1. Group Roles: Identify the various roles assumed by group members. Discuss the distribution of task, maintenance, and self-centered roles.

a. Did any type of role predominate (e.g., task, maintenance, or self-centered)?

b. Did any specific role or roles predominate (e.g., opinion giver, harmonizer, deserter)?

c. If there was an imbalance in roles, describe what the group did or did not do to create better balance.

2. Influence and Leadership: Identify the member(s) who assumed leadership or exerted the most influence.

a. Did your group appoint a leader or did a leader emerge?

b. Using one of the theories discussed in the textbook, describe and analyze the leadership in your group.

c. Which members were highly influential? Which members had little influence? How did different levels of influence affect group outcomes?

d. Was there rivalry or a struggle for leadership? If yes, what effect did this have on other group members and the group as a whole?

3. Participation: Analyze differences in the amount and quality of member participation.

a. Did conflicting personalities create any problems for the group?

b. Who were the high participators and who were the low participators?

c. Who seemed engaged and interested or disengaged and disinterested? What effects did these have on members and the group?

4. Group Communication: Analyze how well your group communicated with one another.

a. Which members were models of effective group communication? Describe the communication strategies and skills they used.

b. How effectively did you and your group listen to one another?

c. How effectively did you and your group use verbal and nonverbal communication?

d. How well did your group resolve disagreements and conflict?

e. To what extent did the members of your group behavior ethically?

f. If you were to work with this group again, what communication strategies could you use to improve group performance?

5. Evaluation of Service Project:

1. Did the group plan and prepare well to perform a service for the community?

2. Did the group found a way to address a need?

3. Did the group provided evidence that they had performed the service?

4. Did all group members contributed for the service project?

6. Self contribution and evaluation:

a. How many meetings did your group hold during the semester? How many of them did you attend?

c. How many times did you visit the school that the service was given by your team?

b. Did you offer any ideas to the group that were implemented? If so, what are they?

d. What were your specific contributions to the service project? Please explain as detailed as possible

e. Overall, how would you evaluate your performance, contribution to your team, communication with your team mates? What were your missing qualifications, if you had any, and your strengths in this project? What things would you do more, if you were to work in a project like this in the following years?

7. Evaluation of the Group members in terms of their contribution to the service project: Please fill out the forms for each member of the group seperately

Team Member:

1. This member demonstrated an understanding of the neccessities of the service project.

5 4 3 2 1

Excellent Average Poor

2. This member interacted effectively with other members and contributed significantly to the project.

5 4 3 2 1

Excellent Average Poor

3. This member listened to others and was courteous to all group members.

5 4 3 2 1

Excellent Average Poor

4. This group member used effective leadership skills when needed.

5 4 3 2 1

Excellent Average Poor

5. This group member communicated effectively (i.e., spoke intelligibly using appropriate vocal, verbal, and nonverbally behavior).

5 4 3 2 1

Excellent Average