews/transitions
  • Organizes and determines the following year’s Undergraduate Chapter Scholarships with the Vice President

Vice President

  • Registers for and manages Festifall
  • Runs Membership Drive in early Fall
  • Sends emails/notices to prospective new members
  • Plans mass meeting social/service activities with assistance from the Events Co-Directors and Director of Professional Development
  • Assists greatly with Sophomore Recognition duties
  • Conducts ongoing campus awareness campaigns with the Public Relations Director
  • Fulfills President’s duties in the absence of the President and assists President in the completion of duties as needed
  • Determines the following year’s Undergraduate Chapter Scholarships with the President


  • Maintains membership email lists on a regular basis
  • Keeps track of members’ Lock & Key Points through sign-in/attendance sheets at all meetings and events and ensures that the list is updated once a month on the chapter website (with help from the Webmaster)
  • Informs executive board of potential number of Distinguished Members at the end of each term (for graduation item purchases)
  • Forwards emails from the Events Co-Directors and affiliated Golden Key organizations to the mass membership
  • Prepare and mail correspondence to Headquarters (e.g. Advisor and Officer Profile Forms anytime contact information changes)
  • Records and distributes minutes from executive board/mass meetings
  • Assembles programs for Sophomore Recognition & Induction Ceremony
  • Copies agendas for board and general meetings
  • Books rooms and necessary equipment for large events/meetings
  • Organizes all chapter paperwork

Events Director

  • Plan member service (at least three) and social (at least two) events each semester
  • Coordinate weekly tutoring program
  • Plan executive board service and social events (annual events: K-Grams Kids Fair, Goodness Day, Make a Difference Day, coffee break socials during finals)
  • Arrange for food at general meetings
  • Assist Vice President in planning mass meeting service/social activities
  • Network and partner with other student organizations for programs and activities
  • Serve as liaison to other Golden Key chapters/plan events to do with sister chapters
  • Plan an annual Golden Key group trip (with the President)
  • Ensure that the chapter website is always updated with the latest meeting dates and event dates

Director of Professional Development

  • Provides academic opportunities for members in terms of arranging for speakers at mass meetings or workshop events (ex. Business School/Medical School Admissions speaker, Kaplan exam prep workshops, Etiquette Dinner)
  • Keeps in close contact with Golden Key Honorary Members and external professional contacts (ex. UM Career Center, LSA Honors College, Kaplan/Princeton Review representatives)
  • Encourages members to apply for International and chapter scholarships
  • Ensures professional development opportunities for members are listed on the chapter website (with Webmaster)

Honorary Member Liaison

  • Maintains Golden Key connections to UM faculty and staff by planning honorary member events/initiatives (at least one event per semester, invitations to Inductions, etc.)
  • Prepares and sends chapter updates to honorary members throughout the year (e.g. monthly newsletter with assistance of the Newsletter Editor)
  • Maintains honorary members email list and makes sure that honorary members list on the chapter website is up-to-date (with help from the Webmaster)
  • Prepares and sends invitations to honorary members to attend the Induction Ceremony
  • Updates Headquarters with new honorary member information (i.e. sends/emails Honorary Member Profile Forms after the Induction Ceremony)

Fundraising Director

  • Organizes fundraising events for the chapter (for the chapter budget, International Conference costs, etc.) as necessary
  • Recruits fundraising volunteers from chapter members and board members
  • Arranges for sales of Golden Key graduation items (stoles, honor cords, medallions) with assistance from the Secretary and Treasurer
  • Assists the Events Co-Directors in any service events that include fundraising for a cause
  • Looks into corporate scholarships for the chapter (with help from the Treasurer)
  • Coordinates Better World Books book drive during the end of the Winter/Fall Semesters (with help from the Treasurer)

Public Relations Director

  • Coordinates all publicity for chapter activities and events (i.e. promotes meetings and events to the membership and campus-at-large)
  • Secures Diag Board/Banners through SORC Lottery and organizes their completion
  • Maintains good relations with campus and local newspapers (i.e. the Michigan Daily)
  • Places ads and public service announcements in local media (e.g. congratulatory remarks to potential members for the Induction Ceremony & Sophomore Recognition)
  • Writes and submits press releases for important chapter events
  • Explore any creative methods of advertising or publicity to increase awareness about Golden Key, especially during membership drive (e.g. flyers/email flyers, postcards)

Newsletter Editor

  • Publishes a newsletter/informational document for each mass meeting
  • Distributes newsletter to honorary members every month with assistance of Honorary Member Liaison
  • Encourages members to submit articles to Concepts for publication
  • Ensures distribution of the newsletter to members and the Golden Key regional director (with assistance from the Secretary)
  • Ensures that the monthly newsletters are always posted on the chapter website


  • Obtains all Golden Key related material (minutes, agendas, newsletters, pictures, etc.) for an end-of-the-academic year scrapbook
  • Completes online Chapter Activity Forms for all events (with help of Events Co-Directors, President, Director of Professional Development, Honorary Member Liaison)
  • Maintains Golden Key digital camera: takes pictures at all events
  • Updates chapter website regularly (
  • Meetings and News (with assistance of President)
  • Events (with assistance of Events Co-Directors, Director of Professional Development, Honorary Member Liaison, Fundraising Director)
  • Pictures
  • Minutes and Member Lock & Key Points (with assistance of Secretary)
  • Newsletters (with assistance of Newsletter Editor)
  • Honorary Members Listing (with assistance of the Honorary Member Liaison)
  • Executive Board Profiles
  • Ensures that the chapter website is consistently linked to Golden Key International website (